We all know this draft will be heavily if not exclusively focused on offense. We all know the needs. We just have it prioritize differently. For Me I think QB is the number priority. Henne's career has been up and down. In that order. Some hold out hope for the guy. I don't. The coaching he's received has messed up his mind. He plays way to safe to carry us anywhere. It was a mixture of poor coaching, play calling, limited playmakers and limited (new word) QBness(leadership etc etc) that did him in. Who knows if he can recover, and/or if Daboll can save him. No one can say for sure. Even if Henne turns the page, having more than one good young QB isn't a bad thing. As we look to the draft the best prospect for round one is.......*Click player names if linked for videos*

Round 1 Cam Newton    video 2

He is risky and I've been back and forth 1000 times. Trust me I've argue against getting him. But I've come to the conclusion he is worth it. The biggest risk IMO is Tony Sparano trying to micro manage him. But that goes with every QB acquired under Sparano. We need a cocky QB to play for Sparano. That's what this guy is. There is a lot to like about Newton. He fits the mold of this new age QB. Big, strong, big arm, athletic, leader, and accurate. There's not much to not like.  He threw 66% completion ratio his senior year. That is a great number. Anything over 60% is good. He is accurate with ball placement short, medium, and long. As pointed by Nicky (one of our resident coaches) he has a good throwing motion. It's tight fast and the ball comes out high. Some say Newton has to stop the flick in the wrist. No he doesn't. His accuracy is good, so there is no reason to change the motion. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I hope our coaching staff would abide by this. What Nicky and others point out is that he needs to work on his foot work. And it should be noted it has been getting better. So he's coachable. Newton also needs to learn to slide. I'm all for a tough guy. But in this league it's about longevity at the QB position. He is by far the best QB in this draft and playmaker. If we get an opportunity to make a play for him we must do it. Being scared to pick a QB in the first round is weak. Look at where it has gotten us. I would even like to see us move up and get ahead of the Vikings if he's still on the board. That will send a clear message. How do we do that? I'll leave that up to Ireland. We may get lucky and he might fall. Depending on teams ahead of us views of him. But, hopefully the CBA gets done before the draft. It will really help us out.

We wont have a round 2 pick in this scenario. "But Ireland said we will get a second" He lies. (a good thing)

Round 3 John Moffitt Guard. We know our interior line was in shambles last year and we must get it fixed. I have Incognito moving to center. So I have us taking two guards. Moffitt looked great at the senior bowl. He is powerful at the point of attack and will dominate his man. A possible weakness is his movement in space. But Regardless, he is day one starting material.

Round 4 Clint Boling Guard. Well rounded. He Also played at the Senior Bowl. He is technically sound. He's not great at anything but he's a sloid well rounded player and a day one starter.

Round 5 WR Cecil Shorts III, He is the fast mid-round, small school WR we are looking for. 190 lbs 6'0"

Round 6 RB Derrick Locke A small speedy back. If he does indeed run a 4.2 like the video says he will go higher. But if he is 4.3 he will be great value at round 6 which is his projection for now.

Round 7 RB Allen Bradford A powerful bruiser with decent speed. I like his style. He will fill in nicely for Rickey/Ronnie

I know I don't have a receiving TE. Fasano is good enough if we can get the box unstacked. Also all the receiving TE's in this class carry high grades that I know of. So I doubt we get one with other pressing needs.These picks will give us a whole new look to our offense if they pan out. It will be very exciting to watch. So I hope we do something similar to this. By similar I don't mean exact players. More like I hope we get players that could fill these position and have similar skills.

Be sure to check out the videos if you didn't.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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