Complete Dolphins vs Panthers play by play anaylsis!

Here we go again, please let me know if you think I am wrong.  I'll try to be neutral in all aspects of the game.  This post is going to be long as every play will be listed!

Additionally this game was against CAR Def which was 18th in overall D, 11th in Pass D, and 18th in Rush D last year.  However we had no INTs, over 150yds by our RBs, and 200yds by the QBs.  Still missed tackles and blocking assignments, Pouncey is still snapping really high too but we are getting there!

Coin: Dolphins Recieve

KOR- 6yd deep in End Zone Gates returns to 20.

1st O: Henne, Bush, B Marsh playing

play #1. Cmp pass to B Marsh for 6yd - O line good protection

2. Run Bush 3yds (broke tackle from behind line of scrimmage)

3. Shotgun: Cmp to B Marsh for 6yd and 1st Down: good pass

4. P/A: checkdown Cmp to Bush for 9yd/ great pass protection!

5. I formation: Thomas run 1/2 yd middle

6. Inc swing RB pass, Bush missed but was a high throw from Henne

7.Shotgun: QB pressure, scramble for 10yds and 1st Down (Holding on Murtha)

8.Shotgun: Cmp to (80) for 15yds great Oline protection

PUNT: 44yd punt to 1yd line, Wallace misses stop = touchback

1st D:

1. Great middle Dansby tackle

2. Dansby tackle on middle pass (1st down)

3.4-3: DE QB pressure, scramble

4.5-2:Blitz, scramble 1 yd - great D push

5.Newton scramble Davis great hit to stop 1st (Davis's hit took off Newton's helmet!)

PUNT: out of bounds

2nd O

9. Cmp to B Marsh 6yds - good Oline protection

10.Bush run for 9yds - HUGE RUNNING LANE!

11.Bush run for 2 yds - tripped and lost shoe otherwise gone! (B Marsh panting heavy, looked slightly tired)

12.Cmp B Marsh for 15yds over middle (Fumbles & Recovers) Oline great blitz pickup!

13.P/A deep - off Hartline's fingertips (could of caught with full extension but I think he was playing safe)

14.Bush run 4yds (Car facemask tackle on Bush) 1st down

15. on 15yd line, lone back, QB scramble and Cmp to (82) over middle for 10 yds (Murtha Holding) (82 fumbles but Refs didn't call it)

16.Shotgun: Cmp Bush 10yds over middle, good Oline protection

17:Bush run Left side 3yds, Hard run!

18.I formation: Thomas OVERTOP; denied; losses ball, recovers (CAR flag) 1st down

19.I formation: Thomas Bullrushes into hole, LB fills no gain

20.I formation: Thomas run right no gain

21.Hillard run, no gain

22. 4th down, Hillard OVERTOP...TOUCHDOWN!!


KO - lands at 1yd returned to 20yd

      2 D:

6. 5-2: No QB pressure, 15yd cmp

7. 4-3: good QB pressure - Newton throws away

8.5-2: Run - no gain

9.5-2: Zone coverage 9yd Cmp

PUNT - no return

3 O:

23. Bush run 5yds

24. Cmp to Bess 4 yds

25.I formation: B Marsh Cmp 8 yds

26.Bush run 25 yds, great speed and direction change! (Flag - B Marsh block in back)

27.Cmp 7yds to Hartline

28.Bush run 6yds up the gut!

29.Thomas run 6 yds HUGE RUNNING LANE

30.Reverse to Gates run loses 3 yds... Car D read it perfect!

31.lone back: P/A, RB Screen Cmp, tackle for loss

32.Shotgun: Cmp to Bess 6 yds - great Oline pass protection

33.4 &4...Inc in front of B Marsh (on review this was a timing throw and B Marsh was trying to juke CB at LOS and was late to area were the ball was, had B Marsh been there it would of been a good play)

Turnover on Downs

3 D:

11.5-2 - Newton Cmp over middle to Shockey


13. 3 & 4: 4-3 Sack by Burnett

PUNT - Car Flag too

4th O:

34. False start on Miami(missed the name)

35.P/A - 20+deep to Gates...beating CB... overthrown Inc

36.3wr: Cmp 15yds to Bess (1st Down)

37.Deep 35yd to Gates...overthrown

38.Drop by Fasano (hit him in the hands!!)

39.5WR!: Cmp to Bess 15yds, D offsides (Tons of time to pass...great protection)

40.Thomas run 3yds up middle

41.Thomas run 9yds

42.Cmp 5yds to (missed) (1st down)

43.4wr: 5yd QB scramble up middle - Car Flag (1st down)

44.3wr: Cmp pass to sideline Thomas - almost picked (great Henne full field read, Zone DB just got good break)

45.False start on Murtha...again

46.Thomas run for nothing

47.Oline misses blitzer, Henne scramble, pass overthrown

FG = DC$ = 10-0 Miami

KO - to 4yd line returned to 30

4th D

12.4-3: dump RB pass, good D tackle/play read

13.Burnett almost INT; JT QB pressure (Burnett should of had this one!)

14.Wr quick pass 2yds/ good read/tackle by JT

PUNT - to 32yd line to (85) 9 yd return

5th O

49.3wr:Cmp 25yds to Fansano, off QB scramble.  Great play read/pass

50.3wr:Thomas middle run 2yds

51.Henne 9yd scramble to 6yd line

52.Thomas 6yd run...TD!!  (great 2nd level block by (72)!


