Old Fashioned Blowout

It has been a few years since we have seen a blowout in the SB, that has been good for the SB, closer means better, even if the play isn't great if the game is close it's more exciting, but I think we are going to see one of those blowouts we used to see so often in the SB, that was when the NFC was dominant.

It's funny to think back but you used to expect a blowout, and during the NFC dominance they usually didn't disappoint, everyone kicking the Bills around, and the Broncos, awful performances by the Pats and Chargers sprinkled in, the AFC was getting embarrassed in most SB's back then, well after not having one in a while I'm expecting an old fashioned blowout this year, 20+ points.

This time I think the AFC will be on the victorious side though, I don't give GB much of a chance at all in this game, in fact the only way I think they can win is by Steelers mistakes, plural, it will take multiple mistakes by the Steelers, not just one or two.

My reasons are simple, and I'll list them below;

  • The Steelers are just plain and simple a better team, this is of course my opinion, but that is my opinion that they are just a better team, I'd rather have Ben over Rodgers, as good as Rodgers is, Ben is truly unique, Steelers ground game is better, and the Steelers D is just sick, no team has been able to sustain drives against them, maybe if they're lucky and good, one, they just don't allow running, 60 something yards a game, historical, stupid good, teams are forced to throw it and to no avail, when they play their A game they are impossible to drive the field against.
  • AFC battle tested, the Steelers had to come through the tough hardnosed elite NFL teams, otherwise known as the AFC, regular season and more importantly playoffs, while GB has had the luxury of being in the soft uncertain NFC, the whole year the NFC was a calamity, teams look great one week and suck the next, I wonder what GBs record would be if they played in the AFC east or north.
  • The Jet comeback, a lot has been made about the Jet comeback, and if they had played like that earlier, but imo it was the Steelers taking their foot off the gas more than anything, it's natural, when you are destroying the other team the way they were, but...... I'll bet it was a little to close for comfort, and they will not want to take any chances in the SB, so I think they will not let up in this game because of how fresh in their mind the AFC championship game is.
  • SB experience, this is one of the most crucial pieces to this puzzle, the Steelers are weighted down with rings,that makes a big difference, and many of these guys have two rings, while the nerves will be affecting GB they won't be affecting the Steelers. While GB is trying to get their "sea legs", the Steelers are going to slug them in the mouth, multiple times, and they will be swinging for the fences and by the time GB has their legs under them they will already be in an almost insurmountable hole, then the D pins their ears back.....


I must say that the Steelers are my second team, but I feel like certain things have happened that almost force the situation in a matter of speaking, I don't think that GB is ready for the SB and I definitely don't think they are ready for the Steelers who are a really good team.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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