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 I am a Dolphins fan and have been since 1991. I lived in NJ so I actually started my NFL Fan career as a NY Giants fan, but my older brother turned me around when he told me to watch Dan Marino play one day. After watching Dan the Man play.... it was all over for the Giants and ever since I have been a die hard Dolphins fan!


 You might be thinking "Who cares and what does this have to do about Ronnie Brown?", but I wanted to give a little background of who I am and what I am about. I am in the Army now and stationed at Fort Dix, NJ due to my fathers terminal illness (the Army is allowing me to spend some time with him after 16 years of being away and deployed 5 times). I have always dreamed of going to a Dolphins game in Miami, but was always deployed or in another state occupied with my military career. I had a chance last season to meet my Dolphins when I went to the NY Jets versus Miami Dolphins game at the New Meadowlands Stadium, and I will say I was more than pleased to see the Dolphins win that one. All the Jets fans at the gate were talking about how after they beat us that game it will be smooth sailing into the Playoffs!

Well let me get on to my story I would like to tell you.............

 The Soldiers on Fort Dix are always invited to the Flyers Hockey Camps, 76ers Camps, and Eagles Training Camps. Normally I could care less, but then I remembered that one guy on that team was of interest to me...... Ronnie Brown (who now wears #36). I wanted to go to the Military Appreciation Day at the Eagles training camp on the 15th August and see if I could get his Autograph and see what his story was about the Miami Dolphins. After all, he was one of my favorites as a Dolphin. Well me and a Eagle Fanatic (a friend of mine who also is in the Army) arrived at the camp at 0630 and signed in. We received a little gift bag with a Eagles hat (my brother is  big time fan of the Eagles, so that will go to him.) and a postcard with a sharpie (for when we meet the players later for autographs).  I went to the Eagles shop to buy a mini football so I could get some signatures for my brother (Vick, Vince Young, Namdi, Celek, Andy Reid, and Deshaun Jackson), and ran into an Eagles PR guy who asked if I wanted to take pictures with a couple of Cheerleaders. I sarcastically said" I guess!" (they looked like third string cheerleaders) and he took the picture (notice in the pic I didn't look to happy or even put my arm around them).

 So we went to a tent they had set up for the Military and had a continental breakfast and listened to their Voice of the Eagles guy tell us how great they were going to be this year with all their additions (Ronnie Brown being mentioned here) and then a raffle for some VIP Sideline passes and Eagles Gear kicked off. After the Raffle, we got to watch the team practice. I was watching Ronnie Brown take hand offs from Michael Vick and Vince Young and even catch a few passes and burn up the sideline. I started to get a little jealous that he was not on our team anymore and had a lot of talent around him and thought "Wish he was still on our team". He looked huge out there in person, on TV he didn't seem that huge. My friend (the Eagle fanatic) even said aloud "Damn he is a big guy". Well anyway, they practiced from 8:00 till 10:30 a.m. and then all the Military lined up to go on the field for some reconigtion (however you spell it) and to meet the players.

 Went walked out to the field as their last practice expired and Coach Andy Reid had a female Soldier come out to the center of the field and break the huddle and end the practice. All the Soldiers and Players were surrounding Coach Andy Reid and the Soldier as she screamed "Go Eagles on 3........1..2..3..Go Eagles!" As soon as that little debacle was done, I belined to Ronnie Brown (as most Soldiers surrounded Vick of course). I told him I was disappointed that he didn't come back to the best team in the League and he replied "They didn't want me!" He signed a Miami Dolphins Jersey I had of his and then my friend came up and said "Hey Ronnie, you glad to be here?" and Ronnie replied "Yes I am." That is something I would expect him to say anyway because he was speaking to an Eagles fan, but it still stung a bit. So my friend goes on to Ronnie about how I should convert to the Eagles because the Dolphins suck and have big problems and Ronnie says "Yeah, they do have some big issues in Miami". At that point I was a little disappointed in Ronnie and how he was talking about my team and his old team, but then I thought to myself that he was probably only disgruntled. I did however get him to give me his set of practice gloves and sign them both. So now when I play Football on the weekends with my Uncle and his friends, I will be using Ronnie Browns gloves. I capped the day off by getting my brother all the signatures he wanted and got to meet soem of the Eagles players (big deal right), but I will say that Celek is a cool dude. Wish we could've got him in a trade or something. Vince Young seemed lost to me when I spoke to him, but Namdi was a cool cat also.

 Anyway, don't know if you enjoyed my post....... but it had to do with Ronnie Brown so I felt that I needed to share the information. Hope my pictures post right. Have a great day!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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