Dolphin needs besides QB

If your like me you've had enough of the QB debate or just fancy a break then I would like to have a quick look at the other needs that the team needs to address through Free Agency or have they already covered them?


Apart from the great QB debate that isn't going away what are the areas of concern.

Interior OL - One new addition that is currently slated to cover Centre with Berger to backup, doesn't seem to be too much of any issue with centre and hopefully Nate Garner coming back will provide a bit more quality at Guard with hopefully Jerry and Incognito stepping up their game. Overall medium concern that everybody gels and opens some holes.

Tackles - Long is a stud so no problem there and Carey is a good RT so not a problem with the starters. The main concern I have is with the back-ups as we saw last year Long misses a couple of series and the line is in all types of trouble and if Carey gets banged up again then who is going to step up. Seriously we need some good cover to spell them and let them rest for a couple of series so that hopefully they have a long and healthy season.

WR - If the addition of a pace man and another years experience for Bess and Hartline this unit seems set as long as Marshall behaves himself and doesn't get suspended (I know a big IF there).

RB - Overall we need a pace back, but what about Sheets if he is fit and well hopefully he can cover this role. But seriously with the talent looking to be available when Free Agency starts then hopefully the addition of a quality RB should provide the quality and depth needed. But who?

FB and TE - Hopefully Polite can get back to being the monster he was and Fasano stays injury free. None of the back-ups at TE have impressed me but hopefully Clay can step up to be the second TE otherwise we may need to explore Free Agency, is there anybody available?


DT - With Soliai hopefully picking up where he left off last year (as he is only tendered for one year), we covered for a starter, but back-up concerns me. Starks is an excellent DE and should stay there. With Kearse being a developmental player we need a solid back-up just in case.

DE - This is seriously one area I don't have any concern over there is quality at starter and with the back-ups and a few guys playing for contracts then motivation is not an issue.

OLB - Alright we have a stud in Wake and Koa-Misi was solid in his rookie year, but what about aside from Ike what have we got that could at least be counted on to do the job and does anybody know of anybody that we can pick-up in Free Agency?

ILB - This is an area that I am hopeful. Dansby is awesome and is a great leader. But who to partner with him and how do we keep these guys fresh with quality back-up.  Part of me hopes that Edds lives up to last years hype and Spitler progresses to give Crowder some competition. Talking of Crowder I thought I heard that he was in a contract year so hopefully he'll start backing up his mouth with action. But again it would be great if we could find somebody to complement Dansby or at least provide a solid back-up role, any ideas?

CB - Injuries aside for once this is not an area of significant concern. Davis and Smith are started to step up and apart from a case of the dropsies which is ok as the still broke up the play this season is set especially with Will Allen coming back.

Safety - There is plenty of competition and as last year alot of them saw a good amount of playing time then as long as they still show progress then it's all good.

Special Teams

Return - hopefully between Kory Sheets and Gates they can cover this gaping need. Last year Bess fluffing punts and nobody returning back into the opposition half left too many yards for a spluttering offence to cover.

Coverage - We had a few guys turn up towards the end of the season and this an area that Jimmy Wilson can also step into, hopefully this team can get better.


This draft has filled holes but what are theother holes that need filling through FA, trades and unsigned rookies.

In my humble opinion (besides QB which I am avoiding) the team is set for starters apart from RB, the main questions I have identified are about solid back-ups which are a real problem in predominantly offensive areas but also DT and OLB.

So what are your thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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