A Phinsider Discussion on Brian Daboll.

As another disappointing Dolphins Season winds down, we find ourselves asking many questions, such as:

Who will our next HC be?

Will Ireland get axed afterall?

What wil this team do in Free Agency?

Who will this team draft in April?

Will we trade up for RGIII/Luck? Will we trade down? Will we stay put? Will a QB's stock rise? Will a QB fall to us?

Is Matt Moore the Answer(probably not)

Will The Heat beat Dallas on Sunday?(Yes)

Will the Marlins make the playoffs(Yes)

Will the Panthers continue to kick some ass(well its a SFL team so they are bound to dissapoint at some juncture....)

Will Nick Saban die of Dysentery during the National Championchip game? Okay thats a trick question: Nick Saban's GI tract was removed to make more room for his dickishness.

But we still have two more games to play, 2 more games against our most hated rivals. Both will be close and hard fought, However I only think we come away winning one of them: The last game against the Jets.

How great would it be see the Jets lose on Christmas, and then it would be up to us to knock them out of the playoffs entirely? It would be the highlight of the year. Because eff the Jets.

But enough about "what could be". I think we have a large enough sample size to evalaute Brian Daboll's performance as our OC. Odds are that a new HC will bring in his own Offensive Coordinator. However I feel that Daboll has done a decent job. After initially struggling to find ways to use Reggie Bush, we have seen what Bush is truly capable of. Reggie is having his best career year and may end getting 1,200 yards rushing this year.

More importantly, it seems that Brian Daboll played a big part in Chad Henne's improvement earlier this year.

Put down the torches and pitchforks, yes Henne did show improvement in his game but it was not enough to turn him into "the guy".

He also seems to have developed Matt Moore quite nicely, Moore has been quietly been putting together an efficient season. He has not been lighting it p yardage wise, but he is managing the game well, I guess you can say his play has been Chad Pennington like. I do like that he is more willing to go down the field,at the same time he fails to see the whole field. He has missed players that were completely left alone.

Daboll himself has noticed improvements in Moore's game, and Moore has nothing but praise for Daboll.

Intrestingly enough, Moore mentions how Daboll's previous work as a DBs coach has helped Moore understand coverages better. And I believe Chad Pennington said something similiar once Daboll was hired.

Now Daboll is conservative by nature but he isnt afraid to mix things up, unlike Henning.

We have seen a larger variety of formations than we did last year, alot more guys going in motion, using Reggie Bush on toss sweeps. more multiple WR sets etc.

Daboll has found many uses for our new H-back Charles Clay as well. The fact that we are even using an H-back is exciting in of itself.

Despite our offense resembling more of a modern offense and not that 50s crap Henning ran. We have constantly failed to score TDs. We still get conservative for no reason at times. Sometimes Daboll gets too cute with some trick plays.(not as much as Henning but we have seen them).

I think Daboll has done a decent job overall and he may deserve another shot, but its not my call.

So what say you guys? What should we do about Brian Daboll. Discuss in the comments section.

Oh and vote or die.

vote or die (via xxxmark)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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