A Phinsider Look at Training Camp (Day 11)

After having a seemingly disappointing day at work last time up, the Miami offense (excluding the ground game) looked to bounce back with a productive showing on Wednesday. The clouds swarmed over the hot Davie field ready to attack like a cheetah eying its prey from one hundred yards away, but the rain never came, it teased the Miami players who begged for just one drop of water to cool down their full padded bodies. It seemed as if the rain would only come down depending on the performance of the players, and by the looks of it, the players wanted that rain today. Let's take a look at the Miami Dolphins' last practice before the first pre-season game of the season.

1 on 1:

Like Tuesday, the first drill of the day was the "1 on 1" drill which could give the coaches a glimpse of how the receivers separate themselves from coverage and how the DB’s stay in coverage.

(Henne played the 1st Team D as Moore played the 2nd and Devlin & O’Connel played the 3rd…all practice)


Chad Henne: Henne had a nice drill going 3/4 with 3 TD’s, two to Brandon Marshall and the other to Brian Hartline. It was a good way to start for Henne who looked confident during the drill.

Matt Moore: Moore’s only pass on the drill went for a 15-yard TD to Clyde Gates.

Pat Devlin: went 0/1 on the play overthrowing Julius Pruitt.

Kevin O’Connell: Had a nice drill completing 2/2, both to Roberto Wallace, and one for a touchdown.


Brandon Marshall: Marshall had two touchdown from Henne during "1 on 1" with a leaping one-handed touchdown in the end zone which had fans out of their seat early.

Brian Hartline: Received a nice strike in the middle of the end zone from Chad Henne for a TD.

Clyde Gates: Gates received a touchdown on a slant route from Moore.

Robeto Wallace: Received 2 touchdowns from his 3 grabs on the drill, totaling 40-yards.


11 on 11 (1st)

The running game seemed to be the one getting most of the attention on Tuesday, however today the ball was ran less than fice times; zero times on "11 on 11"


Chad Henne: Henne had a decent outing going 2/4 with a 10-yard pass to Davone Bess on the left sideline and a 20-yard slant to Brandon Marshall.

Matt Moore: Moore had an excellent drill going 2/2 with 50 yards, completing what was the play of the day. Marlon Moore lined up to the right of Matt Moore; Moore (WR) had a quick stutter step to get away from draftee Jimmy Wilson and shot himself open to receive a perfectly thrown ball for 37 yards, which might have picked up more yards in real time. A couple fans chanted, "Give me Moore" after the completion. Moore also threw a 13-yard post out to Brooks Foster.

Pat Devlin: Devlin went 1/2 with a 10-yard pass to Brooks Foster.

Kevin O’Connell: O’Connell’s first and only pass was not over thrown but under thrown which would have been a simple 5-yard check down.


Davone Bess: Had one catch on the drill going for 10 yards.

Jeron Mastrud: Mastrud had a surprising drill as he caught two passes for 21 yards, one from Moore and the other from Devlin.

Marlon Moore: received a perfectly thron ball from Matt Moore for 35 yards.

Brandon Marshall: Stripped the ball out of Vonae Davis’ hands as he caught a 20-yard pass from Henne.


Daniel Thomas: Although he didn’t carry the ball, Thomas did exhibit his blocking ability on this drill, stopping players like Burnett and Yeremiah Bell who blitzed a couple times.


Mike Pouncey: Played solid on the drill by holding off blitzes and Big-Paul Soliai, but did have a fumbled snap to Pat Devlin.


Paul Soliai: Soliai, who just missed the sack on Henne, bulldozed Vernon Carey to the ground on one play.


Vincent Agnew: Agnew had a good day playing for the 2nd D as he played extremely tight coverage on "11 on11"

Nolan Carroll: Carroll was on top of Clyde Gates all day; he didn’t allow him to make a move.

Chris Clemons: When Reggie Bush was placed on a WR set, Clemons rushed to help and deflected what would have been a 30-yard completion down the left sideline.

7 on 7:

Henne didn’t seem to play to his best abilities during "7 on7" on Tuesday, let’s see how he did twenty four hours later.


Chad Henne: Henne had his best drill of the day during "7 on 7" as he went 6/7 with 85 yards and 3 TD’s. Henne was able to find the open man and throw passes to 5 different receivers: Brian Hartline, Derick Epps, Reggie Bush, Anthony Fasano, Nic Girgsby, and Roberto Wallace.

Matt Moore: Moore didn’t seem flustered during the drill as he did last time (going 1/4.) Moore went a solid 4/6 with 45 yards and 1 TD.

Pat Devlin: Devlin went 1/2 with a 12-yard pass to Mickey Shuler.

Kevin O’Connell: Threw one pass, which was completed to Reggie Bush for a 10-yard TD.


Dedrick Epps: Caught a 15-yard strike from Henne, but also had a drop in the end zone which came from Moore:

Anthony Fasano: Fasano had great drill catching 2 TD’s from Henne.

