Why not finish the exodus: And get younger in the process

We began the season with 11 players left from the previous 2 regimes.












Brown,Williams ands Cobbs are free agents. That's 3 down 8 to go. Of the 8 remaining players left 4 are starters(*).

3 out of the 4 could be replaced, because they're aging or often injured.


V.Carey falls into both slots.He'll be 30 by the start of the season and he's battled numerous injuries. He hasn't played well the last couple of years and has never reached his true potential. Carey was drafted to be the starting LT. He played so so and was one of the reason we passed on Ryan and took Long.Maybe we take the best tackle in the draft to replace him. Jerry or Garner might also be able to man the spot.


Y.Bell fit in the aging category. He made 33 last month. Bell also had injury problems,but it looks like he put them behind him. He's a tackling machine and he made the Pro Bowl 2 seasons ago. Last season Bell's age looked like it was catching up with him. He seemed a step slower. As far as replacing Bell I think we already have the players on the roster in Jones or Clemens.


C.Crowder falls into the injury slot. Channing hasn't played an entire season since 06 his 2nd season. Although Crowder doesn't make any game changing plays the defense tends to play better when he's on the field. If Edds is healthy and that's a big if. He might be able to take over for Crowder. Getting injured before the start of the season didn't help his case. He hasn't played 1 snap of football the NFL. He's a  big question mark. I don't think Dobbins played to well last season,but looks like he could be a decent back up. If we bring Crowder back or not I still think we need more depth at the position. in game 2 we had B.Carpenter as the replacement for Crowder.


Whenever thing get back to normal. We could put together a package of Bell and Crowder for some picks or some players we like. What the hell might as well throw in Carey or cut him to save some money.


That's 3 more.


P.Soliai is the final starter of the 4. He's neither injured or aging and he's coming off his best season of his career.The problem with Soliai is we don't know if he was playing for a big contract or if he's finally got it. We couldn't afford to lose Paul because of a lack of depth at the position. We could always use Starks as security,but that would hurt us at DE. T.Mac is not sign and probably wont be. And Oddrick is a question mark. Same as Edds. If we traded back in the 1st round I wouldn't have a problem with taking P.Taylor.


We also have 2 of the best special team players in the league on the list. J.Denney made the Pro Bowl this year and if B.Fields keeps up the good work I could see him going soon. I wouldn't miss with these 2 though. With the addition of DC$$$ we might have the best trio of specialist in the league, Now if we could get a decent return man and the coverage gets better we'd have a top flight Special team.


That leaves 2 more. 

I might keep Allen( a former starter before being injured) 1 more year to help my to young corners progression. He should be excellent at the nickle if healthy. He also has problems with injuries and is also aging. He's 32. I wouldn't take a corner in the draft. I think we have a lot of depth at the position.


Last but not less is Q.Mose. While he probably is the least. Mose doesn't make many plays,but somehow he's made the 53 man roster the last 3 years. I've seen sparks,but he's expendable. The only problem with moving him is the lack of depth at the OLB. If 1 of the top OLB's are one the board it wouldn't be a bad pick.


As good as the defense was I still think it would be better with more depth at NT,ILB AND OLB and maybe the safety position.


Just some thoughts. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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