My ideal offseason for 2012

Disclaimer:This idea is not for everyone. It is a reflection of what I think should be done this offseason. Some might not like it, as a matter of fact, a lot wont. There is no first round quarterback. Personally, I believe that at least one of the fab four does not come out this year. Keep in mind, I will be looing at and addressing free agency as well. so without further ado, here is what I would do if I was in the front office.


I am probably one of the only people that would say we should keep Sparano. However, if the Owner forces my hand, I would select Dave Toub, current special teams coach for the Chicago Bears. Why? Because he is a big reason Devin Hester has a spot in the record books. His schemes are out of this world, and I believe that with Gates, Bush, and even Davone Bess, I believe he could do great things.

Not only that, but it clears the debate of whether we have a defensive or offensive minded coordinator. Neither, Nolan and Dasboll are fine where they are at.

Free Agency

I chose this part first because it allows you to get a clearer picture of my draft.First and foremost, who do we get rid of or let walk. Soliai is gone. As are Langford and Bell. Langford is a good player, but he is a free agent, and quite frankly, with Starks, Odrick, and McDaniel being more productive, the quantity just doesnt demand more. On offense, both Carey and the turnstyle are gone. Basically, mostly just the old or expensive that do not produce.

Free Agency additions

Jason Campbell QB: This guy is a case of having all the talent in the world, without the confidence. I really think between him and Moore, Daboll will have a field day with these two.

Robert Meachum WR: Last year we got Reggie Bush from the Saints, this year, they give us another talented weapon. His contract wont need to be as excessive as some free agents, but one cant doubt that this kid would be a talented number two if he wasnt hidden on the Saints explosive offense.

Chad Rinehart OG: With Carey gone, we need a placeholder for whomever we draft. Not to say he is a season long starter, I expect him to be overtaken by mid season, once our rookie gets a bit of the playbook in him.

Anthony Spencer OLB: I know, I know.... ANOTHER Cowboy.... the difference is, while this guy is no Demarcus Ware, he is a solid contributer that produces opposite the Dallas superstar. Which is exactly what we would ask him to do opposite Wake.

Tyvon Branch S: Well, here is the thing. Bell is productive, but he is making 8 million dollars next season, and is better in man, whereas we need a safety that fits our zone that we love so well. Enter Tyvon, whos biggest strength? You guessed it, he is crappy in man, but excels in zone. however this deal will only probably save us about 3 million. BTW< you get to see this kid in action if you tune into the Oakland game.

Cortland Finnegan CB: This is our key aqquisition for the year,and I know what you guys are thinking. We have Davis, Smith, and our rookie is showing promise, how many corners do we need? isnt this guy a problem child? the answers are as follows, yes we have them, in todays nfl, you can never have enough corners, and yes, he is as dirty as they come. which is what our defense lacks. We have the confidence down pat, but not the attitude to do whatever it takes to back it up.

With free agency looked at, wecome to thebread and butter of the offseason. The NFL draft. This post has been ultra long, so I will just get to it with limited if any explanations.

First, let me explain something. I do not think we will see all four QB's enter this years draft. That being said, the likelyhood that we would actually get an opportunity to draft one is slim to none. I would not settle, and I would not move up. period. Too many needs, not enough picks, so what do we do? You guessed it, trade down. Get a later first, Third, Fourth, and a second for next year.

Rd 1: Alameda Ta'amu NT Washington

Rd 2: Barrett Jones OT Alabama

Rd 3a: Kirk Cousins QB Michigan St.

Rd 3b: Brandon Taylor FS LSU

Rd 4: Rokevious Watkins G/T S. Carolina

Rd 4b: Cameron Chism CB Maryland

Rd 6: Tavon Wilson SS Illinois

Rd 7: Chad Bumphis WR Mississippi St.

Well there you have it. What I would do if I was in charge in the 2012 offseason. What do you guys think? Would you be pissed if this happened?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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