My Live Mock Draft at Mocking the Draft.

I did a live 5-round Mock draft at Mocking the draft. No trades were allowed and I repped the Dolphins.



With The 15th pick of the 2011 Draft, The Miami Dolphins draft Gabe Carimi, OT, out of Wisconsin.


Other possible picks: Ingram, Newton,  Pouncey, Solder, Torrey Smith


It was a coin lip between Pouncey and Carimi, really. I see a lot of JL in Carimi and Pouncey will be a great LG. I think it will be easier to find a very good OG later in the draft than a great RT. Carey consistently gets beat by speed rushers when they can pin their ears back, hampering the offense’s ability to run the two minute drill. He also can’t stay healthy.


With The 79th pick of the 2011 draft, The Miami Dolphins draft Colin Kaepernick, QB out of Nevada.


Other possible picks: Devlin, Lance Kendricks, D.J. Williams, Vereen, Cobb, O'Dowd, KirkPatrick


CK is too valuable here, he will need time to fix his mechanics. With the first two picks I got a bookend RT and now we have two young, promising QBs. He could come into TC this season and really challenge Henne for the starting spot. Kaepernick is a great pick at this spot, IMO, he could very easily be a very good starter, as he is compared to Rodgers. This hedges our bets in case Henne fails and we have to draft Luck, Barkley, or Jones.


With The 110th pick of the 2011 draft, The Miami Dolhins draft D.J. Williams, TE out of Arkansas.


Other possible picks: Kirkpatrick, Andrew Jackson, Carmicheal, Rackley, Cobb, Kendall Hunter.


For the past two seasons athletic TEs have shredded our defense, now we will have our own to terrorize Defenses! This will give us a TE to go across from Fasano. This guy is athletic and a much better pass catcher than Fasano. He also possesses the speed to strecth the deep middle, meaning the opposing defense can't just sit in a cover 2 or have 2 deep safeties, he will beat a LBer deep.



With the 143rd pick of the 2012 draft, the Miami Dolphins pick Rashad Carmichael, CB out of Virginia Tech.


Other possible picks: Mike Mohamed, Andrew Jackson, Kendall Hunter 


With no good LGs left in the draft, any RG or RT I would draft would be depth. I tried to pick a play making CB, because that is sorely lacking. We have plenty of good CBs, but not a guy that has a nose for the INT. This is a very talented guy that could do very well in our scheme. The other picks will probably be interior line depth. Mario Mohamed would be a good sixth rounder, though, if he lasts.

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