Where are we going?!.. with the ball that is.

I Wanted to take a look see at how Matt Moore distributed the ball over the year, and compare it to some of the other quarterbacks. I've heard it through the grapevine that we should upgrage our No. 2 receiver which i strongly disagreed with. If your looking at the box score every week, yeah, it looks like BH82 isn't getting the receiving stats we would like for him to have. But the guy catches just about every catchable ball that comes his way. Most of the time in dramatic fashion. He has made some of the most beautiful catches stretching along the sideline, staying in bounds, and demonstrating excellent awareness. I also began to think, some other teams don't have No. 2s that are putting up huge numbers and thought I'd spend some time looking at it, and sharing some results:

I Randomly chose a handful of teams and looked at how many completions were made by the WRs, TEs, and RBs. As you can imagine, the results very quite a bit, and it doesnt take into consideration where the receiver was lined up, down n distance and so forth. So here's what I found.

Joe Flacco - 297 comp. 34.9 att/g

WR - 110 (37%)

TE - 87 (29%)

RB - 100 (34%)

Flacco had the lowest percentage going to his WRs of the QBs I looked at sitting only at 37%. His favorite target is Ray Rice who has 74 rec. on the year. However, when he does throw to the WRs, his outside receivers (Anquan Boldin, and Torry Smith) account for 93% of those receptions. So this would lead me to believe that when he's throwing shorter passes, they are more to the TEs and RBs. Also his 6.7avg. tells me he dumps the ball off a lot.

Drew Brees - 440 comp. 41 att/g

WR - 193 (44%)

TE - 99 (22.5%)

RB - 148 (33.5%)

Drew has very balanced, solid numbers as one would hope of the guy to break the single season passing record that has stood for 27 years. With Gresham having 91 receptions so far this season, you'd think TEs would have a larger percentage, but Sproles has just 10 fewer, among other backs that catch the ball from the backfield. Of the WRs, Colston and Moore make up for 125 of the 193 receptions. or 64% (28% of total completions)

Tom Brady - 378 comp. 38.4 att/g

WR - 189 (50%)

TE - 154 (41%)

RB - 34 (9%)

The devil doesn't really surprise me here, what surprised me was that Deon Branch actually has 51 receptions this season. Of the receptions by the receivers, only 34% of which were made by the guys on the outside, or not named Wes Welker. In fact, of his total completions, only 17% were received by those guys. Meanwhile? the other 3 receivers have gotten the ball over 70% of the time!!.. No.2 receiver - 15 receptions on the YEAR

Cam Newton - 295 comp. 32.8 att/g

WR - 153 (52%)

TE - 82 (28%)

RB - 60 (20%)

Cam has come out with a solid rookie campaign so good for him, I didn't think he'd light it up the way he has. Props to his coaches for finding the best way to exploit his talents. When Cam is throwing it to his WRs, the guys on the outside get it close to 80% of the time tho, mostly Steve Smith who tallies 73 of the receptions. The Panthers WR numbers closely reflect those of the Dolphins WR, in that there's 1 alpha receiver who gets close to 50% of the receptions, and 2 other receivers. Only difference is instead of the slot guy getting more receptions, the No.2 receiver does.

(Panthers this year also rank in the top 5 of Points(5th), Total yrds(4th), and Rush yrds(3rd).. Pass yrds rank 11th)

Jay Cutler - 164 comp. 31.4 att/g

WR - 100 (64%)

TE - 14 (8%)

RB - 51 (31%)

These figures arent counting his 18 completions in week 11 when he got injured. I wanted to highlight Jay cause his numbers looked comparable to v. Matt Moores, in terms completions (182 v 189) comp % (just under 60%) TD/int ratio (13/7 v 15/7) and Avg. (7.4 v 7.5) respectively. As you can tell, he doesnt use his TEs hardly at all, and of his WRs, he throws it to those outside guys about 43% of the time. He spreads the ball around to his receivers fairly equally, 3 of the most targeted are within 4 receptions of one another.

Matt Moore - 189 comp. 26.3 att/g

WR - 115 (61%)

TE - 34 (18%)

RB - 40 (21%)

Matti Moore here is definitely on the run first team, getting only 26.3 att/g!! which is at the bottom of the league lol. Marshall (congrats to his trip to hawaii btw) obviously being his favorite target, gets the bulk of the receptions at about 60. Of the WRs, BM has 50% of the receptions, add BH's 18% of receptions by WRs and you get the 68% of receptions by our guys on the outside. True, Hartline's numbers are down from last year, but so are everyone else's. At this point in the season, Bess was sitting at 76 receptions, as opposed to 45 this year, but are we asking for a new slot receiver? Didnt think so...

In conclusion: ok, so if you made it this far your probably sayin, ok- so? what does all this mean, its pretty random stats and doesnt paint the whole picture. True, but the thing is, we have a new OC this year, so players are gonna be put in different roles as their stats will reflect that. Also, Moore seems to spread the ball nicely when given the chance, and makes big plays. He hasn't been making many errant throws, and has twice as many TDs than INTs which is really nice to see definitely an upgrade compared to what Henne was doing over the past seasons under center. ok thats all..

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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