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So Last year I posted a fan post of the players I liked in that draft. I also asked who you were your favorites. So It's time to do so again. If you wish you can take a look back of my picks and yours if you commented on that post look here. This is not really a debate, It's just who I like. Post your favorite prospects in the comment section. My list will start off with players that should be available at 15. Newton is my Favorite but he should be long gone by then. He gets the honorable mention though. This will be a offense intensive list but I'll throw in a couple D guys at the end. Click on the names of players for video/"tape" of the player if you wish. All clips are from Youtube. If you find the music associated with the videos offensive mute it.


1. Ryan Mallett. If Ireland is sure he will commit to the team and position he will be worth the 15 overall pick. That was their job to figure out. He has the skill to be a franchise QB. QB Mobility is over blown. Pocket awareness is what you are looking for and it has been proven on here he has that ability. His talent is worth the 15 pick but could be gone before 15. I know what the "MOCKS" say but mocks and reality are two different things. 

2. Christian Ponder. He can come in and play day 1. Brains/knowledge of the pro system is why I say that. He is worth the 15 if Mallett isn't there (or Ireland concluded Mallett personality is too much of a risk) and we can't trade down.

QB sleepers

1. TJ Yates  read the description under the video click "show more"..shh

2. Ricky Stanzi

3. Scott Tolzien. here's the highlight. Not a big arm but he is insanely accurate, better accuracy than Mr Andrew Luck.

At least one of those three will eventually become a franchise QB.



1. Mark Ingram. Is he worth the 15 overall pick? IMO No. But a trade down to the 20's makes him look irresistible if he's still on the board

2. Ryan Williams You may be able to use your Ricky Williams Jersey for him.

3. Kendall Hunter

4. Roy Helu

5. Derrick Locke. Tons of game speed and can block even though he is small. There are no good clips of him but give him space and he's gone.

6. Noel Devine. Small and not much of a blocker, but he is dynamic and worth a late round pick.



1 Leonard Hankerson

2 Jonathan Baldwin

We MAY need to target one of those two pending the "Marshall Matters". Both have size and big play ability.

3. Edmund Gates

4. Aldrick Robinson



1 D.J. Williams

2 Lance Kendricks

3 Rob Housler

No Video for O linemen. It's too exciting to watch.



1 Benjamin Ijalana

2 Clint Boling

3 John Moffitt

4 Rodney Hudson 



1 Gabe Carimi

2 Derek Sherrod

3 Jah Reid

4 Lee Ziemba (position switch)



1 Stefen Wisniewski


1. Kenrick Ellis, DT

2 JJ Watt DE I know we are deep at DE. But this guy gives me nightmares....He may be the reason a team trades up with us .

3 Dontay Moch OLB

4 Colin McCarty ILB

5 Akeem Dent ILB: No video.

So who are your faves? .....Oh and get your popcorn ready.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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