What could have been - Power ranking the rookie QBs

During the 2011 draft, many of us, including myself, were advocating for a qb. Well, we didn't get one. But it's okay though, because we are sure to get one this year. But, I would like to see what we could have had if we had taken Andy Dalton instead of Mike Pouncey, or maybe Ryan Mallet instead of Daniel Thomas. Or if we had traded up for Christian Ponder or Jake Locker, who many wanted.So, here are the power rankings for every drafted qb.

1. Andy Dalton (5th qb taken) - Andy Dalton has been a very pleasant surprise this year, throwing for 2,509 yards, 16 TDs and 12 INTs while posting a 60.1% completion rate. He has also added 81 rushing yards on 23 attempts with 1 TD. He is posting stats some veterans would hope to have. Not only that, but with a 6-4 record, his team looks to be headed to the postseason. Very few qbs accomplish this in their first year, but Dalton, along with fellow rookie AJ Green look like they are going to be something special. If the dolphins had taken him in the 1st round instead of Pouncey, we wouldn't have had to bring in Moore and, with Henne injured, we would be seeing the first glimpses of our new franchise qb.

2. Cam Newton (1st qb taken) - Many, including myself, thought Newton was a sure fire bust. He has proceeded to prove all of us haters wrong. Newton is blowing up this year, throwing for 3,093 yards, 12 TDs with a 61% completion rate, but has also thrown a staggering 14 INTs. He also added to this 464 rushing yards with 10 TDs. But, with a 3-8 record, Newton is struggling to win. Along with that, he is not taking care of the ball well, throwing for 14 picks and dropping 5 fumbles. Newton has a very high ceiling, and with a few years, should be the top qb taken in this draft, but, for now, his lack of wins and ball security drops him to number 2.

3. Christian Ponder (4th qb taken) - Ponder was my favorite qb prospect in the draft, and I was hoping we would snatch him in the 1st. Instead, the Minnesota Vikings reached for him, drafting him ahead of us. Since then, he has beaten out veteran Donovan McNabb for the starting job and has been playing well. In 6 games, he has posted 1,141 yards, 6 TDs with a 54.4% completion rate. He has also ran for 140 yards on 18 attempts. On the flip side, he also had 6 INTs and 3 fumbles. While he was starter, he has led the Vikings to a 1-5 record. But, he has few weapons to throw to and is taking advantage of whatever he gets. If he had fallen to us, and we had drafted him in the 1st, we would be seeing a young, talented qb who makes some mistakes, but with some development, could be a good qb, not elite, but definitely a worthy successor to the throne.

4. Blaine Gabbert (3rd qb taken) - Gabbert has been playing decent on a horribly coached Jaguars team. Not only was Jack Del Rio a bad coach, he had no number 1 receiver to rely on. When Mike Sims-Walker, a good number 2 receiver, and Mike Thomas, also a decent number 2 receiver, are your top targets, something needs to change. Despite this, Gabbert has posted 1,371 yards and 6 TDs passing in 10 games. But has also posted an abysmal 48.5% completion rate and 6 INTs. Gabbert needs some talent around him, and some quality coaching. If the Jags, who are currently on sale, could give him this, he could develop into a decent qb. He, like Ponder, will never be elite, due to his accuracy problems, but would be a good game manager.

5. TJ Yates (8th qb taken) - You guys must be wondering, how is Yates this high up, well, this is because he is most likely the starter in Houston from here on out. Yates has posted 70 yards and 0 TDs passing. He also only has a 53.3% completion rate. Yates is a backup, and has posted backup stats in the half game that he has played. With some development, he could turn into one of the top backups in the league in a few years. And, maybe he could take advantage of this lucky opportunity he has gotten to start, and unseat Schaub the same way Brady did to Bledsoe. Of course, this is highly unlikely, and he will probably just stay a backup.

6. Jake Locker (2nd qb taken) - Locker is only this low because of the little playing time he has received. Of course, that is what happens when you are playing behind a Matt hasselbeck that looks 27 again. Locker has gotten a few oppurtunities to showcase his talents so far, and from what I have seen, it looks like he may develop to be an elite talent for Tennessee. In 3 games and 21 attempts, he has posted 152 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs and put up an impressive 103.7 qb rating. On the other had, he only has a 47.6% completion rate. These inaccuracy problems were also there in college, but it looks like he makes up for them by scoring lots of points and taking care of the ball. He is also shown skill on deep passes, with a 40 yd long. Locker will sit behind Hasselbeck for now, but looks to develop into something special.

This brings the list of qbs that have gotten regular season playing time to a close. now, I will just post the remaining qbs taken and how good I see them as.

7. Ryan Mallet (6th qb taken)

8. Colin Kaepernick (5th qb taken)

9. Nathan Enderle (9th qb taken)

10. Ricky Stanzi (7th qb taken)

11. Greg McElroy (12th qb taken

12. Tyrod Taylor (11th qb taken)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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