My Phins Draft


My Dream Phins Draft

Fixing the Offense

1st round

#15- Trade to the Eagles for their 1st, 3rd, and 4th (from Washington). This trade works according to the value chart, with us giving up 1,050 points and getting 1,013 points in return.


#23(from Eagles)- Ryan Mallett QB

            This pick really is self explanatory. I have no faith that Henne is the QB that will make the Dolphins perennial Superbowl contenders, so I think QB is our biggest need. The biggest knock on Mallett is his “character concerns”. We have all seen the clip ESPN keeps showing of Mallett’s combine press conference. The one where he rudely states that he will not answer character related questions. If you watch the entire interview, which I have, you would see that Mallett’s comments had been taken out of context. He answered the first few character related questions. After answering the same question a few times, he finally said he would no longer answer them. However, the media kept asking and after a while he got a bit rude (I can’t blame him). While I do not know Ryan personally, it seems to me that a lot of his character concerns are a product of the media. There is nothing like character concerns to drop a player on draft day. In this scenario, the Dolphins benefit from Mallett’s misfortune.


2nd round

No Pick


3rd round

#15- Kendall Hunter RB

            Typically, when a team drafts a QB in the 1st, they go and get him a LT with their next pick. Luckily, we have the best LT in the game so we can now focus on giving Mallett some weapons to work with. I seriously debated going receiver at this spot. This draft has a few very good receivers that should come off the board mid to late 2nd round. If one of them slips, we could be tempted, but ultimately, I think we pull the trigger on Kendall Hunter. I personally see Hunter as one of the best values in this entire draft. He lacks some height (5’7), but he is still 200 pounds with good speed. I have always been on the Kendall Hunter bandwagon and am not getting off now. Also, I think we should bring Ricky Williams back for a year to complement Hunter. I know that Brown is younger, but a power back that hesitates before hitting the hole is worthless to me.


#21 (from Eagles)- Clint Boling G

            With this pick we help solidify the O-Line by bringing in one of the best LG prospects in the draft. Another guard I like in the 3rd is Orlando Franklin (out of The U), but I think he will be gone by this point in the draft. Boling is pretty athletic (played LT in college), which is a must in our offense. We ask our LG to pull, which is why Richie didn’t work out at LG (for the record- I have Richie as our starting C). Athleticism a big reason why I like Boling over John Moffitt (5.51 40 yard dash) for our O-Line at this point in the 3rd.


4th round

#7 (from Eagles)- Virgil Green TE

            An excellent athlete for a TE. Yes, he is a bit of a project, but I think his potential is enormous. Green is a bit of a workout warrior. He has the best vertical and broad jump of any TEs at the combine as well as one of the best 40 yard dash times. He would be a very good receiving complement to Fasano’s blocking. I know a ton of people on this site like DJ Williams, who I strongly considered at this spot, but I like Green because he is bigger and has better physical tools than DJ Williams (not by much though).


#14- Edmond Gates WR

            Edmond Gates is a bit like Green in that he is a bit of a project. Gates is a small school prospect with elite speed (4.35 at the combine). He reminds me of Johnny Knox of the Bears. They have the same height, weight, speed, and even went to the same school. Adding a speed threat across from Marshall (with Bess in the slot) will benefit Mallett and give him a young offense to grow with. And having Brian Hartline as a 4th receiver (in case of injury) is pretty darn good.


5th round

#15- DeMarcus Love OT/G

            Love is a very good run blocker and will be an asset to our O-Line. One of the things I like most about Love is his versatility. He played OT in college and can play guard as well. Personally, I love him as a developmental prospect and think he will eventually do very well on our line. Have him sit and learn for a year before having him replace Carey at RT next season. Another option is taking a C like Jake Kirkpatrick here in case Richie does not work out at C, but I think Love will prove to be the better player.


6th round

#14- Noel Devine RB/KR/PR

            The thing that frustrated me the most last season was the overall lack of speed all over the field. Putting Noel Devine on the field can certainly help fix that problem. I know that he is similar to Hunter in the respect that they are both undersized. However, I wouldn’t even play him at RB. He would take over all the return duties and add that homerun threat to our special teams we lost when we traded Ginn and his family. Another option at this spot is Da’Rel Scott who is essentially the same player as Devine just a bit bigger (but not as elusive which helps with PR)


7th round

#15- Eddie Jones OLB

            To be honest, I really do not know anything about Jones. All I know is that he has pretty good size and went to Texas (who has recently produced some pretty good pass rushing OLBs). If Jones can develop into anything, we could eventually move Misi inside and trade Crowder.


#16- Brandon Saine RB

            Personally, I do not understand why Saine is ranked so low as a prospect. He has very good size (220 pounds) and speed (4.40). He isn’t very elusive, but he is a good between the tackles runner. When I look at Saine, I see a young Pierre Thomas, just a solid all around football player. In a year or two (when Ricky Williams retires), Brandon Saine can be a very good complement to Kendall Hunter in the running game.


#34- Devon Torrence CB


            Again, I don’t really know much about Torrence, but I do know that you can never have enough depth at CB.

So what do you guys think?

            I know that it may be a bit optimistic, but I think it is very plausible. Also, I know that it is basically all offense which was by design.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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