Fr8Trains Preseason Rant (Just warming up)


  Its good to know things don't change.  

 You know there are always going to be Fans who over react to everything.  This blog is a perfect example of that.  Look at some of you, yes you.  You are pathetic.  For Real?

Look, lets go start with the obvious.  We don't know what we have as a football team for this year.  We don't know.  This last game certainly didn't show us anything.  It was a glorified practice, with 2 of our main Offensive weapons sitting on the sidelines.

I swear a lot of you are nothing more then a bunch of women.  My 9 year old daughter whines and cries less about Football than a large portion of you fans around here.  And No, your argument of "We're just not happy with mediocrity", "We haven't had a QB since Dan Marino" doesn't fly.  Get over yourselves.  Do you honestly think there isn't a single fan on this blog that isn't aware of this fact?    How do you think the Colts are gonna do when Manning Retires...    I swear its like you have this sense of entitlement.   Madden comes out August 30th kids.  Focus on that will ya.

Leave the real football to the big boys.

Seriously.  Its called Decaf try it.   Please for the love of god, don't listen to REM - Everybody Hurts after a preseason game, or there's going to be a lot of dead bloggers in the news...   Take your anti depressants, stay away from the alcohol, and don't handle any fire arms without adult supervision.

But, But...Chad Henne Threw 2 Interceptions in 8 Passes!!

Look nimrods.  Chad Henne threw 1 Interception in 8 passes, Fasano gets the 1st Interception.  The only interception that Henne threw was the pass to Bess where Grimes goes up and makes one hell of an athletic play to go up and snatch that ball out of the air.  Sure the pass shouldn't have been thrown.  Bess was covered, and there were 2 defenders in the area to make a play on the ball.  Whether or not Bess runs the wrong route, it doesn't matter, it was a bad decision to throw the ball.   Henne did however attempt to "touch pass" it over the defender to Bess....something I'm happy to see him at least attempt.... but it was a bad throw, and a great play by the defender.

The first interception hits Fasano on on the left shoulder.  In professional football this is the equivalent of hitting a receiver in the hands.  Fasano should have come down with this ball 99% of the time, but the ball bounced off his shoulder and into John Abrahams waiting arms.  This is not Chad Henne's fault.

Someone tell Me Why Chad Henne can become an Average QB?

Yeah, I saw that Fan Post title, and this dude needs to relax.  Lets go off last years stats for now.  Chad Henne's QB Rating put him 22nd in the league.  Right behind Matt Ryan & Jay Cutler who both played pretty well last year.  Ten Quarterbacks threw more Interceptions than Chad Henne last year, including one guy by the name of Peyton Manning, and he's pretty good.  

Look, I'm not apologizing for Chad Henne.  I'm not saying he's the answer.  I'm not saying he isn't going to struggle this season.  What I am saying, is we don't have a clue.....not a clue as to what this season has in store for us.

If you actually watched this game, Henne did a good job of going thru his reads.  Henne moved in the pocket well, and didn't just stand there like a statue.  That Playaction pass to Hartline was a thing of Beauty.  



  • We Publicly Acknowledged we didn't game plan for this game... basically, we "Wing'd It"
  • Two of our best offensive weapons were on the sidelines all game (Marshall, and Bush)
  • No Mini Camps
  • No OTAs
  • No Playbooks or Coaching for how long in the offseason?  Until just a couple weeks ago?

Fellas, its time to get away from the ledge.  Get a Beer, Get Laid, relax.
You want to concerned.  Worry about the Offensive Line that we have that still isn't making the running lanes that we need, despite a Head Coach who specializes in Offensive Lines.  

But Really Boo Birds.  Its the FIRST PRESEASON GAME.  Numero Uno.  
And for you Tyler Thigpen for 5, for 5 yards total.  Drew Brees was 1-4... and Peyton Manning didn't play at all.... The end is Near Folks.

Build a Shelter

Fill up the tub with water

Buy Ammuntion

Stock up the food storage.

Give me a break.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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