Did You Know or Should You Care

Bored? Maybe this will entertain you for 5 minutes or so.  How much do you know about your team?

     The player who caught the most TD passes from Bob Greise was Nat Moore.  He caught 33.

     Don Shula was drafted as a defensive back by the Browns in 1951.

     Through 2010 the Dolphins have scored just 2 overtime TD's.  1986 Dan Marino to Mark Duper and 2007 Cleo Lemon  to Greg Camarillo.

     The famous Hook and Lateral play in 1981 was a pass from Don Strock to Duriel Haris and a pitch to Tony Nathan for the TD.

     The Dolphin Cheerleaders were founded in 1978 and known as the Dolphin Starbrites sponsored by Starbrite car polish.

     The only two players to play in the World Football League and make it to the Hall of Fame are Csonka and Warfield.

     The 2010 Dolphins are one of only five teams to never have drafted a Heisman winner.

     When the Dolphins held their 1st training camp in 1966, it was in a facility next to Sea World.

     The Dolphins were the ninth AFL franchise.

    The Dolphins had the fewest 300 yard passing games in the AFL.  Only 1.

     The 1st AP Comeback Player of the Year award went to Earl Morrall in 1972.  They were also the 1st team to have 2 players win the award, Csonka won it in 1979.

    In the 1999 movie "Any Given Sunday" The scenes showing Dennis Quaide inside his home were actually filmed in Dan Marino's living room.

     Don Strock led the nation in total passing and total offense in the 1972 college football season.

     In 1982 David Woodley had a TD running, passing and receiving.

     Don Strock's 1st head coaching job was with the Miami Hooters in the Arena Football League.

     The Dolphins were the 1st NFL team to lose a game outside the US in 2007 against the Giants in London. In that game Cleo Lemon threw the 1st TD pass outside the US and Ted Ginn caught the 1st TD pass.

     in 1977 Bob Greise was the 1st QB to wear glasses in a game.

     David Woodley had the distinction of succeeding 2 Hall of Fame QB's, Bob Greise and Terry Bradshaw.

     In 1965 a contest was held to name the new team. the finalists were Dolphins, Marauders, Mustangs,Mariners, Missiles, Moons, Sharks and Suns.

     When Miami hired Don Shula away from the Colts, it cost them a 1970 1st round draft pick as a violation of the tampering rules.

     Dan Marino was drafted by the Kansas City royals in 1979.

     Dan Marino was the 1st rookie QB to start the Pro bowl.

     Dan Marino last playoff win was against the Seahawks in 2000 playoffs, it was also his first playoff win on the road.

     The official Dolphin team colors are Aqua, Coral, White and Navy.

     Dan Marino was the 1st overall selection by the USFL in 1983. Selected by the Los Angeles Express.

    Well I hope you enjoyed cramming your head with more useless info.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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