And So It Begins....The 2012 Season

The 2012 season has begun with the firing of Tony Sparano. Head Coach, has officially been added to the off-season "To Do" list, along with a franchise QB, Guard, Free Safety, OLB, and RT (anything else?). I know many of us have already been brainstorming our off-season game plans for weeks, but now, with the anti-climatic termination of TS confirmed, I can go forward with my off-season plan with conviction. So lets do it....

Step #1: The Coach

i want to get something off my chest. I cannot stand Jeff Ireland. I understand why TS got fired and agree that it had to be done, but Ireland needs to go too. I have a feeling that Ireland has played a huge role in this team's failure. Again, i know Sparano's job was to NOT go 0-7 and maybe get his team prepared and win some games. But lets face it, assuming Ireland truly is the one behind the player personnel moves, how was TS supposed to win with Chad Henne? its no surprise that we actually started looking like an NFL team when Henne went down. I feel bad for the guy I really do, and TS certainly deserves his fair share of the blame, no doubt. But Ireland comes off as such a snake in the grass. What a sleaze, he seems like that guy in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," you know, the one who was giving his dorky but loyal friend advice on how to bang that girl, but then he nailed her behind his back.

Also, why is it that none of those reporters had enough nuts to ask Ross in that interview today if Ireland is going to have a job in a few weeks? And if so, why? Because it seems like Ireland snaked his way into convincing Ross, who genuinely appears to know nothing about football, that the team is the epitome of average because of TS alone. I mean, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt as I cannot get into Ross' mind. But one of those reporters should have stepped up to the plate. Someone should have asked "geez, I watch Green Bay, I watch New England, I watch Pitt, I watch New we look like them? Do we have players, and talent like them?" Those teams have QB's, we are not average only because of our coach. But we have a QB who, at best, doesn't lose a game. A secondary, that refuses to make plays. Two 5th round draft pick Free Safeties. A 2nd round OLB who, in order for me to even know if he is even playing in the game, I have to check the box score to see if he registered any stats. Oh yeah, a fat ass RG who cannot stay healthy while he complements our RT who, WE BOUGHT after literally being rated the worst tackle in football last year.

There is no way that Sparano is choosing any if not all these players. So who is? the GM right? What NFL coach, could be a playoff team with Henne and Moore? I like the two guys, I really do. I like underdogs more then anyone, but damn, TS cannot totally be too blame, rather he may merely be a lesser part of the problem. This is not college, this is the NFL, championships are ultimately won by PLAYERS. By scoring points. By QB's who can pick a defense apart. Not by coaches. You think Belicheck is so smart? See what happens if Tom Brady goes down. Geez this has happened once before, hmmmm oh yeah they didn't make the playoffs. You think Sean Payton is super innovative? Imagine the Saint's without Drew Brees. Remember a couple years back when the guy for the Colts was Coach of the Year? haha yeah what a joke. What happened when Manning went down? 0 and what is it now..13? Wow what a dynamic coach.

Ok sorry for that rant....back to the coaching search?

So, I don't know, if you ask me, I want a coach who is young and aggressive. That's all. Someone who is good with the players and has a chip on his shoulder. I want the best, most feared team, not the nicest and most classy. Mr. Ross, find that man, and please do not even attempt to bring in some recycled has been.

Step #2 - Departures

Before getting to the draft, there are a few people I want to see go. Not because I dislike them or anything. I truly support and rep anyone who rocks the aqua and orange. But I am thinking more about the team here and taking into account their current market value, if any.

I would try my hardest to get some trade value for Misi and Smith, both guys are young, and I'm sure have upside, but I don't know man, something about them seems like they are flat lining in a hurry. I know Smith has gotten a couple picks as of late, but I just feel like we can do better. In fact, I kind of hope he gets a few more Int's to really up his trade value. He is young, tall, athletic, but he just doesn't scare me. Vontae may be a little more reckless and all, but something about him puts a little more fear into me, he plays hard, comes downhill with his ears pinned back, I can dig that. But Smith, not so sure. I'm tired of waiting for him to take over, I mean at what point can we say ok, maybe this is as good as he is going to be? year 7? Again, I like the kid I really do. I'm just not afraid of him. And, it has more to do with the fact that I think we can get some, I stress some, trade value out of him. This goes for Misi as well, I know he is young, I know he is playing at a tough position, but this guy has disappeared at a time when he should be steadily more apparent. I wouldn't be opposed to holding onto him for another year or two, but if we can use him to trade up in the draft or package something with Smith, soooomething...I'd be all for it. Because when he came out of college, he seemed ok, nothing spectacular, a high motor, yada yada.....but today, that is still what he seems like. Those guys are a dime a dozen. Whats the difference between him and IAF? OLB's who can set the edge and not get a pass rush are all very easy to find. I would get rid of either Clemons and/or Jones, have not seen anything nor much potential. Merling you're the odd man out of the DE rotation. Adios.

On the offensive side of the ball, Columbo, gone, no brainier. Don't know why you were here in the first place. Seems like a nice guy, but one of the most incompetent signings I have ever seen an NFL team make. I love Bess, but if we can get a 3rd or 4th for him, pull the trigger. He's a great guy, an underdog, humble, love the guy. But if we can turn an undrafted free agent into a 3rd or 4th rounder you gotta do it. Vernon Carey, later! Miami kid. Took the move from RT to RG like a champ. Gave us about 6 or 7 solid years. But man, an oft-injured ultra liability out there.

Step #3 - The Draft

This is the key. We must amass as many picks before the draft as possible. Depending on where we fall in the pecking order, QB is obviously the key to this draft. Period. So If we either go for Luck, Barkley, or RGIII. That's it. One of those guys. I would not, for the life of me, take Landry, Tannehill, Foles, or any other 2nd Tier Qb's just for the sake of taking a qb. That is the epitome of irrationality. I am well aware that this team will not win unless we get a franchise qb. And I am more aware that we certainly do not have one. But it is beyond stupid to draft a qb just to draft one. If Luck, RGII, or Barkley falls to us, wonderful get one and lets go. If not, trade up and grab one. If we just cannot get one of those three, trade back, get a second rounder, and we'll wait another year. I am 26 years old, I have never seen Miami in the Superbowl, what's one more year? I want to win Superbowls, not 9 or 10 games a year.I'm not saying that Luck, Barkley, or RGIII are locks by any means at all. No one is, especially at QB. But I have seen enough potential out of those three, the other guys I am not impressed even the slightest.

Assuming we can get one of those top three QB's. Round Two.... best player available, between a CB (if we get rid of Smith) or OLB. Round 3, best available player....whatever we did not get in the 2nd round or maybe a RT.

Step #4 - Free Agency

Guard - Carl Nicks

Best FS

That is my plan so far, more of a rant then a plan. When my exams are over, I'll have a much more concise breakdown.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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