Wildcat Weekly 3.1: 'Guess Who's Back' Edition


Issue 3.1

Miami's Record 3-7 (1-2 Division)

Guess Who's Back? Back Again? Come on and sing along we just won 3 straight boys and girls! Whether you were sucking for Luck,  losing for Landry or blowing for Barkley, you have to admit to the truth of one simple fact:


Isn't that right Charlie Sheen

So it is with this new found winning streak that it was finally time for the resurrection of the Wildcat Weekly, your favorite Dolphin-themed newsletter and the SECOND greatest thing on the entire Internet (besides crazy cat videos). I apologize for waiting so long to get out a WW, but when you combine 90 hour work weeks with a football team who started off looking like AMC's Walking Dead (great show btw), let's just say I wouldn't have been able to put out any interesting and positive reading material from weeks 1-8 without whining, crying, and possibly getting a restraining order from Andrew Luck after stalking him on a weekly basis (please just respond to my texts Andy!!!)


What Halloween felt like for Fins Fans.


But that was then and this is now. Your Miami Dolphins are officially BALLERS once again. Yes, winning does hurt your draft position, but if you are going to cry about the difference from 3 draft positions then you have something wrong with you! No matter where we pick we will probably draft a guard anyway (This was a joke... i think). We are winning football games, which means ALL OF US SHOULD BE HAPPY: We are NOT winning ugly games with mediocre football.... We are dominating for 60 minutes and making Sundays relevant again! Remind me how this is bad again?

Would I like Andrew Luck,? Hell yes I would, but there are plenty of other options available in April. And that's just what we're talking about.... APRIL! Right now we have a solid QB who is playing great ball and making this team exciting once again. There will ALWAYS be something to bitch and moan about, so you can't make everyone happy, but this team has played close to perfect for three straight weeks. Just for that I'll save the QB draft news for an another day and let us reflect on a team we are proud of.

Game Recap-


Cue the PeeWee Dance!!!!!



Buffalo walked into Miami to face the hottest team in the AFC East. They expected to get back on track by beating the last place Dolphins and getting their season back on track. Well, that sure didn't happen! Miami bullied Buffalo from the start, their defense continued their dominance by keeping their opposition from scoring a touchdown in 12 straight quarters. The Dolphins had their way with the Bills on all sides of the ball, and did so without asking for help from Brandon Marshall. If you want all the stats, go read the box score, but I'd rather let my buddy Brian Hartline sum it up for you.


Buffalo might look good behind the scenes, but if you look closer you'll noticed they're quite busted


Quick Hits:

  • The Dolphins are only the third team in NFL history to win 3 straight after starting off 0-7. None of the other teams (1978 Cardinals & 1986 Colts) won more than 6 games. By the way, the Dolphins beat both of those teams.
  • This is our first 3-game winning streak since 2008, which was our first year under Tony Sparano.
  • Did the Dolphins really block a punt? Is this real life? Am i in Narnia? I could not remember for the life of me the last time we tried this crazy idea to rush the punter to try and force a turnover. After looking it up, I know why. The last time we scored off a blocked punt was 1990 and I was 3 years old. Saying this was well overdue is the understatement of the century.
  • Speaking of blocked punts, it happened to come against Brian Moorman who had gone 735 punts without a block...the third longest streak in NFL History. We had to make it difficult didn't we!?
  • So the Dolphins are 3-7, but do you know that they actually have a positive point differential? This truly is unbelievable and describes our season. There are 3 teams with worse records than Miami, but our +7 differential is actually in the better half of the NFL! To put this in perspective, every team in the AFC West has a negative differential of at least -19. This shows you that we keep every game close, and have actually put away a few teams as of late, a trait that Miami has NEVER been good at. But as good as this makes you feel, you can't help but wonder how much different this season could be if we squeaked out a few of those close early games as wins.

