Complete Dolphins vs Falcons game review


Ok so I have been logging onto this site for about 1.5 years and after the game last night I broke down and created an account.  I am a huge fan and sometimes miss/can't watch the games so this is for those that missed it, or couldn't see it.  Although, I know most people on here are fans that do not miss games!  I still will provide this for those who want to see it.

I will try to be very neutral but some of my feelings my appear, please be gentle.  Excuse misspelled names and length!

Here Goes:

Coin toss, Dolphins lose Falcons recieve.  Kickoff lands around the 3yd line Falcon return goes nowhere (good middle coverage)

*Bush, Long, nor Marshall played this game.

1st D series:  Good backfield pressure, no ATL rb room, ATL QB looked hurried and when 0-4 on drive, mostly man coverage....ATL Punt.

Punt returned for a few yards gain, but nothing special, I believe it was Gates returning.

1st O series: D.Thomas up the middle for nothing...maybe 1/2 yard.  No Oline push here!  ATL D was putting 7-8 in the box trying to force the pass!

Henne's 1st pass hits the TE on a slant route in the numbers and bounces into the air, ATL LB intercepts and returns 5 yds.  Great start

2nd D series: Some subs, went to zone coverage too.  The D looked deflated!  The INT really took it out of them.  Also the zone coverage exposed our weakness, and the ATL O walked down the field.  The J.Jones reverse was read perfectly, but the 2nd string LB got beat by Jones's speed.  Series results in ATL TD.

Kickoff: Nothing special, I think it was Gates here too.  He didn't seem to get the chance to open it up!

2nd O series: Henne 2nd pass complete to Bess for a couple, good catch for a couple.

Henne 3rd pass Incomplete deep to Hartline.  Hartline ran 15yd inside curl, Henne threw 20-25 yd fly.

Henne 4th pass INT; throwing at Bess, Bess had one on one coverage with inside S help.  S had the INT the whole time!

3rd D series:  The ATL running game continued here, our D couldn't stop it.  The LBs were getting pushed around and out of the plays, ATL was passing into the zone MIA secondary and killing us!  Anything short, 5-10 yards they were connecting on.  The secondary looked unprepared for the short game.  ATL scores.  Side note, Solali completely stops and prevents the charging ATL RB Turner for scoring, but the ATL Oline pushes him into the endzone.

Kickoff: Again, nothing special, I think Sheets got this one and got to the 25.

3rd O series: Again the RB play and Oline push was no where to be found!  The passing game opened up though.

Henne 5th pass: avoids the sack (good move) throws on the move and misses target, Incomplete.

Henne: lets pocket develop, nothing open, scrambles for 10yds (has speed!) gets 1st down!  END OF 1st QTR.

Henne 6th pass:  complete to Bess for 6ish yard, on excellent one handed highlight catch!

Henne 7th pass: complete for 3yd catch to D. Thomas who turns it into 15-20yd run!  Thomas has wheels boys!

Henne 8th pass: 50yd TD bomb!  Hartline wide open on deep slant route, Henne hits him in numbers!

Kickoff: lands around the 5yd line, ATL returns 10-15yds.  Typically return, nothing special.

4th D series:  D started to make a stand, zone coverage still, B. Sapp gets an INT! 

4th O series:  MOORE in as QB.  (Here I started to focus just on our O really, so there may be D series in between as mostly 2,3,4 string was in the game)

Moore gets a 1 yd scramble, he took off before the pocket had fully developed.

Moore 1st pass: short scramble throws of back foot short Incomplete

Moore 2nd pass: 25yd completion to Wallace, great pass!

Moore 3rd pass: screen to Sheets, complete

Moore 4th pass: Overthrows a fly pattern Gates: gates got seperation for the last 3 yds but ball was overthrown!

Moore 5th pass: great pass to Moore, QB had ATL D in his face!  5yd completion

Moore 6th pass: Incomplete, although D was in his face again.

Moore: 5yd run, Moore is really fast for a qb- gets 1st down.

7th pass: way overthrown to no one, again pressured.

8th pass: 5yd completion to Wallace

Moore: avoids sack, scrambles and gets 4 yds.

9th pass: TD pass to Wallace, great pass with defense hitting him as he threw!  ATL D was lost looking though.  END OF 2nd QTR.

1st Half special teams DC$ missed 50yd FG, Fields has huge punts, ATL fair catches them wide open, Hillard gets a block in back penalty, Gates missplays a punt, calls fair catch last second then lets go between legs...ball rolls to 8 yd line, Another huge punt ATL gets 15yd return, PATs good, Moore has excellent open field tackle on Kickoff to go into half.

3rd QTR Miami recieves Livas catches runs out and trips down (Livas is really fast but runs forward and trips easily)

Moore 10th pass: complete for 5yds to TE Mustrad

11th pass: complete to Moore for 8yds, 1st down.

12th pass: INT - Deep pass (30yds) hits WR's hands (on replay it looked like it was really the covering DB helmet) ball bounces into the air and is intercepted!

13th pass: complete to TE over middle for 10yds (the O line was looking great in pass protection!)

14th pass: RB checkdown for 3yds

15th pass: Incomplete to Wallace, bounces off his reaching hands.

16th pass: On 4th down, 15yd completion to Gates (good extending catch)

17th pass: TD, 8yd pass on a rope to Gates, Moore zipped the ball in there!


Devlin 1st pass: Incomplete, overthrown but catachable to TE Mustrad ( announcers were complaining on TE effort)

2nd pass: Sack from behind (QB needs to feel the pocket close and move forward into the open space)

3rd pass: Hit as throwing, Incomplete to slanting RB

4th: Sack from DE.. O line let DE get a direct bead on Devlin.

2:01 left in 4th O'Connell comes in

O'connell doesn't complete pass but does get a huge run called back on 61 (Kappa) holding penalty.

Special teams: Livas good return, PAT good, Livas trips easy, Fields huge punt, Livas punt return for TD- boy has some speed!, PAT good, Big Fields punt no outside contain ATL returns 44yds,

O line: allowed D into back field, great pass protection especially on play action, No running lanes (when they did open LBs quickly closed them) R. Willis got beat bad by bull rushing DE allowing a Sack, Jerry gets called for false start.

RB: Thomas got nothing outside, all inside runs.

Sheets nothing really as RB, turns corner slow as RB

Hillard great ball protection but seems to have slow first step or waiting for a hole to open.

Grisby good downhill speed! Nothing inside, got a couple outside runs but lead blockers missed blocks.

Defense: man to man looked great, zone coverage really weak!  Edds was everywhere got several tackles! Clemons put the ATL QB out with a huge hit!  Wilson (sack and forced fumble = Offense TD)was everywhere on the field, but got beat in some coverage.  Baker (DT) has some wheels, ran down the ATL rb from behind.  Ness was getting beat bad as cover CB.  Weak QB pressure without blitzing.  Good team tackling.  Mostly good open field tackles too.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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