Phinsider FF Prize League - 5 Spots Left!


 As most of you may have missed my orignal thread with all of the first pre-season game stuff going on. This is the second year of : The Phinsider Fantasy Football Jersey & Prize League. First & second place recieve a Miami Dolphins throwback "Players Of The Century" jersey of either Dan Marino or Larry Csonka. I chose these two because the are all-time Dolphin favorites. The rest of the league gets prizes also, ranging from freezer mugs, Dolphin signs, all the way to keychains. I do this because I own a memrobilia store and love the Dolphins.

Please note that these are not the cheap "bootlegs" that wear out after maybe three washes. In my state, they check sports stores & if your caught without the rn# & fake non-comminished stuff, you lose your license. I give away all the prizes, to EVERYONE that joins, & PLAYS COMPETITVELY!

There are 5 spots left, with 2 of the spots still waiting on their owners to join the league. There will be 16 teams, and I hope it is very competitive. If you have the time to actually try to win, and love fantasy football, than this is the league for you.

It is a 16 team, 4 division, h2h private league. For Phinsider memers only. I welcome anyone that wants to play, and regardless of what you think of some of my post, dont miss out on a great league of people! I am a die-hard Dolphin fan & I admit that I get emotional when it comes to my Dolphins, but that doesnt get in the way of how I run a league. We got a late start last year but it was still real fun!

I would like to get this league full so that we can all agree (with plenty of time) on a live draft day! I am not a "dodger" either, I have been here since Dec 2006, and am not going to run away over something that I am offering for a nice fun league! Meaning, im not going to keep your prizes, you will get what you win. I am playing in it, but I dont count towards the prizes. This is only my second year of playing Fantas Football & I love it, love the Dolphins, and love competition, plus the fact that the economy sucks, not everyone can take extra money and put in a authentic jersey.

It is a nice ESPN league, and I think it will be a great competition, and remember that this is the second year and I made this a keeper league, so I hope to continue doing it every year. I will also do other fantasy games for prizes (Dolphin related prizes cus I live in VA and not much of the Dolphin stuff I order sells, which is fine by me :) ) I had orignally planned a baseball league but due to very un-expected deaths in my family overseas in Sicily, I wasnt able to, but I think I have caught the "Fantasy Bug", all I need is a good friend like Foy, on here to help me set them up. We can play for other memrobilia also, if you happen to win and want something different, I am very easy to work with. I have several Marino rookie cards graded PSA 9 mint, any sports team (even Arena Football) & keep a good stock of merchandise.

I also will ship internationally! I do it on a regualr basis as I have customers online that I have been doing so for years!


*Current Prizes Set Back For The League*

1'st place - choice of Dan Marino or Larry Csonka - Throwback "Players Of The Century" Jersey.

2'nd Place - same as above

3'rd - 8'th - Miami Dolphins items, Ranging from "frezzer cups" to signs, christmas ornamens, etc. Will have a list up before the last week.

all other places - will recieve a keychain at the end of the season!

Thanks Again,

Your Fin Friend,

Emmett Dove

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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