We can win the AFC East.

Its been a long time since people thought the dolphins were elite. Some will say that its fan fever but I happen to believe we are there.

When you breakdown this roster you need to look at everything. Their offense was very slow last year. The dolphins running backs were getting old and past their prime. They didnt have a deep threat to make safeties back up and create space in the passing game which also put more people in the box to stop our running game and they got rid of an old school offensive coordinator when all the best offensives are showing that new school is superior.

Take a look at a projected starting offensive to this point:

OFFENSIVE LINE: Jake Long,Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey, John Jerry, Vernon Carey

- Besides John Jerry which is a question mark, the dolphins offensive line is very good and very solid. Just picked up Colombo from dallas who can compete with Carey. Also have heard rumors about O'Hara from the gmen who would be a great asset.

TIGHT ENDS: They still have a solid Anthony Fasano to start at tight end for us. They drafted Charles Clay out of Tulsa which all that i have heard is good things about and that he is a very athletic versatile player. Have heard recent rumors about Zach Miller which would be rediculously awesome.

Runningbacks: The phins drafted Daniel Thomas. The big bruiser that can carry the load and catch the ball out of the backfield. He can even run the overrated Wildcat that Henning used too much because he USE to be a quarterback (no disrespect to my man ronnie brown but he threw some ducks sometimes).  We also now have Reggie Bush who is one of the most dynamic and versatile players in the league. Checkdown chad has a great checkdown fellas. He is another receiver out there. I know everyone loves Ricky and Ronnie but they are past their primes and its time for fresh exciting legs.

Wide Receivers: Ill start this anaylsis off by saying Brandon Marshall might say he is the fastest he has ever been since the stabbing and im not saying he isnt a deep threat but he is a possession beast. This guy can go deep but he works his best in the middle depth of defenses. He is one of the top receivers in all of football and i would only put a few guys like andre johnson, calvin johnson, and larry fitzgerald above him. With no speed last year Marshall was forced to become a deep threat on our team when thats simply not his biggest strength. If Edmund Gates can get those safeties out of there with his deep routes he will open up everything for our great receivers Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess. Davone Bess is the Wes Welker of Miami. Hartline is a solid receiver as well. The strength of our offense has to come from these guys right here because they are one of the best WR cores in the game.

Quarterback: They put the pieces around Henne and everyones going to follow him this season and give him that last chance he asked for


Our defense is a top 5 defense in this league.

The Miami Dolphins defensive line is absolutely stacked. Randy Starks was a pro bowl defensive end to go with langford who is also a beast. Jared Odrick coming back from injury is basically another 1st round pick coming in who also plays defensive end. They signed Mcdaniels back who loves aqua and orange as much as we do. Paul Soliai was an absolute beast last year and he will be playing noseguard again for us. The depth of this line is elite.

We have the best linebackers in the AFC EAST and one of the best LB cores in all of the NFL. Karlos Dansby is an athletic smart field general out there. Loud mouth overrated Channing Crowder is gone and he was replaced with Kevin Burnett who started last year for the #1 defense in the league and had 95 tackles 2 FF 2 INT 6 SACKS and a touchdown. That is great upgrade because crowder was a decent run stopper but simply didnt make game changing plays. Koa Misi had a great rookie year and has a very promising future and will start at OLB again. Who is that last linebacker we have? His names Cameron Wake and he is an absolute monster and thats all i have to say about him. We also just signed Jason Taylor who is going to be a great backup outside linebacker that may play some defensive end as well.

The dolphins starting corners are vontae davis and sean smith. These two guys are one of the top tandems in the league and are just athletic as hell. Sean Smith is like 6'3 and can guard the bigger guys while ill happily put Vontae davis on the other teams top wideout any day 1 on 1. The guy is shut down. Dont forget we have Will Allen who use to be a stud and hopefully can be a solid nickelback for us. Nolan Carroll is a young promising athletic corner and Sapp is a scrappy veteran.....both of these guys also completely able to hold their own. The dolphins safeties is the only possible weakness of this defense. These guys are going to have to step it up. I think Reshad Jones has a lot of upside and tons of potential but needs to get on the field to prove it. Chris Clemons is solid and needs to make some plays to show why he should be on the field. Yeremiah Bell led this defense for a few years and is smart and almost like another linebacker out there so he needs to also prove he should still be out there.


Im sick of hearing about the Jets and the Patriots. Sanchez cant get it done and the patriots are getting younger and more immature by the minute with there 80 draft picks this year and hot head signings. They are cocky and immature squads and the dolphins are ready to get that south beach swagger and shut those teams up. LETS GOOOOOOOOOO

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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