Video analysis of Henne's Reads: It's time to fall in love with Chad

Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne was criticized on this play because he did his "look only on one side" bit we are all familiar with. But this time, it's different.

The original criticism was made by AlejandroN:

Notice how Henne only looked to the [right]. He settled for a 5-yard checkdown pass to Brandon Marshall (which is not bad) instead of a 15-20 yard screen to Reggie Bush.

Now why am I creating an entire fan post devoted to a 7-second video versus simply responding to the original comment? Because I believe this video is incredibly important in analyzing the current state of Henne as a quarterback. 

I have broken down Henne's reads. This all happens in 2 seconds. How quickly he gets rid of the ball cannot be emphasized enough, as it shows an evolution in his processing ability, assuming he progresses through his reads. Going through your reads in 2 seconds versus 5 seconds is an immeasurable quality in a pro QB.

The most important part of the play which AlejandroN did not notice was that Henne had a read on the left side the moment he snapped the ball. (2 seconds into the youtube video)


It happens so fast -- he processed it so fast -- that it does not look noticeable until you look at it very closely. I'm guessing that he sees the safety will be in double coverage with the near-side receiver and must move on to the next receiving option. Please note he recognizes this in less than a second of processing the information. Like a pro.

He then quickly rotates his head to the right side of the field. Notice who his next read is. The far-side receiver. Not the underneath Marshall. The old Henne would quickly check-down without letting the play fully materialize. Not here (it's possible that Henne was also looking off the coverage, but that is even more exciting news):




Here is the pro move. If the linebacker (the one that tackles Marshall at the end) moves in to cover Marshall, he can hit the far-side receiver. But because the linebacker drops back and gives Marshall the cushion, Henne finds Brandon:



Like I said above, Henne would have hit Marshall almost immediately before. What he demonstrated here is what the broadcasters call "poise". He patiently waited for the plan to unravel before decisively acting.

Of course he had a massive pocket. But to the Henne detractors, you can't take away that he performed all of this in 2 seconds. Good pocket or not, releasing the ball that fast negates virtually any pass rush.

Regardless, this is about analyzing how Henne magically does not lock onto receivers anymore. This one play shows just that.

I think It's time to finally invest in a #7 jersey....

(Here is the video:

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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