Adventures in Kansas City... Introducing M.O.!!!

I travel to a new city each year to see my beloved Dolphins play a game, and to catch a glimpse of how our fellow Americans live in their part of the country.   This year, Kansas city was on the docket, and let me tell you, they LOVE their football out in KC.   My lil bro is a KC fan, so we figured (at the beginning of the season) that this would be THE GAME this year.   What could be better than a weekend full of BBQ, Beer, Haunted Houses and Football...   I wont bore you all with my personal pics, I'll get to the meat of the story quickly...  But I do put a little KC blurb, before I get to it, so you can skip the next paragraph if you don't care about that.

Personal Highlights: Kansas City was awesome. 
1. We enjoyed perfect weather (me being from So Cal and all, that's a big compliment), and being fall all the leaves were changing colors and falling off the trees... something we in So Cal do not get to enjoy. 
2. Biscuits and Gravy at the Corner Cafe!  Ridiculous
3. The Edge of Hell Haunted House... they took this 5 story abandon building and turned it into a full on scare fest.  This was like Knott's Scary Farm on crack!  Loved it.
4. Boulevard Brewery Tour... Free Beer anyone?!?  (Their stout and wheat are the best)
5. Oklahoma Joe's BBQ.  Its attached to a gas station, so initial thoughts are Whaaaaatt???  But it was amazing!
6. The game, the celebratory dinner at Jack Stacks, and the hike around town... which pics, will be included of below.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, let me get to the Game. Even though I'm fairly new to the Phinsider, I know enough about the local hero's. I've read some of the stories, and been impressed... So I thought this could be my week to give back. It all started on a trip to Walmart to grab some tailgating gear. I came across this... and got thinking.   Fist Pounding... Fist Pumping...  The possibilities were endless...

Throw in a few Sierra Nevada's, some expensive Whiskey, lots of Cheese-Its, a $3 paint kit and a really boring LSU vs. Alabama game and...  Mini-OFF4L is born!  You know you're a bad-ass when you have your own action figure... Suck It Dan Kadar!

So with M.O. ready to go, I felt safe entering the belly of the beast... known as Arrowhead Stadium.

M.O. decided he wanted a quick ride on the Chiefs party bus, so I indulged him.

Here we are at the game...  It was 3-0 Chiefs, so I figured I'd bring out M.O. for some good luck...  Inspired by their #1 fan, the Dolphins quickly turned the tide.

Here I am sitting in the stands amongst the sea of red.   I was loose as a goose, I had M.O. Power with me.  That KC fan wasn't so happy though.

This nice little girl was in the seats in front of me.  Nice family, and she let M.O. pose with her special of the day.  I kinda felt bad she put the effort into the sign she only got to use for the 1st half of the game.

Who doesn't LOVE a cheerleader?  Certainly M.O. does.  After some reluctance, she let us pose with her.  That's my bro on the right.

After the game, victory clearly in hand, drunken M.O. was found wandering the halls of Arrowhead Stadium.

Here are a few shots with some fans...  Mr. Luchador de Dolphins!

The only local support in my area of the stands...

Ricky, Ronnie and Marino...  Wow, we need some stars!!!

Following the game, we went out for a celebratory dinner at Jacks Stacks.  KC is known for its BBQ, and this is why.  That beef rib is as big as my beer... which happens to be the Boulevard Stout.  Throw on some Burnt Ends, Pork Ribs, BBQ beans and slaw... This sh*t is the sh*t!.  While the flavor was enough to keep me going, it was nice to have M.O. encourage me to tackle the sheer volume of food.  No Quit.  I won.  :)

Following that superb meal, we took a stroll around the plaza.  M.O. was caught up by some local artwork... Lets hope this doesn't happen when we play Philly!

The following day, still suffering from a meat hangover, I decided to check out some of the local sights...  I just seemed more fun with M.O. there.  Here he is at Union Station.

Here we are atop the W.W.I dedication site, overlooking the city...  I have tons of pics, but just selected a few here.


Lastly, we finished off the trip at a local joint called Grinders...  This Philly Cheese steak was amazing...  I've never had it with Cheese Wiz (I kid you not).   Yumz!


So that ends my journey... I hope you all enjoyed the story.  K.C. was a lot of fun and we FINALLY got a Dolphins win!!!!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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