Vince's Views- Chad Henne is the unluckiest QB in the NFL

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of "Vince's Views". It is the time of the year when it's hard to even watch SportsCenter with all of the college basketball getting in the way. NFL Network, my usual escape from nightly matches between Northern Iowa and Akron U, is broadcasting reruns of "Top 10" shows. With that being said, ThePhinsider is one of the only places left!

I titled my post "Chad Henne is the unluckiest qb..." after I read an interesting article on ESPN Insider. Basically, Sean McCormack states that Chad Henne unfairly got a bad rap. He backs his statement up with an interesting statistic: interceptions dropped.

At Football Outsiders, one of the statistics that our game charters compile is the number of times a quarterback threw an interception that the defender dropped. Although there are still a handful of games uncharted, our numbers currently have Sanchez leading the league with 15 dropped interceptions; no other quarterback has more than eight. So although Sanchez seemingly improved by cutting his interceptions down to 13, the reality is that he threw 15 other passes that easily could have been picked had defenders held on to the ball. The argument for Sanchez's improvement was largely based on the idea that he was playing smarter and limiting his turnovers, but the only thing that Sanchez really improved was his luck.

I found this interesting. Basically, the Jets made the AFC Title game with a quarterback who was less than average. Yes, he made some great plays at the end of some great games. But he also made a lot of mistakes, and had a ton of lucky breaks.

Who was the unluckiest quarterback this past season? Henne. He threw 19 interceptions on the season but had only one dropped interception. That won't happen again. Henne remains a talented player, and the odds of his experiencing a rebound next season are pretty good. Before GM Jeff Ireland decides to blow a first-round pick on Jake Locker or Cam Newton, he may want to consider investing in more linemen and receivers to help out the guy who is already on the roster.

This amazed me. Basically, every single time Chad Henne put the ball near a defender, the defender caught the ball. This is a mind boggling fact, considering that every defender Chad Henne threw to was not Ed Reed. Even more interesting is to combine this fact with the fact that Brandon Marshall, Brian Hartline and many others constantly tipped passes into defenders' hands and fell down on routes, leaving defenders wide open to catch an interception.

And there's more. Remember all those times Henne was pulled from the game due to the Wildcat? How about his midseason benching? This guy had to put up with so much bullsh-t this year that it's a wonder he's not bearded on the side of the road somewhere holding a half empty carton of milk saying "It's so hot out. Milk was a bad choice!". When I read some of the stats I mentioned in this post, I came to one conclusion:

Chad Henne desparately deserves not only another shot, but a strong endorsement from the coaching staff. He truly had a year from hell.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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