Grading Parcells - Parcells on ESPN tonight


Sun Sentinel....Former Dolphins boss Bill Parcells took full blame for the 2009 second-round selection of West Virginia quarterback Pat White and admitted that Michigan tackle Jake Long was selected over Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan because he believed the lineman to be a safer pick in the most recent edition of Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback.

King, the senior NFL writer for, got a hold of Parcells as a prelude to the former Super Bowl-winning coach offering his takes on the NFL Draft, which will be aired over 90 minutes Tuesday night on ESPN (9:30-11 p.m.).

"One of the reasons we took Jake Long is that he was a surer bet,'' Parcells said. "Quarterbacks, you just don't know. They're so hard to predict. It's easier to project how good a tackle is going to be, and a left tackle plays a pretty important position.''

Parcells said selecting Mountaineers option quarterback White with the 44th overall pick in 2009 "was my mistake."

He went on to add: "It was a deviation from your principles; he was not prototypical. At the time, we're thinking we could expand the Wildcat, you know. But it turns out he wasn't accurate enough and didn’t throw it well enough. We learned from that.''


"We learned from that….."   WTF –…" LEARNED FROM THAT ?  With all his experience that we paid for - should he have to "learn from that"  ????  think about that…Or should he have already known Pat White was a Bad pick…I knew this was a poor choice, because we had too many holes to fill, and even if it worked, we would be ignoring other positions like:  TE OL & WR.

Many of us DOLPHIN FANS already know about this TV show, and will be watching tonight.  I just wanted to know what most of you think about the job Parcells did in Miami during his short time here.  I do not know how to put a FAN POLL on this POST, so I will just ask that you grade PARCELLS on an A - F ranking system.

My grade for Bill – is a "C+"

Parcells did improve this franchise to around .500 record, and you have to understand how far off we were when he took over. But without Chad Pennington falling into our laps – the 11-5 (pure luck) season wouldn’t have happened.

First, IMO……He doesn’t get any points for taking JAKE LONG in my book. Picking Number 1 overall should be easy, and his lack of vision in taking a QB at #1  - MATTY RYAN – or trading down and picking up an extra pick has actually hurt this franchise. Now "big Jake" is a great ball player and we are lucky to have him.  But I tend to agree with those folks who value QB MUCH HIGHER…  the move should have been to TRADE DOWN if we didn’t want Matty ICE – which was a mistake…. Disagree with me all you want – but MATTY ICE  is a Franchise QB, and will take the Falcons to the playoffs many times, before we even "sniff" another playoff game…also – Ryan Clady went #12 to Denver and he is a pretty dam good tackle too.

Really this pick was a cop out – FEAR prevented him from taking a chance on a great QB – and 3 years later we still don’t have one… don’t tell me that w/o Long Matt Ryan would have gotten "killed"…. How great is our OLINE right now ? and How many great QB’s have taken their lumps and still become franchise ? A LOT…

Just a few of the misses…

Phillip Merling (2nd round # 1 in the round…)

*Most painful mistake IMO – could have taken WR’s : DeSean Jackson, Donnie Avery, Jordy Nelson, Eddie royal,

TE John Carlson, CB Tracy Porter (super bowl INT)  RB Ray Rice….CB Brandon flowers…RB Matt forte…

Patrick Turner  WR  (3rd)

Pat White QB  (2nd)

Chad Henne QB – Is it too early to call this a mistake – probably…but its getting close now.

Shawn Murphy G  4th          Lower round mistakes don’t count as much

John Nalbone TE  5th          Lower round mistakes don’t count as much


In closing I do appreciate that Parcells helped this franchise back to AVERAGE – and that’s better than we were the last few years….. but now we simply MUST move forward PICKING SPEED, AND SKILL PLAYERS OVER BIG AND SLOW…..PICKING A QB – AGAIN AND AGIN UNTIL WE GET IT RIGHT.

Start this year with Ryan Mallett please….

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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