Free Agent QB's for 2012

Drew Brees (NO) – No real chance we get Brees to sign with the Dolphins no matter how much money I really think he is still bitter by us not signing him when we should have.

Matt Flynn (GB) – Has been behind Aaron Rogers much like Rogers was behind Favre, so in that he could be the next Rogers, he has looked good when he has played but I still think he would be a gamble to bring in as the starter but would be someone to bring in to compete for the job.

Alex Smith (SF) – This is one of my picks for us to sign, he has played great this year if not the best of his career, and he has all the tools for the job and has been starter for several years.

Kyle Orton (DEN) – Somehow Orton always wins a starting job when you never think he will, he is very inconsistent which is exact ally what this team doesn’t need.

Jason Campbell (OAK) – Campbell is a mystery to me he is up and down but I think he has a chance to make an impact on this team if signed, he has speed and he can throw the ball with good strength, he may be the QB that this team goes after.

Donovan McNabb (MIN) – Best days are way way behind him he will not be in the league I really feel that he should retire, he had his moments but he just has nothing left in the tank.

The Rest:

Chris Redman (ATL) Derek Anderson (CAR)
Shaun Hill (DET) Drew Stanton (DET)
Brady Quinn (DEN) David Garrard (FA)
Luke McCown (JAC) Chad Henne (MIA)
Sage Rosenfels (MIA) David Carr (NYG)
Mark Brunell (NYJ) Kevin O'Connell (NYJ)
Kyle Boller (OAK) Vince Young (PHI)
Charlie Batch (PIT) Dennis Dixon (PIT)
Byron Leftwich (PIT) Charlie Whitehurst (SEA)
A.J. Feeley (STL) Josh Johnson (TB)
Rex Grossman (WAS) Richard Bartel (ARZ) - Restricted
Max Hall (ARZ) - Exclusive Rights
Tyler Palko (KC) - Restricted
Brian Hoyer (NE) - Restricted
Chase Daniel (NO) - Restricted

My money is to bring in Alex Smith I think he has the tools and the experience to lead the team and also mentor a young QB that we may draft. Would love to see Brees in a dolphins uniform but I really don't see that happening, he is happy with where he is and if the don't get a deal done they will franchise tag him so I really think he is out of the question, Campbell I think will be the wildcard in all this cause I think he will be the cheapest to get and this front office has spent money in all areas other than the QB position so I really don't know if they will go out and really try to get a elite QB

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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