In The Air Tonight

i have a different feeling about this year. I know with every preseason, it brings hope to the fans of all 32 teams that "this is the year", but something just feels different and right. I can feel it in the air tonight! (LOL, soo cheesy, i know)

1. The National Media, talk shows, papers, blogs, total access, sportscenter, madden... are all treating us and expecting us to be dog sh*t. Some even have us as the worst team in the league, "train wreck" were called. Mock Drafts have us picking first next yr, there's countdown clocks for us to call in Brett Favre. We are flying under the radar and motivated, were going to surprise everyone and i LOVE it!

2. "The Reggie Bush experiance" A lot of ppl, including some on this site, are underestimating how important Bush will be to us. He was Brees' safety valve. The Saints loved using him in the redzone, shovel passes, delayed handoffs out of the spread shotgun, screens and simple sweeps and tosses outside, because no linebacker can beat him to the sticks, he is still a matchup NIGHTMARE. and will turn checkdowns and dump offs into 15 yd gains that keep the chains moving and our defense rested. He brings a dynamic to our slow, predictable, methodical offense from last yr.

3. "The Glyde" Clyde Gates. Pure SPEED, His 4.31 40 time is lightning fast. His 40" vertical and 10'11" broad jump both ranked in the top 5 at the combine. His 10 yard split of 1.53 also shows that he has a lot of suddenness and quickness to his speed and that he'll be able to accelerate quickly and get open. For comparison's sake, DeSean Jackson of the Eagles ran a 4.35 40 time at the combine with a 1.53 split. Jackson's vertical was 5 1/2 inches less and his broad jump was 11 inches less. Essentially as an athlete, Gates is a slightly taller, slightly more explosive version of Jackson, although Jackson was much more polished and trained with the best WR ever Jerry Rice. I hope this kid is our Desean, i really hope so....u never know....

4. Daniel Thomas. A 6 foot 230 lb. POWER Running Back. He outrushed 80 entire college football teams. He was a junior college QB before being transitioned to RB by Bill Snyder. He ran the wildcat and played for the wildcats. This kids got huge upside imo.

5. Pouncey 2.0 Mike Pouncey will be a Perennial pro bowler along with his brother, he's smart and tough and works real, real hard. Cant wait to watch him Pull and run over Lb'ers blocking for The D-train baby!

6. Charles "cassius" Clay. This FB-TE hybrid will be another outstanding addition and dimension to our new look offense. Fast enough to beat linebackers and Big enough to beat up on defensive backs. Can line up wide where his size can cause matchup problems for defensive backs and he's quick enough to make plays down the seam.

7. "DR. DABOLL"  Our new OC will bring a young, new, refreshing, exciting, energy on offense. Cant wait to see it LIVE!

8. "The Vice Squad" Led by the Man!  Mike Nolan. Our defense is SCARY good. and were even getting MORE players back from last yrs injuries. Seriously our front seven is a NIGHTMARE to deal with. Soliai alone lol!

9. "Young Guns" And we are only getting younger and faster! We have to be one of the youngest teams in the league. Vontae Davis and Sean Smith have the chance to be one of the best tandems in the league, Reshad Jones coming into his own, Jimmy Wilson making play after play... so freakin' exciting.

10. "Blame it on the Henne" I LOVE that we didnt trade for a QB, this way we "ride or die" with Henne this yr, either he takes control and grows a brass pair  and becomes THE man or he's gone, no excuses. Plus this way the local papers and reporters can't start drama every week about a QB controversy, its all or nothing with Henne, we're "all in".

11. Tom Brandstater was here.


This will be a great year for us Dolphin Fans! I can feel it!



....And here's your "random internet picture of the day".    ;)




This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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