Mock Draft Feb. 2011

Miami's needs: OL, RB, TE, WR, QB

Offensively, Miami couldn't run the ball, which really hampered the passing game.  Though one draft won't cure all, I feel that these picks would help improve the Dolphin's woeful offense.  Defensively, Miami played well.  The DL, LBs and CBs are set (barring injury or off-the-field issues) and a quality S can be acquired through free-agency.

Round 1: C/G Mike Pouncey, Florida (6'4, 313 lbs) - The Dolphins need to solidify the interior offensive line and picking Pouncey in the 1st round will do just that.  Pouncey played against big and fast SEC defenses for his entire career, which leaves him well prepared for the size and speed of the defenses in the AFC east.

Round 2: WR Torrey Smith, Maryland (6'1, 205 lbs) - Torrey Smith is just the type of fast, speedy WR that the Dolphins need, with the added bonus of being a great kick/punt returner.

Round 3: RB Delone Carter, Syracuse (5'9, 226lbs) - Carter is a power back who rushed for 2,000+ yards over the last 2 years behind a below average offensive line.  With their o-line problems in 2010, Carter is just what the Dolphins need to re-establish a a solid running attack.

Round 4: either QB Colin Kaepernick, Nevada (6'5, 225 lbs) or QB Ricky Stanzi, Iowa (6'4, 221 lbs.) - Kaepernick is a QB prospect with great upside.  He has good measurements as a QB, he is a winner (35 - 19 record including 4 bowl appearances) and he can make plays with both his arm and legs (10,000+ yards passing and 4,000+ yards rushing over 4 years).  Meanwhile Stanzi is the more "ready" QB prospect with his size, consistency, instincts, and starting experience in the pro style offense that he ran at Iowa.  He is not as athletic as other quarterbacks in the draft and his arm is not as strong as Kaepernick's, but Stanzi is a winner (26 - 9 record over 3 years) with a great work ethic.

Round 5: TE Jordan Cameron, Southern California (6'5, 245 lbs) - Cameron is a converted wide receiver with good size and speed for a receiving tight end.  He needs to work on his blocking skills, but he should help to provide Henne with an extra target in the passing game.

Round 6: G Justin Boren, Ohio State (6'3, 320 lbs) - Boren lettered as a freshman in 2006, playing 6 games at the guard position for the Wolverines.  He started 13 games at Michigan in 2007 (8 at center and 5 at guard), redshirted 2008 while transferring to Ohio State, and then proceeded to start for Ohio State at the guard position in 2009 and 2010.  Boren is big enough to stand his ground against the large defensive tackles in the AFC East, he has starting experience at center providing versatility and he is a skilled run blocker.  If he doesn't win a starting spot off the bat, Boren will provide good depth on the o-line.

Round 7: RB Alex Green, Hawaii (6'0, 220 lbs) - Green is strong, athletic, explosive and physical.  In the pass-happy "run-and-shoot" offense, Green rushed for 1,000+ yards and 17 TDs in 2010.  Coming out of Hawaii, Green's pass blocking and receiving skills are better than most running backs in the draft.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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