For a Ricky fan...



There is Hope for the Future.

OF course there will always be hope for Ricky Williams as he will be successful wherever he goes.  But there is hope that he remains in Miami.  I think the dolphins are going to add at least one more RB during the course of the offseason, my hopes are for Ricky Williams, baby.  

Daniel Thomas was acquired in this years draft, this is true.  There's no way around that.  It is also true that he is a rookie this season.  Also a fact.  He used to play quarterback, I think this isnt news to anyone.  He also went to Kansas State- The Wildcats, I think there's an obvious connection there.   A bruiser as I've seen people put it. Im excited to see this kid play, and what he can bring to the table.  Reminds me of Ronnie Browns attributes to be completely honest with you.  Which is a good thing, Love Ronnie too.

Ricky Williams is the Man.  

Reggie Bush, acquired during free agency during a trade.  FACT.  Man wants to be a feature back.. Thats cool, probably means he'll be working hard.  I could see that happening too, as so long as he earns the role, that is.  We all know the college story, yeah, he kicked ass.  He was the man.  He was thinking he was gonna be the number one overall pick.  Everyone thought WFT is Houston THINKING passing on him with that first overall pick, I mean common, its Reggie Bush!  Heisman trophy winner!.. But he turned into more of a role player than a franchise player.  And that was okay, until he started making too much to justify it.. Call it our blessing in disguise.  Dude is still a terror.  Dude still has lightning speed, despite the injuries.  Dude still has to be game planned against and identified on every play.  And he's hungry.  I like this..


but Ricky Williams is the MAN!

RB Highlight reels are the best... So I picked the shorter video, oh well, helps to prove a point.. 


Seeing the addition of #99 back in aqua and orange, makes me think of another good vet we could keep.  So what about the things he said on the radio show.  I listened to it, wasn't really as bad as media made it out to be.  He and Sparano are professionals.  And they like each other so its something easy to get past.  Point being, what he said is not gonna keep him off the team.  What else is NOT gonna keep him off the team is his numbers:

Since his return during the "07 campaign, that was really only his bad year, cause he got injured when someone stepped on him... my cousin is a die hard steelers fan and HE said it was cold what they did... mm mmmm.. Its hard to believe, given the terrible rushing season we had last year, but he has been quite consistent.  Since "08, when we first broke out the wildcat and were crowned AFC East Champs, **basking in its glory... He has played every game.  For 3 years.  Whatever your doing bro, its working.  At 34, Keep it up my man.. Here's the lines...

08----G - 16     ATT -  160   YDS - 659    AVG - 4.1     TD -  4    FUM - 4

09----G - 16     ATT - 241    YDS - 1,121  AVG - 4.7     TD - 11     FUM - 4

10----G - 16     ATT - 159    YDS - 673    AVG - 4.2     TD - 2      FUM - 4


So 3 things stick out.  Yeah, the fumbles.. least he's consistent there too? :\  maybe, well.. at least its out of the way.  09 he got more work done.  This is true.  Ronnie went down a little after midway through the season.  Still ran the wildcat, but it was better with 2 wild cats back there, and Ricky wasn't a threat throwing the ball.  So they ran the ball more conventionally, to suite Ricky's strengths (once they figured it out) and the man went over 1,000 setting an NFL record.  But his Avg hasn't gone lower than 4.0 since the comeback.  He even ran BETTER last year than our playoff run year in 08 despite having a less efficient offensive line.  And guess whats happening this year??

We used first round draft pick on Mike Pouncey.  Fact. Mike Pouncey plays center- FACT! addressing the position on the OL that had the biggest hole.  Other acquisitions have been made along the offensive line since the start of free agency as well.  Sparano wants his 5 guys.  He wants them to stick.  These additions along with the running backs acquired will improve the dolphins running game to get it back into top 5 form for 2011.  

Ricky Williams is the man, He still has lots of juice and would be a great role model for our young backs.  He knows the personnel, and can teach our young backs how to take care of their bodies the way he has learned to.  And still be someone to game plan against.  I wish we could keep both he and Ronnie, cause I just love the Duo.. but I could get use to Ricky, Reggie....and Danny, I guess... I'd say sign him to a two year deal just like everyone else this offseason, and let him retire as a dolphin if he chooses to do so after that.  It would be sweet to have 2 Heisman trophy winners in the backfield..even if one had to give it back.. But that's just me, Im a diehard Ricky fan, what about you?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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