my offseason dolphins mock!

First things first lets hope a brand spanking new cba gets announced before the deadline..which i believe it will. alright folks in this article which i call "my offseason mock" i will talk about our main needs and what we could and should possibly due this offseason. now we already know what our FO as well as coaches want for this team the upcoming season TO BE MORE EXPLOSIVE. well we took a first step in doing that by hiring a new young brashy offensive coordinator in brian daboll he came with some question marks but i believe in the guy. am gonna try to hit the points where we're in most need and hopefully you guys will give me some feedback with what you think.


Aas far as free agency goes i believe there are a few players that we should do whatever it takes to get because these can becom key contributors to our time and i believe they will make a huge difference if obtained.

TE-ZACH MILLER - yes he was tendered by the raiders but once the new cba is done that will more then likely not be the case at all meaning he will be an unrestricted free agent. so why do i think we should get him? simple the guy is explosive he's caught at least 56 passes each of the last three years and is an elite TE in this league. the former 2nd round pick 36th overall to be exact has been extremely productive in his tenure in oakland. anthony fasano is limited when it comes to big plays but whith miller on the other side we could have a dual threat better then the pats have. and remember what david martin did for us while he was hear well miller will do that x10 we need this cat he's gonna really help us in an area of need and playmaking.


RB-DeANGELLO WILLIAMS- well this is a no brainer to be honest we lost both ronnie and rickie to free agency this year but its ok because they were underachieving and both in my opinion lost that playmaking ability. this guy right here is the definition of playmaker. he got hurt last year but before that he was highly productive in a system that used the running game as much as the passing game at carolina. he's still young at 27 years old and has alot more to offer in this game i believe we will make a hard run at him and should because the guys an explosive back and fills a need.


FS-ERIC WEDDLE- ok i have got NO IDEA! how the chargers let this guy go away i really really dont. its absurd he's probably a top 3 safety in this league behind polumalu and reed. the former 2nd round pick and this years 1st team all pro stud is a hard hitting game changing impactful player that can really put the final stamp on what would be without a doubt one of the best and most dominant defenses this upcoming season. and he definatley fills a need.


WR-MIKE SIMS-WALKER- we need a deep threat to take some attention off of brandon marshall next year. this guy definatley has the speed and hands to contribute in a very nice way with bess,marshall, and himself our wr group could be beyond deadly. i passed on braylon edwards because i doubt our f/o will give him a shot sidney rice is more of a no.1 and brad smith is more of a wildcat type of guy/kr  and i feel like were moving away from that. so sims-walker seems like the best bet.


OG- HARVEY DAHL- we took a big step by locking up incognito for the next 3 years he played great at center last year and i believe thas is where he will stay. this guy is gonna do evreything richie could not at center arguably the best o-lineman atlanta had this guy can come in right away and along with long,richie,jerry, and carey make for a deadly o-line that will be amazing and talked about as one of the if not the best in the league solving our o-line issues.





ROUND 1- as you all know we own the 15th overall pick this year so i trully believe that we must trade down to the mid 20's and gain a 2nd round pick.  now with that pick i see us taking.. RB-MARK INGRAM-ALABAMA. i know i know but the fact is this kid is hard working hard running stud that will tag with williams if signed to make a deadly backfield and both of them will be a much better,faster,stronger and more explosive unit then ronnie and ricky.


ROUND 2-  QB CHRISTIAN PONDER-FSU- this kid looked amazing in the draft and has what it takes to succedd. we are definatley going qb somewhere in this draft and when we do i want to be in this round with this qb. now if we address our qb need in the offseason this becomes an offensive lineman but lets just go with this for now.


ROUND 3-WR JERREL JERNIGAN-TROY- alright this guy can be an explosive kr/pr for us that could also be the deep threat that we are looking for. but by getting sims walker i think that he will be more suited for our special teams.


ROUND 4-OG CLINT BOLING-GEORGIA- he will provide some depth for our oline.


ROUND 5-DE/OLB CHRIS CARTER-FRESNO STATE- he's gonna push misi to do better and provide depth.


ROUND 6-OT WILLIE SMITH-EAST CAROLINA- he's gonna provide depth for our o-line.


ROUND 7-OG STEVE SCHILLING-MICHIGAN- another player that will provide depth.




well guys here it is my miami dolphins 0ffseason mock i hope you enjoyed it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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