KO - 9yd deep in end zone = touchback

5th D

15.5-2: Newton scramble for 4 (he doesn't ever let the pocket form around him)

16.P/A screen; Dansby misses tackle = 12yd

17.4-3:good QB pressure/coverage = INC

18.4-3:no QB pressure- INC to no one over middle

19.3-4:QB scramble for 7yds

20. PREVENT D: hail mary, hits D DB in hands and bat down


If you see the Defense only played 20 plays and looked great, the lack of QB pressure sometimes may stem from Newton never letting a pocket form so Nolan was telling the D to play on the LOS as much as possible.

The Offense was very good at eating the clock and moving the ball, I loved the go for it 4th down calls.  They really opened up the playbook too!  Once the timing with the deep ball gets on teams will have to add a safety over the top to help cover Gates, the boy is fast and he gets seperation everytime!

Kickoff (Mia to Car) - 6yd deep returned to 25yd

6th D   (both teams start the major subs here - mostly 1st teamers in 1st half)

21.(LB 59 - francis) tackles at line

22.5-2: N. Carol great hit, causes Inc

23.SACK (Missed player)

PUNT - Gates runs out of bounds (Car Flag)

6th O  --------2nd team, Moore in........Gardner playing Center

1.Thomas run middle 6yds

2.2wr:Thomas middle 4 yds

3.I formation:Thomas middle 6 yds

4.Sheets run, right side for 8 yds

5.P/A, Moore scrambles to sideline 3yds

6.Sheets middle 4yds

7.lone back: Oline misses Dlineman...TFL

FG = DC$ - good from 44yds!------20-0 Miami

Kickoff - 2yd deep returned to 35yd, DC$ makes tackle (a big lane got opened here, ST better work on it!)

7th D

24.5-2:middle run no gain

25.5-2: LB (50) missed TFL = 13yd run

26.5-2:INC, decent pressure, Wilson & Clemons good coverage

27.Flag (Car holding)

28.5-2:Flag (Car illegal formation) [Wilson got beat bad for a 35yd completion though]

29. LB (59) Francis chases down QB from behind/sack/qb slide

30.4-3:pass cmp, tackle by Edds - 10yds

PUNT - out back of end zone - touchback

7th O

8.3wr:Gates blazing down sideline...gets seperation...Inc overthrown:-(

9.3wr: draw to sheets 1yd loss

10.3wr: Cmp great pass/catch to M.Moore for 25yds! Excellent pass protection! (1st down)

11.P/A, INC overthrown to Wallace

12.False Start (61) Kappa  --- he had one last game too.

13.P/A deep deep pass to M.Moore and Inc (he actually dropped this, both hands on it great throw just dropped) Oline did excellent job picking up the Blitz and protecting

14.Cmp to Mastrud for 12 yds

PUNT ---to 16yd line and out of bounds

8th D

31.4-3: quick out to WR; CB (Jones) misses tackle = 8yd

32.5-2:run no gain

33.4-3:Rb checkdown; (59 francis) tackle!

34.5-2:LB Mitchell great open field tackle

35.4-3:run to left side for 2yd

36.5-2:great QB pressure, scramble 10yd Cmp dump pass to TE

37.(1st play in dolphins territory of the game!)5-2:SACK by DT Baker beating a double team block

38.5-2:middle run (59) tackle

39.4-3:good QB pressure/Zone coverage/15yd RB dump pass   ----->Zone coverage sucks

4th QTR  40.5-2: TFL by LB Mitchell

41. Wr quick out, Jones makes tackle this time!

42.4-3: RB checkdown, Edds makes great zone coverage tackle.

FG - good from 38 ---20-3 Miami up

Kickoff - Livas Return from 3yd deep to 17yd line.

8th O

15.pitch right to (42) 1yd loss

16.pass Cmp to Clay, out of backfield, for 8yds

17.Cmp to Clay, great catch (throw was behind body Clay spun around to snag)

18.lone back: Grisby middle run no gain (good line block but LB fills the hole)

19.3wr: Blitz/scramble/sack = FUMBLE/ Car Recovers.  Oline fails to pick up the blitz!

9th D 6yd off right side

44.3-4:Man coverage, INC on end zone fade route

45.Dime: zone coverage, Cmp 4yds tackle by Clowny

46.Run right, between G & T = Car TD...No LB filled the hole!

PAT = good = 20-10 Miami

Kickoff - 5yd deep to Livas chooses to return to 12yd (bad decision)

9th O

20.Wr Carter makes great catch but gets hit hi/low, knee bends wrong way...helped off field

21.Hillard run 6yds

22.Epps TE for 9yds good slant route catch

23.2wr: Hillard run 4yds up middle

24.Hillard run 5yds

25.Sheets run 7yds, good patience for hole to open

26.3wr:Sheets run 2yd

27.Hillard right pitch run no gain

28.Inc - WR and QB were off page (one or other didn't follow plan)

PUNT - to 6yd line, great punt and Edds covers the ball before rolling into Endzone

10th D

47.QB pressure - almost INT off (44) DB hands!

48.QB almost sack by DE sphears - DT 90 bats ball at LOS

49.INC, Ness great coverage

PUNT - Livas 1yd return

10th O--------Moore still playing

29.Hillard 7yd run, good following of blockers

30.Sheets 1yd run, tired to cut back------D.J. Jones (rookie) playing RT

31.Sheets 3yd run, off right side



BALL GAME----------------------20-10 Miami WINS!


Overall the 2nd team defense played well, the zone coverage is still weak though.  The RT rookie Jones was pushing people around on the LOS scrimmage...I want to see more of him!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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