Thoughts on Moore, and More

I think the last game against NE showed us all exactly what Moore will bring. He did take chances down the field (unlike Henne), which has been a breath of fresh air. He dropped in some good deep throws, but also had some pretty horrible misses downfield (thinking the Hartline interception and other underthrow to Hartline when he beat Mccourty by 4 steps). He made a few great intermediate throws, like sticking it to Marshall for the TD, and the beautiful TD pass to Bess in the end. I think this goes to show that he has just been pretty inconsistent. Which is a trait I'd rather my Qb of the future NOT to have. Thanks for highlighting the importance of consistency these past few years, Mr. Henne.

But what tells me most about Moore and his future with the Fins or lack thereof, were some of the absolutely ABYSMAL misses he had on short, EASY third down passes. I can think of two specifically to Bess where if he just puts the pass on him they are easy jaunts for first downs. Those plays keep drives alive. Those plays keep the other team's offense off the field. You MUST make those completions. Elite Qbs complete those passes in their sleep: Brady torched us in the second half by being extremely accurate within 10 yards, allowing his receivers to run after the catch then completing the occasional over the top pass to keep us honest). Good Qbs (Matt Ryans of the world) rarely miss those passes. Your utterly average Qbs (which, make no mistaker about it, Moore is) complete those passes a majority of the time, but they can never be counted on to make them consistently and in the clutch, and don't always put the ball where it needs to be for the receiver to have a shot at making something happen after the catch.

Short passes are the ones that keep drives alive. Possessing the football is the most important statistic in football: the more you have the ball, the more your chances are of scoring points. The more you have the ball, the less the other team has the ball, and thus (amazingly) the less chance they have to score the points. In the brilliant words of John Madden: the team that wins the game usually has more points than the other team.

Draft Conundrum

First and foremost,I think we all better pray that STL winds up with the first pick. Manning's day's are numbered, and his cap number is astronomical. Who in their right mind would allot nearly 1/4 of their cap space to a guy who is a free blitzer away from being done, with no backup plan to be spoken of?

But in any event, I think we do have the best chance, among all our other cohorts mired in mediocrity to trade up to #1 or #2 for Luck or RGIII, simply because we have the best/most assests to move into those positions. Let's say STL winds up with the first pick (fingers crossed, my wooden xylophone damaged), their two biggest needs are LT and WR. Lo and behold: we have a great LT and WR. And make no mistake about it, if Kolb can command an ascending CB and a 2nd rounder. Luck's rights would certainly demand AT LEAST one of the two.

You may consider it sacrilege to suggest such a proposition, but hear me out. First, I think it is pretty pointless to have a franchise LT who isn't protecting a franchise QB, and an Alpha receiver who doesn't have a counterpart who can consistently feed him the ball. Second, Long and Marshall account for about 20+ million against our cap number (about 1/6 of it), Long may be worth his price, but Marshall, given his penchant for dropping passes is not even close to being worth the 10 mil/ year that he is getting. getting those guys off the books would easily allows us to sign very good FAs to fill both holes, with money left to spare. Third, given Long's extensive and startling injury history, his days at LT are numbered. I don't think Long's value will ever be any higher than it is right now, biceps injury and all, so I wouldn't mind cashing out now while he still has some value. Fourth, I think Marshall was overpaid from the beginning, I wouldn't mind starting over on that front (clearing his contract from the books) and using him as a stepping stone to a franchise QB. I know it may seem like I'm glossing over filling the holes that would be left by losing Marshall and Long, but remember, Miami is one of the top FA destinations for obvious reasons, and given our new-found cap space, paying replacements wouldn't be a huge issue. The FA market for WRs this year is loaded, and the draft is loaded with OTs.

Thanks for reading! What do you all think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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