On my mind

Tony Sparano

First of all the release of Tony Sparano is one year over due. I wrote he should be fired last year here. He was a nice guy but his coaching was horrible. I do admire him for keep the team together through the 0-7 start. Some of that had to do with the vets but Sparano did play a key role into keeping the team together. So for all my hate I do give him that prop. Good guy? Yes. Bad coach? yes....


As you seen last year I wanted to give Ireland one more chance. As of now, I'm 30% in favor of keeping him. His first draft without Parcells was...solid. But Ireland still thought Henne was the QB of the future and didn't draft a QB. So my main concern is can Ireland see QB talent? Also would he have the balls to trade up and get his QB? I get the feeling Ireland doesn't have the eye to spot a franchise QB and doesn't have the balls to trade up for one he likes; Especially, in the first round. So while Ireland did have a solid draft I'm leaning more to letting him go. If we hire an experienced head coach I say we fire Ireland. If we hire an inexperienced head coach I may lean to keeping him.

Experienced head coach

Gruden = Hell No. Chucky is clueless now.

Fisher = NO!!!! He WAS a good coach but he's lost "IT". However, I think he has the best chance of being our next head coach :-(

Cowher = Yes please! I think his style of play and coaching would still be relevant. Now the question is does he miss the sidelines? My prediction is he retains his TV gig.

Inexperienced head coaches

Joe Philbin, Green bay Offensive coordinator.

Pete Carmichael, Saints offensive coordinator.

Jay Gruden, Cincinnati Bengal offensive coordinator working with rookie QB Andy Dalton.

I'm in favor of going after one of these guys if Cowher says no.

Steven Ross

I think he learned a lesson last year with the Harbaugh thing. (don't you wish we had Jim now?) That lesson is not to wait and go after the coach you like as soon as possible. He will "interview" Bowels and get the minority red tape out the way....

QB class

This looks to be an stronger class than last year. We know Luck is going to the Colts so most here want RGIII bad. Wet dream bad. But I don't think RGIII will be on the broad when we pick....


Henne- played better this year but our defense sucked during that time and WR's couldn't catch his passes. Regardless, Henne should be traded or used as the 3rd qb in camp encase of injury..

Moore- Is good when everything is good. But when things fall apart he falls apart. He doesn't look like the most durable player either.

I have no problem starting a top 10 rookie QB over these two. But I'm also fine with grooming a QB behind Moore if need be


I wish we had a clutch player...None of our WR's are clutch.


Colombo sucksssss, Cary sucks. Both need to go.


Our CB's aren't great despite what they say. They are ok but we could use an upgrade. We also need a brain/communicator at FS. I think that hurts us the most on defense.

Zach Thomas should scout for us. Make this happen. Who was the best in the film room???

Now I leave with this quote "luck means a lot in football. Not having a good quarterback is bad luck" Don Shula.

Let's do this the right way this time. That's draft a first round QB

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