How I think we can fix the Dolphins

OK so this is just a little bit of my opinion on how I believe we can fix our beloved Dolphins feel free to comment as you wish I'm a big boy and I can handle criticism, but no need to be rude about anything we are all Dolphins fans here in hopes of having a proud franchise once again and returning the Lombardi trophy back to South Beach!!!


We all know that our owner Mr. Ross doesn't seem to be as football savvy as he is business savvy although he has owned the team for what 2 years so I can let it slide for now but, there is no doubt he handled many situations wrong and hopefully he can learn and become a great owner who doesn't interfere with the football side of things and he can stick to the business side.


First off want to say TS thank you your a great guy but, its a business and unfortunately he wasn't that great of a coach I wish him the best of luck and he shouldn't have any problem finding a job in NFL. This is my wish list of coaches who I would love to see come to Miami in particular order, now I believe that Cowher and Gruden both will elect to stay in broadcasting, I would be very happy with any of these guys as our next HC but, my top pick would be RChud, I love what he's done with the offenses he's had to work with and we def need an upgrade to our offensive unit, someone who has a more creative idea to go with Daboll.

1.Bill Cowher:

2.Jon Gruden:

3.Rob Chudzinski:

4.Pete Carmichael

5.Andy Ried:

Offensive Coordinator

Brian Daboll I believe is decent enough to stay for now , he has shown flashes of mixing it up to keep the defense guessing and honest. He needs to be more consistent next year but with a coach willing to take more chances and isn't as scared as Sparano was I think he'll improve or else I see him getting canned. We have some play makers on offense we just need to use them right and put them in packages that doesn't make our offense so vanilla and predictable hopefully Daboll can do this next year.

Defensive Coordinator

I'm a little disappointed in Mike Nolan's D this season as for the first half they were down right terrible and looked lost, I understand that the lockout probably affected them more then we thought but, this team even with the lockout should have responded much better at the beginning of the season rather start to play lights out after we are 0-7 and the season is over. I think he is an elite defensive coach and we should try to keep him around and if the defense under performs again, cause this defense has the talent to be great then maybe we need to look for his replacement.


The main holes are QB,RT,RG, now unless John Jerry can be at least serviceable who did a pretty good job against Philly then only the RT position needs to be addressed on the line. Colombo is the worst RT ever and that needs a def upgrade in the draft hopefully 2nd rd. not so sure how I feel about clay as the new FB but we'll see, and as for that position QB we don't have any chance for Luck and I'm not for selling the farm for him either, WE NEED TO DRAFT MATT BARKLEY!!! not robert griffen 3???. Simple as that, and we should be in position to do so, as long as we don't win the next 3 games which I highly doubt,


I've watched the two play this season and rg3 just doesnt have a style I like than can be an easy transition over to the NFL, transitioning is much easier these days then back in the 80's and 90's because of all the QB friendly rules now but, when I see him I see a better version of Vince Young, and I always thought VY was never going to be anything close to elite and I see the same with rg3 he doesn't appear to able to read complex defenses which is the most important thing a QB needs to do. Everyone is enamored with his athletic ability and fall in love with his highlight reels ok Mike Vick that worked out real good huh?, and its great I know it is but, your QB needs to be able to be mentally tough, stable and intelligent (football IQ). I just don't think rg3 displays that ability to read defenses on a consistent basis and you will have another Mike Vick running around dazzling people until they get the game film on him and then its all down hill. BARKLEY is the perfect proto-typical QB pretty big arm makes every NFL throw wasn't to sure about him @ first but the more I watched him the more I knew I wanted this to be the next Miami QB, so the only thing think he doesn't do better than rg3 is run big deal, other than that I don't what stats or dumb QB efficiency rating says I think BARKLEY is far more of a superior QB than rg3 when it comes to NFL standards, remember people "MY OPINION"

QB-Need I say more?

RB-I still don't like the idea R.Bush is our #1 back, I think Bush should come in relief for Thomas who I thinks a stud

FB-Scratches head why we don't have Polite and are using Hilliard???

LT-Best in the game

LG-Love the job Incognito has done since being picked

C-Stud and prob will be best in the game soon

RG-Carey here is decent but is older and this may need to be addressed in the near future, maybe J.Jerry?

RT-Colombo is just down right awful anyone they plug in here it just always seems like a diasater

WR1-Stud WR yes has his diva moments but def the best playmaker on the team, plus elite qb=unstoppable

WR2-Hartline is good but we might need to replace him with a more reliable speedster, hopefully its Gates

WR3-Bess is like a poor mans Wes Welker but still very good and very underrated

WR4-Gates has talent to do some great things once he is more polished and I'm very excited he is part of the team overall I'm happy with the WR unit we have I think its very solid and the only piece is the elite QB to get them the ball

TE1-He is decent shows flashes but I think we need to get more athletic in this department

TE2-Pretty much a lesser version of Fasano


The only really bright spot of the team but not until week 8 how ever you want to put it. The front 7 is solid and stable so maybe some minor tweaks and things here and there but the unit is def considered one of the tops in the NFL once again after week 8 see the trend. Anyways I totally satisfied with the starters maybe we can add some depth through the draft and find an eventual replacement for Wake since I think he will be 30 or 31 next year, maybe even Dansby who is very good but we def overpaid for him. As far as the secondary we are in big time need of another CB and FS more the FS than then CB, Bell is up there in age and we don't have anyone who can replace him, Sean Smith is average and Vontae is above average, but we need to get some ball hawking safeties that can help cause Turnovers cause we are horrible in that department especially int's I've never seen a defense drop some many sure handed int's and result then the offense gets another chance and scores on us all the time I think it was 18 dropped int's last season most in the NFL. We def need to upgrade the secondary and add some solid depth to the front 7 and we should be elite week in and week out.

LDE-I think we are good here for now with Langford

NT-Soliai has def elevated his game and I'm happy with his play

RDE-Once Odrick can establish himself here and healthy I believe he'll be here for a long time

LOLB-Misi is a stud and I love his motor and how he plays

LILB-Burnett I thik was a very good pick up in free agency and has performed well taking over Crowders spot

RILB-Dansby is good but he is def overpaid and maybe we should think about replacing him within 2-3 years

ROLB-Wake the beast is awesome but he will be entering his 30's and we know what that means

LCB-Vontae showed signs of greatness but I don't think he has it mentally to be elite ever, but still very good

SS-Bell has always been solid but he is getting up there in age and should be looking for a replacement soon

FS-Whoever we have here is terrible this is something we need to address desperately in the draft

RCB-Smith is nothing more than an average cb who we can get by with drop's everything blows coverages

Special Teams

This unit I'm totally happy with as far as Punter and Kicker, I do believe we need to keep Reggie returning punts and Gates kickoffs and hopefully the blocking improves so we can get some good returns.

There ya have I didn't try to go into to much detail but its how I feel on some things hope yall enjoy!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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