Decade of Quarterbacks

Miami's struggles at the quarterback position is not an unusual thing. For the past 10 years we have seen nothing but disappointments taking snaps and it has taken its toll not only on the players but on the fans as well. Citizens of Indianapolis and Foxborough have been showered with success and pride over the last decade at the hands of one person while on the other hand Miami has had not 5, not 6, not 7, not 8, but 12 separate quarterbacks over the last 10 years and fans still havent felt a sense of confidence in the team ever since the end of the millenium, and it all started in 2001. 

CHAPTER I: The Wannstedt days.

  • After 17 glorified years of the Great Dan Marino, the Dolphins were in need of a new star, and that "star's" name was Jay Fiedler.  Fiedler's stint with the Miami Dolphins featured three 10+ win seasons in four years, two 11–5 seasons in 2000 and 2001, an AFC East title, and two postseason appearances including a victory for the Miami Dolphins. Although Fiedler's team was mediocre, he managed a respectable regular season performance with a respectable record in post-season play while with the Dolphins. 
  • In 2004 Fiedler shared snaps with an Idaho native named A.J Feeley. Throwing more interceptions than touchdowns, Feeley claimed the nickname "The Mediocre one." The season ended on a lousy 4-12 which marked the end of a season and the end of Wannstedt's career in the NFL whcih was only remembered by the fact that nobody could spell his last name without Google.

CHAPTER II: Nick Saban era.

After finishing a disappointing 2004 season the Dolphins looked to bounce back with the second pick in the draft, and instead of drafting a future Super Bowl MVP in Aaron Rodgers, Miami chose Ronnie brown and our quarterback woes continued. 

  • Who would be the one to follow in Dan Marino's shoes? It certainly wasn't Gus Frerotte.  Frerotte earned the Miami Dolphins starting job in 2005. He started 15 games, guiding the Dolphins to a 9–6 record, throwing for 18 touchdowns and 13 interceptions, completing 52% of his passes and finishing his season with a devastating concussion. 
  • Their was no time to fear, Sage Rosenfels was here. Rosenfels took the snaps after Frerotte's concussion and gave Miami a sense of happiness after coming back from a 23-3 deficit against the Bills. However, that's all their was to Sage Rosenfels...nothing else.

After a hectic off-season, Nick Saban shoved a golden opportunity to get Drew Brees down the toilet and got the "other guy," CANT-e THROW-pepper. 

  • After the Houston loss (worst defense in the league at the time) Nick Saban noticed Culpepper having trouble in practice due to a nagging bruised shoulder injury and decided to rest Culpepper up a couple of practices. On that Friday's practice Culpepper and Saban got into a loud, heated argument during practice. Saban had decided to bench Daunte until his shoulder recovered and he got more of the mobility back that he lost due to his knee injury.
  • In came "The Kid," Joey Harrington. Harrington had a mediocre career with the Dolphins finishing his season with a 5-6 record. On Christmas night against the Jets, Harrington was pulled midway through the game and was replaced with Cleo Lemon.
  • After a career as a backup, Lemon started the first regular season game of his career in the season finale against the Indianapolis Colts on December 31. Lemon played fairly well against the eventual Super Bowl champions, completing 18 of 36 passes for 210 yards, a touchdown and an interception. He also led the team to 10 fourth-quarter points as the Dolphins fell just short, losing 27-22.

On January 3, 2007, Saban announced that he had accepted a contract for eight years and a guaranteed $32 million to coach at the University of Alabama. Saban left despite making several public statements in the preceding weeks assuring fans and owner Wayne Huizenga that he would be staying on as coach. Cam Cameron previously the offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers, was then introduced as the new head coach.

CHAPTER III: From bad to worst 

2007 will always be remembered as the year we wished we weren't fans.


  • After "The Kid" left to Atlanta, Trent Green was brought in as quarterback. After a rough couple of starts to the season, Green looked to bounce back against the Houston Texans, I on the other hand wanted it to end, telling my father "I wish he'd get injured." Sadly that is exactly what happened. Cleo Lemon replaced Green and showed signs of greatness and determination, but was benched on week 11 and in came the rookie.
  • John Beck out of BYU played his first professional game against the Eagles and couldn't have been worst. I would rather have Stevie Wonder in at Quarterback than "The Mormon." Once again Cleo Lemon came in to start and won our first and only game of the season in a thriller against the Baltimore Ravens. 


Cameron was fired after finishing the season 1-15 and Bill Parcells hired our present coach Tony Sparano.

CHAPTER IV: The sunglasses and the mustache.

The Dolphins ultimately took Jake Long, star offensive lineman out of Michigan with the first pick of the 2008 draft and drafted quarterback Chad Henne with their second round pick (the second consecutive year they drafted a QB in the second round). After the New York Jets traded for Brett Favre and released quarterback Chad Pennington the same day, the Dolphins quickly signed Pennington, who was a former Parcells draft pick.


  • Although the Dolphins lost in the Wild Card game against the Ravens, the 2008 season was the first time in a while where i felt proud to be a Dolfan. Chad Pennington, the smartest QB in the league, had a tremendous season leading us to our first playoff appearance since the start of the Millenium. September 21, 2008 was the day where the Dolphins truly became contenders by abolishing the Patriots with one play "The Wildcat." 2009 had great expectations for the Miami Dolphins after their 11-5 season in 08', but unfortunately our future was dim.
  • After Pennington was injured against the San Diego Chargers in week 3, "The Next Dan Marino" came in to replace him, Chad Henne. Henne showed signs of greatness but the season ended on a mediocre 7-9 record. Miami fans however still believed in "The Henne" coming into the 2010 season but left hating him coming out.
  • The Dolphins acquired Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall to the list of wideouts and it was certain that Miami was going to make the playoffs. What looked great on paper turned out to be an unfortunate reality. Chad Henne struggled after winning the first 2 games of the season. He and Tyler Thigpen shared snaps by the end of the season, and just like 2009, the Dolphins finished on a mediocre note at 7-9. 


Dolfans need to feel confidence when their team takes the field, but it is hard to feel confidence when the head coach is more excited about field goals than touchdowns, when the quarterback situation looks all but bright, and when the person calling the plays was ranked 31st all around with the Cleveland Browns. WE NEED LIFE! Chad Henne needs to say "If i blow this year, I'm out of a job" and play more desperate than a 40 year old mother of 2 without a boyfriend. Tony Sparano needs to step up and say " How do I go from being so lovable and awesome to be treated like a piece of trash during the 2010 offseason?," and needs to grab a bucket of Nutella and french fries to get fat again and tell Dan Carpenter that the only time he'll kick a field goal is after a touchdown. We will be back, we will be strong, and Nick Saban will always be a a school girl. GO PHINS!

p.s. I didn't mention Pat White due to his death against the Pittsburgh Steelers R.I.P



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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