A True Mock Draft: The Dolphins will not draft an RB, QB or anyone else

During the pre-draft season, speculation is high as to how the fins will utilize their #15 overall pick.  Will they grab Ingram, who until recently was called a “safe pick” or will they forego drafting a running back in the first round because recent history has shown there can be good value at that position in later rounds?  Will they grab a quarter back, or even trade up to grab media darlings like Cam Newton?  Some speculate that they will try and trade down and recover a second round pick that they gave away for Brandon Marshall, perhaps picking up an interior OL, or even an additional pass rusher to compliment Cameron Wake.


Recent information though has come to light that none of these scenarios is correct.  My sources tell me that it is all a smoke screen to hide the Jeff Ireland’s true draft plan.  “No one will ever see this one coming”, one Dolphins insider quoted the often maligned Dolphins GM.  The logic, especially with recent assurances of job security from the top, is that the Dolphins are still building the foundation of their team, and with the lockout possibly extending into the 2011 season, they want to avoid taking any risks on players that might not pan out.  Ireland wants to avoid making any obvious errors in his picks that would further alienate the fanbase, which is why after checking with experts on sites such as, he came away with the following questions:


Why spend a pick on an RB when so many later round choices or even undrafted free agents are succeeding at the next level?  Besides the problem wasn't with our Rbs  as much as it was with our OL and QB play.

Why blow a pick and a contract on a QB when this year’s class doesn’t have any sure choices like Andrew Luck?  Moreover, we have to give Henne a chance to thrive under a new OC and with a better OL and better RBs.

Why pick an interior lineman, when we have needs at skill positions?  Besides, the OL wasn't bad it was our RBs and our QB plays.

Why pick a pass rusher when our defense is already the strength of our team?

Why pick a deep threat at WR, when the problem was clearly QB play, playcalling, and a lack of a running game, and when we have good play from Hartline and a lot of potential in Wallace and Moore that hasn’t been tapped yet?


After this line of inquiry, with the insider knowledge at our disposal, I have put together the most up-to-date mock draft, which I am confident will fall out as follows:


Rd 1 #15 (Traded to Seattle)

Rd 1 # 25 (From Seattle) – Nobody

Rd 2 #25 (From Seattle) – Zip

Rd 3  – Zilch

Rd 4  – Nada

Rd 5  - been there

Rd 6 – done that

Rd 7  - 0

Rd 7 – our prayers



Of course, Ireland, Sparano and co. will keep putting out their smokescreen "interests" in players here and there, bringing them in for workouts and the like.  Nevertheless, my informants tell me that they will be chuckling all the while to themselves as they prepare their mistake free draft strategy for the coming season.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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