Moore, Rather Sooner Than Later

First of all, this is not a post that is mostly about Chad Henne, so you don't have to stop reading right now.  No, I'm not ready to say that Matt Moore should be our starting quarterback.  No, I'm not overreacting about the first preseason game vs the Falcons.

I'm going to go ahead and state my point:  I think Moore should play the 2nd and 3rd series for the Dolphins next preseason game.  Why?  Well, we all know that Moore has been a starter in the league in the past, so he's capable.  We also know that he had a hell of a game last Friday.  The issue...he had a hell of a game against mostly 2nd string players (a few borderline starters were still in the game right when he came in), and even a few undrafted rookies were thrown in there for the Falcons.


Moore and Henne throw in practice.


I really want to see Moore get some work against 1st-team defenses.  Henne needs to still start the game, because if he didn't it would create some outrage, some smiles, and alot of blind needless drama.  But if Henne does the first series, and Moore does the next few, maybe Henne can come back in and get some work against 2nd and 3rd string players like Moore got to do.

And let's say this happens;  Henne starts, Moore gets the 2nd and 3rd series, and Henne comes back in;  and Moore seriously outplays him; that doesn't mean that Moore is the new starter.  But then we know how good Moore really is and if he gives a good chance to win, and maybe then a sort-of competition could open up.  However, I doubt that a QB competition will ever arouse because Sparano seems a little bit too stuck to Henne (for a good read on that, it's an article by FinFan11).

I want to see this happen, because I really want to know which QB on our depth chart gives us the best chance to win.  There is a chance that Moore actually does just that.  Moore was pretty bad last season with the Panthers, but considering the team won 2 games last season and the WR and TE corps were abysmal, there's not much he could have done.  He had only a 55.6 QB rating through 5 games (Poor Jimmy Clausen was even worse).  But when you look at what he did the previous season, when he had a 1-year younger Steve Smith, Musin Muhummad (near the end of his career but still solid), and completely healthy DeAngelo Williams.  And on that 5-game stretch he threw for 8 TDs, 2 INts with a 98.5 QB rating.

And let's not forget one very important thing: some people say Henne can still get better, because he is only 26 years old and entering his 4th season.  Well look at Moore, he's only 27 and entering his 5th season, and has had even less chances to prove his worth over his career.  If Henne still has room to get better, then why doesn't Moore?

And tell me this isn't worth a try.  Isn't this what the preseason is for?

So in quick recap, I'm not saying Moore should be the starter, or that Henne isn't good, or anything like that.  I'm saying I want to see Moore get some action against starters and see how he does.  He has played well in the league before in stretches with mediocre WR and TE corps...we have good receivers, and Fasano is better than Jeff King by a mile.  In the end, I want the QB on the field to be the QB that gives us the best chance to win.  I actually hope that that's Henne, but you never know.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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