The story of OJ McDuffie, the all time Dolphin great, and his perfect game

A story for all my fellow Fin Fans:

I just got home bowling with a few of my friends. We went to the lanes out in Davie and as soon as we got there we noticed we were right next to OJ McDuffie and Ki-Jana Carter. Apparently these guys have been good friends since forever and are regulars at a few local bars around town. A few of my friends know them and have served them and apparently they are the nicest guys in the world. There was a good crowd tonight, as they were all together celebrating the birthday of a friend who recently passed away. Apparently Tuesday night is the regular spot for them and they have been coming for years.

Let me progress. OJ was on fire. They kept drinking and taking shots and OJ was knocking down frame after frame. Before we knew it OJ was 9 frames deep, all strikes. This was amazing, I'm no regular at the alley; I have NEVER seen anyone bowl a perfect game, yet alone a Miami Dolphin Player. We were all riled up as OJ stepped up to the lane to start the 10th frame and let it roll.


The pins exploded. Yet one remained. All of us let out a sigh, he was so damn close. OJ laughed and grabbed a chair pretending to throw it into the lane. He missed the last pin for the spare and finished with a 267. Still unbelievable.


Now me and my friends thought this was going to be the story of the night. We were wrong. 30 minutes pass and OJ's on his next game. He's 5 frames in, all strikes. We start to focus less on our game and more on his. 6, 7, 8. Strike, Strike, Strike. Holy shit, could he do seriously do this? OJ Stepped up and leveled the 9th frame once again. 

Once again, I was witness to two unbelievable games. OJ didn't seem drunk, but if you've ever bowled you know that alcohol has a tendency to calm the nerves. He was a handful of Bud Light's down and now before the 10th frame he bought a round a shots for him and his friends. He was definitely feeling something. Hope this works out!

3 strikes remain from a perfect game. 1st ball goes down perfectly. This is the one he couldn't finish before... would this be the round? OJ takes a swig of beer for good measure.

2nd ball goes out, and it looks bad for OJ. It heads way wide and we have a feeling that this is the dagger. But all of a sudden it spins rapidly back like nothing I've ever seen. All the pins drop. It HAS to be meant to be.

One away.

I talk to my buddy who is very close with him and he mentions he has gotten a 299 TWICE and never a perfect game. Would this be another agonizing end?

For the few people that didn't have their camera's out... they're all out now. The pressure must be insurmountable. Without hesitation OJ McDuffie drys his hands, picks up the ball and throws a perfect ball. All ten pins erupt from the lane and the crowd goes nuts. OJ McDuffie has just thrown his first perfect game and I was a witness.

OJ McDuffie racks up a Perfect 300 Game 

DISCLAIMER: Profanity, Stupidity, Drunkenness. and Girly Laughs. You have been warned.

Hope you guys enjoyed the story. I tried to make it as captivating as I could and I hope it was enjoyed, especially in these brutal months with no football news. One of the coolest things I have witnessed; I'm sure it was a unforgettable day for OJ and I wanted to share it with you guys! Congrats again Juice on a heck of a game!


The Proof!


[UPDATE: The story and my pics and video are now featured on Read the article here]

Thanks for reading, Go Fins!!!


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