A Comedy of Errors

I write this post as a tired, beleaguered fan of an organization that has lost its ability to make wise, concise decisions; and as a member of a fan base who’s logic has been infected by this festering incompetence. I begin my analysis with

The hiring of Bill Parcells, this move was met with quite a bit of Fan Fair; The Big Tuna was a proven winner, and a no nonsense type of individual. I must admit that I, like most, was very excited by the prospects of his decision-making. Nevertheless, this poorly ran franchise gave an elderly man a ridiculous contract with an absurd stipulation and the gravedigger was given his shovel. Only a desperate organization with a lame duck owner that knew he would not be accountable for many more years would make such an egregious business decision.

Nevertheless, we move on past the hiring of his two disciples and straight into the first Draft, the one that sank this team, like the Titanic’s maiden voyage; never had a chance!

Drafting Jake Long and Chad Henne. We can argue till we are blue in the face about the wisdom of drafting an OL vs. a QB; Unfortunately that arguments ends with three consecutive losing seasons. When we had Chad P. the 5 highest rated QB in 2008 we won the division. The fact that fans continue to argue the prudence of that preposterous pick is an insult to intelligent football fans, and the epitome of apologetic fanatical behavior. Unfortunately that BAD decision led to a pick that would prove to anchor this franchise from progress….Chad Henne. Chad Henne single handedly seduced this franchise and its fan base that it had its QB. Even the owner went as far as to say that Henne could be just as productive as …cough, cough… Marino. This was outright delusion from the franchises perspective, but we as fans bought in and once again showed how fanatical simpletons act when fed illogical incoherent thoughts by a floundering franchise.

Two consecutive losing seasons have gone by and the Dolphins are in the Shadows of the most popular sports franchise in the world, the Miami Heat, and they go after Harbaugh, which was a wise decision after seeing the kind of turnaround he has orchestrated, but in true Dolphin form, this also became a media blunder; So they, off course….

Extent Tony Sparano’s contract….Really?? Now Logic has jumped the shark and fans are becoming flesh-eating cannibals. A masturbation of contradictions begin to divide the team, the franchise, and the fan base.

“Chad Henne is Great!!”

“Chad Henne Sucks

“The System was the problem”

“We want Kyle Orton

“Matt Moore..that’s who you bring to replace Chad Henne”

“Chad Henne will have a breakout system”

“they promoted who as QB coach”

Chaos ensues, and once again we are treated to a losing season.

As the lights went up yesterday and I saw that embarrassing news conference to announce the mercy killing of Tony Sparano. All I could think of was, how good I felt for Tony, he has comfortably boarded a life raft as the Titanic sinks into freezing waters. From empty stadiums, irate ignorant fans, dissolving community clout, moronic owners, insensitive general managers, incompetent QB’s, and inconsequential LT careers. This franchise might as well be one of those Dolphins trapped in the Cove, led to slaughter.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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