Back Again

Wow.  What an emotional year for the boys-thinking playoffs early then watching those chances dwindle along with the success of our division foes.  It's been a year since my last post, which include the reccomendations and singinging of WR B. Marshall and Michah Johnson.  My mock draft also included: Mike Williams and L. Blount.   Look at how that turned out for the Bucs.  What apperared to be areas of need last year seem to be similar to those of tis year.  For example-Recieving TE, explosive RB, KR, OLb(pass rusher) and interior OL need depth to say the least.  

With that said-I would love to see this year's scenario look like this.


FA's & or draft

QB-Someone to compete with Henne.  V. Young? or another veteran?

RB-FA -D. Williams, K. Smith.  We should resign Brown and add a solid back giving us a dynamic backfield.

Draft- D. Murray 3rd?

RB. B. Bowell in the 4th or 5th.

WR-Still in search for the "right" fit.  WR's like L.  I'd like a FA like S. Homes or B. Edwards.  I think Plax Buress and his desire to play in S. Florida would make a good match for our offense, especially in the red zone.  L. Hankerson or lesser known names might be the fit we are looking for via the draft.

TE- FA Zach Miller would be an awesome fit and worth the money for Chad Henne & Co.  With other receiving TE's accounted for, Miller is a target the fins must not sleep on. Wesely Saunders from S. Carolina is a guy the phins should target in the mid rounds.  A big, fast receiving TE-with a big charachter question may be a big steal in this years draft.  

OL-Long, Carey(come on man), and Carey(for a few more years) are core pieces of our interior OL.  Still, this unit needs upgrades.  Especially at LG and C.  The resigning of R. Incognitio adds depth.  I strongly suggest the singing of LG R. Gallery. The former massive 1st rd. pick would start at LG and certainly fill a need on this team.  Attention S. Ross: Let's go get some of these guys.  I like the idea of trading down and drafting interior lineman Marquise Pouncey.


There are needs at pass rusher, FS, and interior LB(assuming Crowder is gone-need would be filled if Crowder can return to form when healthy.)


Pass rushing FA's-Maybe M. Kiwanuka or OLB's Ernie Simms-or Manny Lawson benefit this defense.  

FS- By not signing O.J. Atogwe, we  rely on C. Clemmons and R. Jones to make significant progre'tss.  I don't byeleive a late round saftety is the answer.  

ILB- I would love the signin DQwell Jackson.  Laier picks like Kelvin Jackson from LSU would add depth and special teams help.

NT- I'd like to get a FA DT, like John Jolly who might not cost a lot-with his current legal status.


With everything said, I realize Miami wont capitalize on all of these moves- although I lthink as many as s  move=a more successful season. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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