I think the FO are doing fine **UPDATED**

Lets get over ourselves and look at our situation as it really is.

  First off, lets get over the Mallett to NE thing. Everyone kept saying "If our FO thinks there is a QB worthy of being franchise we should go up and draft him". We'll apparently they didn't. All I heard was Mallett went to NE and he is gonna destroy us for the next decade after Brady retires. Well not unless the hoodie plans on coaching until he is 75. And with all the draft picks the Pats have, do you not think they could go up and get ANY QB prospect they wanted to replace Brady at anytime they felt? Let em have Mallett. He could be good in that system, what QB hasn't been good in that system? Fact of the matter is, the Mallett in NE under Belichick would not be the same Mallett under this regime in MIAMI of all places.

 Second, our OL sucked last year. It needed to be addressed. I find it depressing that we have to use so many draft picks and FAs to address it being that our HC is suppose to be a OL guru, but o well. I think with Long, Incognito, Pouncey, Carey and whoever fills out the other spot the OL looks pretty solid now. They couldn't pass protect or run block last year. Pouncey wasn't the sexy pick, but it had to be done. Think about it, the Pats have Wilfork, the Bill just drafted Dareus and later the Jets drafted 2 DT themselves.

 Third, I liked the Daniel Thomas pick. Again, I've said all along we need the big back and a speed back. When drafted it was "we need speed but we drafted a FB". Ireland is quoted as saying "That Thomas was a 4.55 {40 yard dash} for us, verified". He can block the blitz, catch, make a guy miss and get those extra yards after initial contact, something Ricky nor Ronnie was able to do last year. We are gonna get that speed back, pipe down please.


The bottom line here I guess, despite what the draft gurus on this page thinks, we picked twice in the top four rounds and have gotten 2 starters. Two starters that have filled major holes in our offense from last year. This regime has drafted better than any regime we've had in quite a few years, so how bout we give them a lil benefit of a doubt. Yea they haven't been perfect but I bet they did a lot more homework on these players than we have.


Lets see what the rest of the draft brings. I might update, I might not. Who cares anyways right?  Just.....Go Fins!




 I LOVE the Edmond Gates pick. If the only real knock on him is he slowed down on route running, to get a blazer that can actually adjust to catch the ball with a little room and is hard to bring down once he has it in the 4th rd is just awesome.


 After that pick though I truly believed that the regime had gotten out the draft what they were looking for and went to experimental/project players. When you go into the 6th-7th rounds why not?

Charles Clay can be a interesting mismatch in different formations if they wanna get cute.

Frank Kearse is a project NT. Even though our DL is a strong point on our defense the NT position is not that deep. I see no problem bringing a NT in at this stage.

James Wilson, well I read his story, very interesting to say the least. I really don't want to past judgement nor make jokes, a life was lost and almost ruined so I'll let you all come to your own conclusions. As for his talent I heard he knocks helmets off and Matty said he had day 2 talent. So with your last pick, why not?


Please don't compare drafting Wilson who has off field issues with our very last pick, to drafting Mallett. If you actually wanna go there please make your own fanpost.



I'd say Ireland did pretty well with his first draft without Parcells. We picked up 3 starters at need positions and we still have our full slate of picks for next year's draft. I do come out of this draft with the idea that we are going after a QB in FA. Ireland promised competition for Henne and I believe he'll deliver. And we'll get a speed back in FA too. I don't see why we can't be really good next year. We didn't get any of the flashy names, but we did get better. I come out this draft satisfied.

Grade: B+

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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