The dolphins will not draft a quarterback..... the first few rounds unless the quarterback can give Henne a real challenge to start this year....

There are only a few quarterbacks in this years draft that are projected to be able to start successfully next year in the NFL and thus truly challenge Henne for a starting position this year.  Those few are Blaine Gabbert, Cam Newton, Christian Ponder, and Ryan Mallett.  Gabbert and Newton will be gone, (the notion that the Phins will trade up to draft one of them is preposterous), Ponder is a little too much of a reach at 15, so that leaves my secret (well not so secret these days) favorite, Ryan Mallett as the only quarterback (I realize that the Dolphins could select Ponder and many would be happy with that choice, and quite honestly it wouldn't hurt my feelings either, but this is my write up so it's based on my opinions) choice at 15.  However, the Dolphins will find a trade partner and draft the following positions before they address quarterback:  interior offensive lineman, pass rusher, tight end, defensive back, and maybe even running back.  The dolphins will sign a veteran quarterback to compete/backup Chad Henne.

Think about it, let's say:  [1] Miami draft's Colin Kaepernick (who i really like also), Andy Dalton, Jake Locker, or Ricky Stanzi, who all need a few years of development.....and [2] Henne beats them out in camp (which would probably happen given his experience with the team).....then [3] Henne goes down with an injury.....yikes!  As a fan or a coach would you rather have a veteran or a rookie quarterback to turn to if Henne goes down?.....or [4] the rookie wins the starting job over Henne in camp and then either fails miserably or gets injured.  Now, you are forced to put an obviously defeated Henne out there again. By obviously defeated, I mean this:

(1) Trial by fire in 2009, starting with the third game of the season he takes over the starting position during the time he was supposed to be learning from the bench.  (2)  After a 4-4 start in 2010, Henne lost his starting job to Pennington.  (3)  Henne comes off the bench for injured Pennington in the very next game and then goes down with an injury of his own.  (4) Henne takes over the starting position again in week 13.  (5) Henne was benched twice in the last game of the season in favor of Tyler Thigpen.


Henne has yet to start every game of a full season and by it's own admission, the entire team was a frustrating debacle from top to bottom aside from the defense, which wasn't perfect either for that matter.  Ownership, General Manager, Head Coach, Offensive Coordinater, Special Teams.....almost everyone had a bad year.  Brandon Marshall and Sean Smith dropped balls, DC$ missed field goals, the O-Line moved nobody, the R&R Express was more gocart than train, even Cam Wake fell off the Richter scale in the end.  The whole team was in turmoil this off-season and who's job is still up in the air....for the third year in a row??

Let me ask all of you a few questions.  Raise your hand if you thought Henne was awesome that first year he replaced Pennington?  Raise your hand if you think the Dolphins adversely affected his progression in games by stalling his drives with the "3rd down Wildcat play-calling??  Raise your hand if you think the Dolphins did Chad an injustice by challenging his starting position in camp with now retired Pat White?  Raise your hand if you think the Dolphins made a mistake by forcing him share snaps the following year with Kansas City Royal Pat White???  Now, who thinks that the Chad Henne of 2009 got a fair shake in 2010????  For that matter, who thinks he is getting a fair shake now, after having the fairly common "sophomore slump"?????

For the above reasons, it's probably only going to be Ryan Mallett (or Christian Ponder) drafted in the first half of the draft.  It may also be the same scenario for running back, Mark Ingram at 15 or bust.  If the Phins do not select any of these guys at 15, look for those positions to be drafted late.


The Dolphins want a solid offense that can impose it's will, control the clock, pound the ball, move the chains and keep the opposing defenses honest with the occasional deep ball.  That's it.....get used to it.  The only thing that's going to change this year is the "Wildcat on 3rd and 15" type play calling.

Do we have a great interior line? How 'bout a pulling guard? (draft pick)

Do we have a starting center...really? (draft pick)

Do we have an end zone target tight end that can realistically stretch the field? (draft pick)


The Dolphins want to have the best defense in football.  Many will say different...but defense wins games.  More games are won by keeping the other team from scoring points than are won by outscoring the other team, especially in the post-season.  At some point you must stop the other team in order to win.  For this reason....we WILL draft defense this year.

If Crowder goes out, who (besides Edds, who was on my draft wish list last year, but is still unproven) do we have to replace him?? (draft pick)

If we can get a better pass rusher (Misi was on my wish list also and I think he will be a great NFL linebacker) opposite Cam Wake...are we a better defense?? (draft pick)

If Smith or Davis go down, who do we start opposite the other...and what does that do to our nickel and dime packages?? (draft pick)

If Bell goes down...and/or if the Phins can find a better safety in the draft?? (draft pick)


This is the first post I have made for this off-season but I will provide a list of free-agents we might sign and which players we might draft soon.  I will also provide my "yearly prediction statement" for the draft.  Many of you probably  remember my '09 and '10 predicitons (Jake Long was a no-brainer)......if you don't, I proudly display them in my signature.  Ciao for now Dolphin faithful.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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