What I hope the dolphins do this offseason

Hey guys, this is my first post, so be nice. :)

So I'm gonna go through each position and talk about what changes I think the phins should make. I'm going to list any trades, FA signings or UDFA signings. 


I am firmly a Henne supporter, and I think he deserves another shot. But, I still think he should have some veteran competition, not from Thiggy though, he needs to go. I think we should sign one of the free agents that isn't talked about very often. My top five choices to sign or trade for would be Matt Moore, who shows a lot of potential, Troy Smith, Who can make plays with his arm and feet, Marc Bulger, who can continue teaching Henne while also being a reliable backup/starter, Brady Quinn, who knows Daboll's system and never really got a fair chance to start, and Matt Leinart, who might have gotten a wake-up call when he was sent to Houston. In addition, we need a UDFA to compete with Brandstater for the 3rd string position and for the practice squad. My top choices would be Pat Devlin, Jeff Van Camp and Mike Hartline, Brian Hartline's brother.

Projected depth chart:

1st. Chad Henne

2nd. whichever free agent we sign

3rd. Tom Brandstater

PS:whichever UDFA we sign



We need to add a scatback to complement Daniel Thomas. I think Kory Sheets and Lex Hilliard will have good season, but aren't be ready for the no.2 position. My top choices would be Darren Sproles, Ahmad Bradshaw, Jerius Norwood, DeAngelo Williams and Jason Snelling. All of them would complement Thomas well. In addition, we need a player on the practice squad to groom for the future. My personal choice for this role would be Noel Devine.

Projected depth chart:

1st. Daniel Thomas

2nd. whichever FA we sign

3rd. Kory Sheets

4th. Lex hilliard

PS. Noel Devine


We're pretty much set at this position

Projected depth chart:

1. Lousaka Polite

2. Charles Clay

Tight End:

We need to get a TE that can catch. I think we should go sign a cheaper FA to complement Fasano. Then Mastrud , Shuler, the FA, and Epps will battle for a roster spot, with Clay able to play in an emergancy

Projected depth chart:

1. Anthony Fasano

2. winner of the battle

Wide Reciever:

I think the dolphins will carry six recievers this year. Then we would have Marlon Moore and Julius Pruitt compete for that 6th spot, which Moore will win.

Projected depth chart

1.Brandon Marshall

2. Brian Hartline

Slot. Davone Bess

4. Edmond Gates

5. Roberto Wallace

6. Marlon Moore

PS. Brooks Foster


We have Jake Long and Vernon Carey as our starter, with Lydon Murtha and Matt Kopa as backups. We should bring in a UDFA, and have him compete for a spot on the PS, or maybe roster.

Projected depth chart:

LT: Jake Long

RT: Vernon Carey

3. Lydon Murtha

4. Matt Kopa



I think Pouncey is going to play guard, at least for this year, with Incog playing center. John Jerry and Nate Garner will compete for the RG spot. Behind them would be a competition between Procter and McQuiston. I think McQuiston will win, due to his ability to play T, because he can play C. We will also bring in a practice squad UDFA

Projected depth chart:

LG: Mike Pouncey

RG: John Jerry

3. Nate Garner

4. Pat McQuiston



Incognito is going to start as center. We should try to acquire Jake Kirkpatrick in UDFA as a backup

1. Richie Incognito

2. Jake Kirkpatrick

total offensive players: 27

Defensive End:

With Langford and Starks as starters, and Odrick, Merling and Ryan Baker as backups and rotational guys, we are set here.

LE. Kendall Langford

RE: Randy Starks

3. Jared Odrick

4. Phillip Merling

5. Ryan Baker

Defensive Tackle:

We have Soliai as a starter and Chris Baker for the backup spot.. Kearse will be the 3rd string guy.

1. Paul Soliai

2. Chris Baker

3: Frank Kearse

Inside Linebacker:

We are set here, for now, with Dansby as a starter and AJ Edds pushing Channing Crowder for the starting spot. Dobbins is a reliable backup.

ILB1. Karlos Dansby

ILB2. Channing Crowder

3. AJ Edds

4. Tim Dobbins

Outside Linebacker

We have Misi and Wake as solid starters, and Ike Alama-Francis as a solid run stopping backup. But, we need a situational pass rusher who can backup Wake. We should search FA for a player like that who can also come in and start in case of emergancy. We should also sign an UDFA pass rusher for the PS

LOLB: Cameron Wake

ROLB: Koa Misi

3. A free agent pass rusher

4. Ikaika Alama-Francis

PS. UDFA pass rusher


I put SS and FS together because I think Reshad Jones/Chris Clemons and Jon Amaya can be the backups for both positions. Reshad and Clemons will compete for the starting FS position, with the loser being the backup. Culver will probably be cut.

SS. Yeremiah Bell

FS. Chris Clemons/Reshad Jones (whoever wins)

3. Chris Clemons/Reshad Jones (whoever loses)

4. Jon Amaya


Vontae Davis and Sean Smith will be the definite starters. With Carroll, W. Allen and Benny Sapp competing for the Nickel position. If either Allen or Sapp win, then the other will be cut/traded, but if Carroll wins than the 3rd place guy will be cut/traded. I think Will Allen will win, with Sapp traded for a 4th or 5th round pick Nate Ness and Jimmy Wilson will round it out as the 5th and 6th guy

1. Vontae Davis

2. Sean Smith

Nickel: Will Allen

Dime: Nolan Carroll

5. Nate Ness

6. Jimmy Wilson

total defensive players: 26

total players:53

Practice squad players:6 stated, leaving room for 3 more.

Tell me what you guys think. How far do you think this team can go?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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