Power ranking the Miami dolphins QB options



There is a lot of online riot on here regarding the QB position. And there definately should be, considering we haven't had stability there since feidler retired. Some people believe we should keep moore, while other think we should take a second tier QB. There are many directions we could go, and here are the top 20 QB options for 2012

1. Robert Griffin III (Baylor Bears) - RGIII has shown that he can lead his team on comebacks (see Arkansas game) against top teams. He has everything you need in a QB. He has great arm strength, accuracy and pocket awareness. He also has great mobility and can gain yards outside of the pocket. He is a very cerebral qb (one of the smartest in the nation) and is a student of the game. His only weakness thus far is his lack of weight. He is very skinny and that could lead to injury concerns.

2. Matt Barkley (USC Trojans) - Barkley is like the anti-RGIII. While RGIII relies on his accuracy, arm strength and mobility to win games, Barkley uses his godly pocket awareness. He knows exactly what is going on around him at all times and adjusts accordingly. In this regard, he kind of reminds me of Dan Marino. Both Marino and Barkley weren't exactly sprinters, but they had perfect knowledge of the pocket and could step up in the pocket to avoid the sack. Barkley also has good accuracy and while his arm strength is nothing to be in awe about, it wont lose you games.

3. Matt Moore (Miami Dolphins) - Moore is a very polarizing figure here, and I believe he should get a chance to start next year, but not as a long-term solution. He should only start until the rookie gets acclimated to the NFL. Moore is a great game manager, and rarely makes mistakes. He isn't someone who will pt the team on is back, but he's not going to weigh the team down either.

4. Matt Flynn (Green Bay Packers) - Flynn is going to be a free agent this year and he should be looking for a starting gig. He has shown a lot of talent as a backup and reliever for Rodgers. He held his own in a shootout against Tom Brady and has a 100% completion rate this year as a reliever to Rodgers. He may choose to take the backup path and stay in GB, but I think he would be good option as a FA.

5. Landry Jones (Oklahoma Sooners) - Jones has been struggling recently, no doubt about it. He has been playing very poorly ever since Ryan Broyles, his top reciever, went down with an injury. Jones is going to have to put up quite a show at the combine if he wants to bring his stock back up. But there is also a high possibility of him returning to school so he can come out in a weaker class and boost his stock next year. Jones has great arm strength and footwork, but he struggles with accuracy, touch and going through his progresions. The thing that worries me most though is that these are the same pros and cons for henne, and we all know how that turned out.

6. Chad Henne (Miami Dolphins) - Speaking of the devil, look who decided to show up! Henne is always going to be a possibility to return as long as the unifecta (Ireland) is still around. But in all fairness, he did have some impressive games in the beginning of the season, before his injury. His main knock at this point is his lack of authority. He doesn't make his teammates listen to him, even though he did improve on that. Henne will probably go to seattle, where he will start until their 1st round QB (probably Jones) gets comfortable.

7. Matt Schaub (Houston Texans) - Wow, this is a bit of a curveball isn't it. Yates is having a really good season stepping into Schaub's position. This all depends on just how good the rest of his season ends up. For some reason, the Schaub/Yates dillema reminds me of the Bledsoe/Brady one. Both Yates and Brady were late round picks who stepped in mid-season and took over. If Yates leads them to the AFC championship at minimum, Texans may try to get something for Schaub, and Miami may take up the offer.

8. Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M Aggies) - Tannehill's value has skyrocketed the last few weeks. He went from a third round long term project to a borderline first rounder. If Tannehill's arm impresses scouts at the combine, his value may even rise above the quickly fading Landry Jones. Tannehill is a WR converted into a QB, so it may take some time for him to learn the position, especially at the NFL level. He has a good arm and good scrambling ability, but is jumpy in the pocket and has poorly developed footwork and pocket presence. But at least we would be able to sit him behind Moore for a year while he develops if necessary.

9. Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts) - Peyton's name is going to keep popping up as long as the colts have the 1st overall pick. This all depends on how comfortable Luck and Manning would be on the same team. Their will be a definite QB controversy in Indy if he stays and they draft luck. Half the fanbase will want them to throw luck to the fire, and the other half will want him to sit for a few years. They may decide to let Manning go, in which case Miami could pick him up as a "quick fix." His expiration date is fast approaching though, and the search would just re-continue after a few years.

10. John Skelton (Arizona Cardinals) - Skelton has been playing very well as the backup to the struggling Kolb. A QB controversy is brewing in ARZ, and they may want to cut te loss early by cutting/trading one of them. They have way too much invested in Kolb to give up on him now, and Max Hall should be a good enough backup when he gets healthy, so Skelton is the prime candidate to leave. Miami could bring him in to compete with Moore. Remember, competition is always good.

11. Kirk Cousins (Michigan St. Spartans) - Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to Chad Pennington 2.0. Cousins is very similar to Pennington in that they are both very accurate, well-developed QB's who struggle tremendously with arm strength. Cousins also can stay healthy, which in itself is an upgrade from CP10. Cousins won't be a stat monster like Marino was, but he will definately be able to be a Bob Griese-esque QB. He won't make mistakes and will be able to get the ball to his playmakers. We will need to build a strong team around him though and he could be successful with a strong supporting cast.

12. Brandon Weeden (OK state Cowboys) - Weeden has a great arm and is a very mature college QB. But that is because he will be 29 come draft time. Let that sink in, if we draft him, he will actually be older than Moore. He will only have 7 years left in the tank, max. Weeden would still be a great short term starter or backup. The only issue would be that we would have to start looking for his successor very soon. Think a more talented Chris Weinke.

13. Kyle Orton (KC Chiefs) - Next year, Cassel will return, and the Cheifs will probably draft a rookie QB. This means either Orton or Cassel will be gone. My guess is Orton simply because Cassel led them to a division championship and they have more invested in him. Orton will be a free agent, and it will be easier to get him then than it was during the last offseason. Orton would only be a stopgap though and wouldn't be a franchise QB. Think another Chad Pennington.'

14. Nick Foles (Arizona Wildcats) - I personally see this as the worst direction this team could take. Foles has a very strong arm, but struggles with accuracy, touch and going through his progressions. Remind you of anyone? Yeah, same here. I think of Foles as Henne Jr. They both have the same skills, weaknesses and future in the NFL, a career backup and borderline starter.

15. Curtis Painter (Indianapolis Colts) - LOL, you thought I was serious there for a second didn't you. No, number 15 is open to all. It's your choice as to who you want here.

Thanks for reading guys I hope you guys like this list. If there are any issues, please feel free to call me an idiot, fool, dumba**, bad fan and cuss me out give feedback below.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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