Things i believe could happen in 2011


Well first of all, id like to start by saying this website is my lifeline to the dolphins since i live in Prattville Al. and there is never any coverage in my area about the fins. So its the phinsider , sentinel, and for me. This is a very interesting site that fills a drastic need for Thanx

All i seem to read know is hype and speculation and i love it. So i wanted to spread some of the hype id love to see happen.

Of course id love to see us trade back like most of you and pick up a second. But thats gonna be tough at 15 without a really good friend in another team and i just dont know if we have that or if the 15th pick is gonna be worth trading up for.So lets just assume we have to pick at 15. I say we go best available lets not confine our pick to 2 or 3 positions lets just draft some awesome athletes.

One player i really like is D.J. Williams out of arkansas id love for us to get a second round pick and use it on him. He is an amazing pass catcher and he can stretch the field vertically thus freeing up The Beast in the  middle of the field. I honestly believe he is gonna be an elite pass catching te.

On to Henne. Start him and watch him soar baby...he is gonna break out in the next two seasons. The man has a cannon but i think he may be just uncomfortable in the offense he had to run last year. Lets see how he does in dabols scheme and then we can tar and feather him if need be but to be fair he needs this next year to prove himself and i think he will.I hope he will.

what about Plaxxico? Before you jump to conclusions just think about it for a second...yeah hes gettin old and they say he may have lost some weight and a step. What was one of our major shortcomings last zone td's. Pick him up for 1 or 2 years filled with incentives and watch him earn his money ala vick. No hes not gonna get you 20 snaps a game but he could get you 10 to 12 and he is a massive target inside the 20. im just sayin............we could use that.

I say let ronnie go and try to sign ricky. maybe the inner pot head in me feels his pain but also i just like his running style better than ronnies especially with our line. Ricky picks a hole and explodes Ronnie picks and stutter steps and tries to be too meticulous. Run Ricky Run...........i love him. Since ronnie is gone he will need a drive to the  airport and i got just the guy.......Channing Crowder goodbye see you later you gotta go! I dont care who fills his spot hopefully somebody with passion.

I like Deangelo Williams to team up with ricky or a good back in the draft if we get lucky. Ingram is fine with me i watched Alabama football all year and barring that injury he is a freak. Shifty quick and strong. He will not be denied on the goal line, and that sounds great to me. but we could get even luckier if we bag his replacement at Alabama next year in Trent Richardson if you aint seen him run you should definately check it out.

I would really just love to see some swagger and passion on the football field this year that way win or loose i will still have fun yelling at the tv this season.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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