2011 QB Draft Grades After Round 1

So we have heard alot about Gabbert, Newton, Locker and Mallet. However some also believe they may go before we pick or we may trade down away from one of those four to acquire our #2. So what i've decided to do (sorry if its been done) is put together a post regarding all of the prospects OUTSIDE of #1. I know alot of people love Ponder, Kaepernick, and Dalton they will be in this list.

Christian Ponder: He is 6'2 222lbs projected to go 1-2 rounds. I put him in here because he would be available and is probable to at this time go outside of round 1.  He's a highly intelligent quarterback who in four years has earned his Masters in Fianace and working on his doctorate. He was also a "team captain" which this regime seems to love in players. Takes great control of the huddle. His arm strength isn't elite by a while he has had 2 surgeries on his throwing shoulder and has missed games due to injury in 2009-2010. However his timing and great accuracy make up for the lack of a elite arm for the deep-out routes. He is also a very mobile quarter back with great vision and agility to escape the pocket and scramble to keep a play alive. Has a great pump fake and a nice quick setup that is very compact with a over the top delivery mechanics are awesome. He does however take sacks because he cannot feel the pressure coming when going through his progressions. He also on some of the deeper passes makes his receiver adjust and tends to try and force the ball there which makes the ball float and can cause turnovers. In the two years he was the starting qb he threw for over 2000 yards both seasons only in those two seasons had 29 ints (22 of those in 2009-2010) and 43 touchdowns. In both of those years his rating was well above 100 and was 147.7 in 2008-2009 and 130.5 in 2009-2010. He also ran in those two years for over 602 yards with 6 touchdowns. He did win the senior bowl MVP award... however as many pointed out already doens't seem to mean to much. Plays with alot of enthusiasm and heart something alot of fans on here would love to see alot more of. My take- I am deffinently a big fan of drafting Christian Ponder.

Colin Kaepernick is a very intriguing prospect this guy is 6'5 225lbs but has very good mobile abilities for his size. He is the ONLY PLAYER in NCAA history with 4,000 plus rushing yards and 10,000 plus passing yards and he also has atleast 20 touchdowns doing both. Has alot of upside and all the right intagibles are there to be a good nfl quarterback. He was a three year starter at a smaller school so didn't play superior competition all the time. However as well know that doesn't ness. mean anything (see Big Ben and Joe Flacco) Has tremendous speed on the ball and also throws very accurately while on the move. Extremely fast and agille with great ability to escape the pocket. He is a very tall qb and would be able to see over the line and down the field very well however is very thin and would need to put on some weight. He comes from a non-pro system that is notorious for putting up huge college #'s. Also was a team leader but the most eye popping stat is in three years that he was the QB for this team he only threw 16 int. and only threw 6 this past season and that's while putting up over 7,000 passing yards and 61 touchdowns. His overally QB rating was 139.3 and it was never under 132.1. When he played in the senior bowl he did throw for 4-9 for 53 yards with two of those passes being drops. He also ran 4 times for 9 yards. My Take- Played at a small school and didn't play his best in the big games. A little weary that he has to change his throwing motion and played ina "college" friendly system. However I would take him in the late 3rd or 4th.

Andy Dalton is the smallest of the quaterbacks i'll be reviewing stands all of 6'2 213lbs. Anoter guy who came from a college friendly product. It was the spread offence and he must learn how to read defenses from a drop back standpoint. To his credit at the senior bowl practice he was able to drop back scan the field and make accurate throws. He did play in four bowl games during his carreer and won three MVP awards in those four contests. Has great zip and also has a over-the-top delivery. Can throw very accurately within 15yards also throws to the opposite side of the field with great accuracy. Doesn't have elite agility as the previous qb's however has enough to escape the pocket and has average-adequate throwing on the run and of course throws better when running to his right.  He does have the tendancy to throw off his back foot and senior bowl coaches were waery on him throwing deep passes. Didn't throw alot of those at TCU as it was alot of screen-slants-flats throws. Threw for over 7,000 yards in three years and had 24int to 44td's. QB rating average over those years were 132.5 and as mentioned before played his best football in the big games. My Take- To much of a project for this team to take on. He does have a good release but not alot of power can't throw a deep ball and has tendacies to get flustered in the pocket. I would pass on Andy Dalton as a QB in this draft.

Pat Devlin is a name that's been thrown around this site however not a huge name outside of true football fans. He is a big guy 6'4 227lbs and is often times compared alot to Joe Flacco. He had a bad east-west shrine game which has really hurt his stock but what gets me excited about the guy is he was recruited by Penn St. Not a big QB name NCAA school but a big name school. He only left b/c of playing time and was a top ranked qb out of high school. He was staggering as a senior completing an amazing 261 of 384 passes for over 3,000 yards and 22 touchdowns with just three picks. YES THREE. Also led the nation in pass completion with a 68% rating and ranked #5 in passing rating with a total of 151.64. Has great touch accuracy and trajectory on fade routes to the end zone. Has a no float deep ball and has a quick release with his over-the-top delivery. Sets his feet and unloads the ball quickly while keeping his eyes downfield whether inside or outside the pocket. Things that do send red flags to me is did play in the a spread offense and wasn't asked to throw in tight windows playing against non bcs talent. Has problems reading the entire field and tends to see one side of the field. Will have a tougher time than others adjusting to the speed of NFL defenses. Has played some under center but primarily played out of teh shotgun. My Take- If  we are drating a qb this guy is sitting there in the 4th scoop him up. We lose nothing by drafting this kid that late.

Ricky Stanzi has alot of starting experience at a big time school and stands 6'4 221lbs and set records while at Iowa. According to notes from the senior bowl he played alot like locker over threw players and also underthrew them however stood big and tall in the pocket and deliever a tight ball. During the senior bowl he awwed quite a few with a great throw and awesome showed great leadership while claling the team together for a chat during the game. The good thing about this kid is he has played in a pro-style system and has a big time arm. He is another intelligent quaterback with a high football IQ. He does know how to manage the game and understands the mechanics of a quaterback. Has alot of experience under the center however doesn't have alot of upside. Tends to make questionable throws and doesn't have the speed to make plays with his feet. He was one of seven senior to be named to the 2010 leadership group and was also one of four in 2009. He only lost 9 football games while at Iowa as a starting quaterback. My Take- His inconsistent throwing in college worries me he threw almost as many int. as td's. I believe he could be coached but if Devlin were still on board in 4th i'd pass. 4th-5th rounder for me.

Greg McElroy Mr. Almost Perfect as a quarterback. He stands at 6'2 and is 222lbs and has won a TON of football games. Including a National Championship and posting a undefeated record. If used to taking the ball from under center and played at a NFL ready offense however doesn't have a great throwing motion and will possibly need to be fixed. Doesn't have a cannon for a arm but has enough to make most NFL rhtorws. He's not a very fast or mobile qb but doesn't make the big mistake and has played great in the big games. Has great touch on the deeper throws and can also make the intermediate throws. Has been a leader on his football team since he was born. Alot of people believe he may have benefited more than others from superior talent on last years squad. Doesn't have eye popping #'s but has 1 great # and that's low interception #'s From 2008-2010 he only threw a total of 5 picks. Has had a fast receiver and great defense to benefit but plays his best football under the spotlight. My Take- Would take over stanzi and would deff take as projected in 5th.

So my list would go:
1. Christin Ponder

2. Colin Kaepernick

3. Pat Devlin

4. Gret McElroy

5. Ricky Stanzi

6. Andy Dalton

 If there are alot of hits I'll also do a RB and OLine as well.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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