Mickey Shuler: Received passes from Moore and Devlin with a total of 25 yards.

Roberto Wallace: Another great outing from Wallace came during the "7 on 7" drill as he caught 3 passes, 2 for TD’s, and totaled 40 yards. Sean Smith covered at times and was not as aggressive as we’ve seen him in the past.


Reggie Bush: Had one catch for 15 yards.

Daniel Thomas: Had one catch for 5 yards.

Nic Grigsby: Had one catch for 10 yards.

Kory Sheets: Had one catch for 7 yards.

11 on 11 (2nd)

Once again, the running game was nowhere to be found on this drill as the passing game stole the show.


Chad Henne: Henne had another good drill as he went 2/3 with 28 yards throwing passes to Davone Bess and Brandon Marshall.

Matt Moore: Moore went 1/2 with a 15-yard pass to Jeron Mastrud along with a 3-yard scramble.

Pat Devlin: Went 1/1 with a 5-yard pass to Jeron Mastrud.

Kevin O’Connell: Like Devlin, O’Connell also only threw one pass, which was completed to Lex Hilliard for 6 yards.


Davone Bess: Caught a 17-yard pass on a cut-in from Chad Henne.

Brandon Marshall: Marshall connected with Henne once again as he caught an 11-yard pass after breaking Sean Smith’s ankles on a juke move.


Ball was placed on the 20-yard line and the offense had to punch it in using any play.


Chad Henne: Henne went 1/3 with a 20-yard TD strike to Anthony Fasano. He threw one up to Clyde Gates but once again, Vonate Davis was there to break it up.

Matt Moore: Moore threw one pass, which was completed, to Marlon Moore for 12 yards.

Pat Devlin: Went 1/2 with an 8-yard touchdown to Clyde Gates in the deep left corner of the end zone.


Anthony Fasano: Caught a nice 20-yard TD pass from Henne.

Clyde Gates: Gates Ran a fade route towards the deep left corner of the end zone and leaped up to catch a perfectly thrown ball from Devlin for a TD.

Marlon Moore: Once again the "Moore to Moore" duo connected on a 12-yard pass.

Julius Pruitt: Dropped another TD in the end zone, overall not a good day for Pruitt.


Reggie Bush: Bush ran for a nice 6-yard run on a handoff from Henne.

Charles Clay: Although Clay didn’t have any receptions today he was able to contribute blocking for Moore (against the 2nd D)

Kory Sheets: Sheets didn’t see much action today, but he did a bone crushing 6-yard run during the drill.

Daniel Thomas: Although Thomas’ only carry went for 3 yards, he was able to show us once again his extremely powerful blocking ability; especially against the blitz.


Mike Pouncey: Pouncey had another fumbled snap to Devlin; I’m not sure what was going on with him today.


Reshad Jones: Was able to sneak inside the line to have tackles for minimal gains.

Mark Masterson: Dropped an easy pick in the end zone, punishment was 15 pushups for the big LB.


It seemed as if this drill would determine if rain would fall on the backs of the players who had played in the heat for two hours as the crowd fanned themselves and drank water in a micking motion, what would Henne do?


Chad Henne: Henne needed to get to field-goal range with 1:18 on the clock. His first 8-yard completion was followed by two incompletions that were broken up Nolan Carroll. Henne shrugged off the incompletions and completed the following three passes, one of them being a 35 floater that just landed in the hands of Brian Hartline who was covered by Chris Clemons and Vontae Davis. Reggie Bush ran for a 6-yard gain on a draw play that put the Offense in field goal range, which brought Dan Carpenter. 3..2..1..the kick was up and went about 15 yards to the right the post.


Chad Henne: Today, Henne proved to myself and hopefully many others that he can bounce back after a practice, that he can have confidence in himself, and that he can make those deep throws we begged for all season. Henne went 17/28 with 6 TD’s and 286 yards, if that doesn’t boost up your confidence at least a little, then I don’t know what will.


Anthony Fasano: Fasano had an excellent day today receiveing 3 passes for 3 TD’s and 55 yards.

Nate Garner: Garner had a difficult job today as he was going up against Jason Taylor, and he didn’t fail. Both Taylor and Garner went at it the whole practice and Garner was able to hold out the monster that is Jason Taylor.

Roberto Wallace & Brandon Marshall: Both Wallace and Marshall had excellent practices today as Wallace had 5 catches for 4 TD’s and 70 yards while Marshall had 4 catches for 1 TD and 61 yards.


The players were hot, the coaches lost their voices, players like Reggie Bush and Kevin Burnett got into exchanges that had the words "ALL DAY" expressed, but every player on the offense and defense improved from their last practice. Although Dan Carpenter did miss the 30-yard field goal to finish off the day, it seemed as if the offense did do enough for the clouds to turn dark and for the rain to fall on the players to cleanse them for the beginning of a new football season starting Friday.

Here's a shot of the 37-yard Marlon Moore catch over Jimmy Wilson:


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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