Rookie Watch

As I look at the Dolphins 2011 Draft Class, I see alot of potential in this group.  This draft class will have to play well in order for us to make the playoffs and hopefully a Super Bowl run.

Now I'm asking you fellow Phins fans, which Phins rookie are you looking forward to watching this year? You may read what I have to say about each rookie, or skip to the poll at the end.

Mike Pouncey

As we know, Jeff Ireland doesn't like to make flashy picks.  He choses to take the safe route, which makes us fans go crazy.  However, that's a good thing.  Safe is better than flashy...sometimes.

While watching the draft on the NFL channel, I saw the cameras zero into Mike Pouncey when the Phins were on the clock.  Next thing you know, he's on the phone and smiling, which means we picked him.  Was I excited about the  But, Mike filled one of needs.  We needed an athletic OL.

Mike Pouncey can play either guard or center.  It looks like he will be playing center according to some sources.  I think he's more suited to play guard and I'd rather see Richie Incognito play center. 

At 6-4,  312 lbs, he has the size you want for an offensive lineman.  From what I've read about him, he's very competative and athletic.  I've even read Mike is more athletic than Maurkice. 

Since Maurkice Pouncey had som much success as a Steeler, you can bet there's alot of weight on Mike's shoulders.  Me?  I expect him to make an immediate impact.  Would I like to see him make the Pro-bowl? Yes.  But, that's stretching it a little.


Daniel Thomas

Hey look! The Dolphins traded up! Here comes the Ryan Mallett pick! Oh...wait.

Yes, that's what I was thinking when the Phins traded up into the 2nd round.  I was very disappointed when we didn't draft Mallett.  Now I'm very upset that he's in a New England Patriots uniform.

However, I like the Daniel Thomas pick.  We needed a running back because it looks like the R & R express has been derailed.  Thomas looks like he will be the starter for the year, and could consider Offensive Rookie Of the Year honors.

He's huge and athletic.  That sums up my report on Thomas.  He's an inside the tackles runner, and not fast. I'd compare him to Adrian Peterson.  Peterson can do everything and I think Thomas will have immediate success.

Only major flaw I see in him is his fumbling issue.  However, with the right coaching techniques, this problem can be solved.


Edmond Gates

It was amazing how the selection of Edmond Gates turned everyones frowns, upside down.  I was in the draft thread just reading how everyone was disappointed in the draft.  Well, that all changed when the Phins selected Gates.  It's amazing how one draft pick changed everyones attitudes.

We all know the Dolphins needed a deep threat.  We had a deep threat in Ted Ginn...but that's a whole different story.  Gates ran one of the fastest 40 times at the combine, and will be a key cog to this new offense.

I'm excited to see him play, just like everyone else.  But, Gates played at a small school college.  I'm not saying that's a bad thing.  Johnny Knox came from Abiline Christian, and look how he's doing.  I'm just stating that it may take Gates a while to adjust to the competion at the Pro level.


Charles Clay

A jack of all trades.  Clay has no true position, which is why his draft stock dropped.  However, I believe he will be a steal for the Phins.

He is so athletic.  He can play HB, FB, TE, and I even read he lined up at WR a few times.  I don't think he'll be playing HB.  I think he'll be a FB/TE.  He'll be a cheaper option over Polite, who struggled last year.  Sorry Lou fans, but I think his time is done in Miami.

I see Daboll using Clay as a receiving FB.  He'll line up behind the QB and head down the field.  But, I also see him lining up at TE.

It will be interesting to see what the coaching staff will do with him.  But I guarantee you this.  He will be a fun rookie to watch.


Frank Kearse

Don't know much about this guy.  So I'm not going to say much.

He looks like he'll be heading to the  practice squad.  But, I've been wrong before.

I like to watch these later round picks, and I'm always rooting for them.

Jimmy Wilson

Like Kearse, I don't know much about him.  All I know is he was acquitted of murder, and is a hard hitter. 

From what I've read, the Phins look to use him at safety.  Look at our starting SS, Yeremiah Bell.  He was a late round pick (6th) and turned out just fine.

If Wilson wants to make this team, he better shine on special teams.



If you read through this, thank you.  Let me know what you think and don't forget to vote.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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