'11 Miami Dolphin Offseason Moves: Offense



Now that the NFL labor negotiations are finally getting back on track I wanted to make a list of off-season moves that I think would benefit the Miami Dolphins. When things finally get settled there will no doubt be little time to sign free agents before the season begins. I tend to have a big picture outlook when it comes to the improvement of a team. I do not subscribe to the "WIN NOW" philosophy.  I am desperately hoping that our teams future outlook will not be jeopardized by a coaching regime’s attempt to stave off termination with stop gap measures.  So with that fine intro (pats self on back) I will get to my player moves




Depth Chart: Chad Henne, Tyler Thigpen
Roster Moves: assign Tom Brandstater to the Practice Squad
Sign: N/A I previously did want the Phins to sign Pat Devlin as a UDFA but after reading this article about his Pro day I say "no mas" Scroll down to Delaware

Analysis: As you can see no major changes were made. Some will say after a sub par season  that Henne should not be given the reigns to this team that is most definitely not a 7-9 team talent wise. I am by no means a die hard Henne supporter but we do need to take into account the current NFL season. There just isn’t enough time to bring in a high priced free agent QB to learn the offense. This season is going to be a sink or swim scenario for Chad Henne. Either he proves that he has what it takes to be our starting QB or he leads this team to another dreadful season ushering in a new era of Dolphins football. Which of course could be lead by one of 3 very promising future NFL QB’s in Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley and Landry Jones.




Depth Chart: Daniel Thomas, Lex Hilliard, Noel Devine, Lousaka Polite
Roster Moves: Allow Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams to enter free agency
Sign: Noel Devine UDFA, sign Derrick Locke to the PS

Analysis: Yep everyone say goodbye to the RnR Express. If the pathetic rushing numbers didn’t convince you  that a change needed to happen then just look at their age and cap numbers. The youth movement is on and damn it looks promising. Daniel Thomas looks to be exactly as advertised. A powerful 2 down back that will move the chains and most likely have a nice YPC average. A good pick IMO. Will this be the year that Lex Hilliard will finally be allowed to show what he can offer? I sure hope so. A GM will be hard pressed to find a RB as versatile as Lex. He is a strong runner between the tackles that hit’s the hole quickly with little wasted movement. He has shown to possess solid hands out of the backfield and an ability to play FB reasonably well. Now onto a sexy pick!! If you didn’t know lemme tell you Noel Devine is a game breaker! He did not run at the combine since he was nursing a minor injury but he did post a 40 yd dash of 4.26 and 4.38 seconds at his Pro Day.  Those times would have ranked him either in 1st or 2nd place at the Combine depending on which time you take.I HIGHLY recommend you watch his HS football vid's on Youtube  They are great watch. He will undoubtedly become a lethal 3rd down back and return man. How often will team‘s gameplan for a team‘s 3rd RB? That means opportunity for Noel Devine. Polite is on notice as of right now. He was downright AWFUL last year in pass pro and in run blocking. He can’t expect to make this team solely on his stellar short yardage conversion rate.




Depth Chart: Brandon Marshall, Devon Bess, Edmund Gates, Brian Hartline, Roberto Wallace
Roster Moves: Sadly cut Marlon Moore since I don’t think he will be eligible for the PS. Sign UDFA Tori Gurley to the PS and UDFA Dane Sanzenbacker.

Analysis: Pretty straightforward here. We have a very solid WR core with multiple WR’s that excel in specific roles. We solved our biggest problem area in drafting WR Ed Gates out of Abilene Christian. Now it just remains to be seen if Chad Henne can actually get the ball into his hands. One key positional battle in training camp will be between Brian Hartline, Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore. Some think that Hartline is a lock to make the team since he was a starter last year. I don’t think it will be that easy. He is coming off a season ending injury and will have to deal with 2 talented WR in their own right. Wallace has the measurable that you can’t find off the street and Marlon Moore is the definition of smooth. In the end I think Hartline makes it and Wallces edges  out Marlon due to his solid ST’s play. We're gonna miss him



Depth Chart: Anthony Fasano, Bo Scaife, Wesley Saunders
Roster Moves: Cut Joey Haynos, Cut Jeron Mastrud, , Sign Bo Scaife, Sign UDFA TE Wesley SaundersAssign Dedrick Epps to PS, Assign Charles Clay to the PS

Analysis: So Fasano got a brand new contract during the season last year.  I consider him to be a ideal complimentary TE to pair up with superstar TE. Paying him as one when he doesn’t have the stats to back it up doesn’t make sense to me but what do I know? Lets bid against ourselves!!!! Whew that rant has been building a long time… Anyway back on topic. Bo Scaife is a solid TE that can help equally well in the pass and run game. Think a slightly better David Martin. He would be a nice addition only if the price is right. Now this guy I want as a priority UDFA (PIC) Wesley Saunders is a knucklehead but a TALENTED knucklehead. Saunders is a 6’5 270 lb. TE beast of a TE. Guy looks like a small LT but he has the skills to contribute as a WR. He was dismissed from S. Car, for lying to the NCAA about trips paid for by agents. IMO that is not so bad since he was going to get penalized either way if he admitted to it or not. This guy has superstar potential and at the very least will be a solid blocking TE. His hands are also freakishly large. That has to help right? Oh and I didn’t list Zach Miller because he won’t get out of Oakland.



Depth Chart: Starters: Jake Long, Mike Pouncey, Richie Incognito, John Jerry, Marshall Yanda,
Reserves: Nate Garner OG/OT, Lydon Murtha OT, Pat McQuistan G/T, Jake Kirkpatrick C
Roster Moves: Sign Marshall Yanda, Trade/Cut Vernon Carey, Cut Joe Berger, Sign UDFA Jake Kirkpatrick, Sign UDFA OT Jarriel King to the PS

Analysis: With the 16th pick in the 2011 the Miami Dolphins take John Stamos’ brotherrrrr… So yeah we took a guard with our first pick in the draft. There’s that… ‘cough’ Well since we didn’t address the Vernon Carey situation then we need to do it in free agency. Matty explained his situation perfectly righ here I think he’s done and we could use the cap room foooooor Marshall Yanda! Matty came through again with some awesome linkage showing just how good Yanda is. Luckily for us we have our choice between him and another talented RT in Tyson Clabo. Both are immediate upgrades over Carey. The edge goes to Yanda since he is only 26 years old. Which means he may not even have hit his peak. I like Incog’s at center and Jerry and Garner will fight it out at RG. I’d prefer it if Jerry beats him out so we can use Garner as a super sub. Jake Kikpatrick is a very talented center and I’m very surprised he went undrafted. He could be a sneaky good acquisition

Okay there it is. That is my entire offseason wish list for the offense. All comments and opinions are welcome as well as any improvements that you would add. "If you like what you see put a REC on it"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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