PotM's Offseason Wishlist

There are essentially three stages to any offseason:

1) Re-signing current players

2) Signing Free Agents

3) Drafting and Re-signing Rookies.

Any team that wishes to be successful must use a mixture of these stages otherwise they will not be able to keep up with all of the holes that are created because of various reasons ranging from retirement, aging, losing a FA and drafting busts.

1. Re-signing

Paul Soliai - Nose Tackle - 6' 4" - 355 lbs. - 28 years old

We need to give this man a 4 to 5 year contract worth between $45-55 million. This needs to be done quickly so we can focus on adding talent to our team. This is almost as much as he is getting paid this season, so he won't be getting a pay raise, but instead insurance that he will be paid.

Kendall Langford - Defensive End / Tackle - 6' 6" - 295 lbs. - 25 years old

Langford is comming off of a down year where he only recorded half as many tackles as in previous year and recorded absolutely zero sacks. Still, the man brings good depth to a good, young DL. We should sign him to a 3 year $7 million contract.

2. Free Agency

Jim Leonhard - Strong Safety - 5' 8" - 188 lbs. - 29 years old


Leonhard is a good, but not great safety. He is much better in coverage than Bell, though. I think the Jets Defense does not lend itself to having productive Safeties, and as such I think he will be much more productive here. He will provide excellent veteran competition for Jones as he transitions to the SS spot. I would sign him to a 4 year $16 million dollar contract, which is double what he makes now. Leonhard also returns Punts.

Jake Scott - Offensive Guard - 6' 5" - 295 lbs. - 30 years old


Scott will fill the need for a pulling Guard and will not cost an arm and a leg to get. We should be able to sign him to a 3 year 15 million dollar contract.

Pierre Garcon - Wide Receiver - 6' 0" - 210 lbs. - 25 years old


With the departure of Marshall, we need a WR to replace him. Garcon will be a fine addition as Miami tries to continue to have a fine WR stable. Garcon has big play ability and has played well this season if you consider that Peyton Manning is out with an injury. Garcon has improved each season he has been in the league and will be looking for a nicely sized contract. We should sign him to a 5 year $25-30 million contract with $12-13 million guaranteed.

3. The Draft

Trade Alert! The Browns and Dolphins swap 1st Round Picks and the Browns receive Brandon Marshall in compensation. This move makes sense because the Browns have a young QB who has no one to throw to. Adding Marshall will allow the Browns to focus on other needs and acquire a #1 WR.

With the 5th overall pick, the Dolphins select Robert Griffin III, QB out of Baylor!


Reason: Griffin has all of the tools to be a successful QB. He possesses amazing accuracy along with a strong arm. This prospect has a very high ceiling and I think is just what we need in a rookie QB. Of note is that he can escape the pocket due to his tremendous athletic ability.

With the 40th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Dolphins select Vinny Curry, Rush Linebacker out of Marshall.


Vince Curry a.k.a. "Vinny" is a monster along the defensive front. He uses his athletic ability and explosiveness to disrupt run plays and get to the QB. #99 has all of the skills to bring your memories of JT to life. Wake will have to move to the strongside in order to ease Vinny's transition to a 34 D. Wake will not hve much problem doing this as he plays SOLB quite well. Having sack masters on both sides of a QB allows the DC to get creative with blitzing, especially with our athletic ILBs. The only way to stop a high-powered Offense like the Pat's is to get to the QB and create turnovers. This will allow us to get in the QB's face more often and will create the situation for balls to be forced into good coverage. As long as Davis and Smith can catch the balls thrown at them, our D will be in much better shape.

With the 72nd pick of the draft the Dolphins select Ryan Swope, Wide Receiver out of Texas A&M


Swope emerged as Ryan Tannehill's go to guy this season and for good reason.Swope is a former HS RB that has transitioned well to the WR position. As would be suspected, Swope has excellent explosiveness in the open field and is known for his yards after the catch. Swope is quick in and out of his breaks and has good hands. He also has legit deep speed, making him a well rounded WR that can hurt Ds in different ways.

With the 104th pick of the 2012 draft the Dolphins select Cordarro Law, Rush Linebacker out of Southern Miss


This prospect had a very productive senior year and is the best player available. He has tremendous upside and could be a steal in the 4th. He would also provide depth as a pass rusher, because we have no one behind Curry and Wake. Law could prove to be Wake's replacement or could just provide good depth at the outside linebacker position.

Trade Alert! Dolphins trade Bell and a 7th rounder to trade back into the 5th.

In the 5th round of the 2012 Draft,the Dolphins select Josh Oglesby, Offensive Tackle out of Wisconsin

Oglesby looks to provide solid depth at the Offensive Tackle position. Oglesby has played very well his senior season and has had numerous great games against his toughest competition. This guy is a very good project player that can provide depth from day one.

Important Position Battles

Right Tackle: John Jerry vs. Lyndon Murtha vs. Josh Oglesby

I have faith that whoever wins this battle will be more than adequately fill the Right Tackle spot for the next 10 years. I threw in Oglesby not because I think he will win this battle, but because he will come in as a RT.

Free Safety: Chris Clemons vs. Reshad Jones

The second year in a row that these two will go head to head for this position.

Strong Safety: Jim Leonhard vs. Reshad Jones

Leonhard is an above average Strong Safety himself, so if Jones wins this battle he will be very good.

Feel free to leave comments below. Rec's are very much appreciated.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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