Game Balls-

  • * - Tony Sparano- Fahgettaboutit!!! Gotta give Tony some credit for his resiliency and rejuvenating this team by getting our red zone offense and defenses takeaways back in action.
  • ** - Jared Odrick- Maybe just for the dance alone. How's this Jared, everytime I see this dance, you make this list. Sound good?
  • *** - Mike Pouncey- This guy is really making me look bad by looking every part of the RIGHT pick at #15 in this year's draft. I wasn't huge on the pick but I am starting to admit that Pouncey, and the rest of the draft class for that matter, has been a pleasant surprise this year. As far as Pouncey goes, I haven't seen a rookie OL dominate this early in his career since Jake Long.
  • **** - Matt Moore- It's way too soon to start the long-term option talk, but the more Moore plays like he has lately, the more it's going to help his stock, as well as the Dolphins!
  • ***** - Dolphins D/ST- Blocking a punt for a TD? Catching the ball when it hits your hands on D? Keeping opponents from making it into the endzone in 12 quarters? Did anybody else rub their eyes Sunday, and watch cautiously expecting Ashton Kutcher to pop out of midfield? Hats off to every player on this team, they totally look a different team and it's showing on every player on the field.


Around the League:

  • OK, so I had to make my Tebow rant sooner or later. Tebow has spread his magic all over the NFL and ever since he touched his knee down in Miami we have played lights out (talk about being touched by an angel)! Honestly, I'm not a fan, but I have to respect the way he figures out how to win, no matter how ugly it is, ESPECIALLY when it is against the Jets. The Jets are infamous for playing crappy but finding some blind luck to steal games late, so it feels great having karma come around to bite them in the ass. However, even though he is 4-1, he's one of those guys that you're probably happier if he's NOT on your favorite team. He's tough and scrappy and full of heart, but he's gathered W's vs. crappy teams and in a weak division. Good teams and defenses will eventually key on him and make him one dimensional (see Detroit game). Of all the teams who Tebow has beaten, he has been outplayed and contained, but the teams have not put him away when they had the chance and THAT is when he will find ways to beat you. His best comparison is Vince Young. VY came in to a crappy team, revitalized them with unconventional mechanics (while earning Rookie of the Year honors), but sooner or later defenses figured him out and his lack of 'actual talent' made him obsolete (unless he somehow sparks a comeback in Philly?). I expect the Tebow craze to carry on for a few more weeks, but honestly I don't see this guy starting 3 years from now. But hey that's just me, root for whomever you want, I just don't want people to think that trading for Tebow would put our franchise in the right direction, because it wouldn't. If you haven't seen fellow Fin fan Daniel Tosh on Tebow and the new Tebowing craze, check this out for a laugh!
  • When is it time to start the undefeated countdown for the 10-0 Packers? These guys look unreal and even at their worst, they STILL win by two scores against a decent TB team. Unless Rodgers rests near the end of the season this team should go 15-1 or 16-0 this year before they head into the playoffs. The best chance for their one slip up will be against the fired up Lions this Thursday on Thanksgiving. When you're not watching MIA/DAL make sure to tune in and see if the 1972 Dolphins can breathe easy and pop the bubbly! However, if there is a team to break the record I wouldn't be too upset to see the Pack be the team to do it. Rather them then the Patriots, am I right?
  • Cheers to the Colts who did NOT lose their game this week! Enjoy your week fellas! 
  • Hats off to my fellow UCF alum Kevin Smith who went from being re-signed two weeks ago to leading all fantasy position players with 200+ total yards and 3 TD's. Glad I picked up THAT guy in fantasy and I sincerely apologize for whichever team had to play me; they got Hartline'd (I am SO using this for now on here!)


Phinsider Trivia- 

This one is NO JOKE so only true football fans may want to attempt!

Here's how it works... I'm going to give you three clues each for three different NFL teams. Use the three clues to figure out the NFL Team I am talking about. A) The first clue will be about a another team's mascot in the same city. B) The next clue will be one involving their stadium C.) The last clue will be a clue of a famous player who played for the team

For Example:

  •  If you feel this you may want to turn down the thermostat?
  • The stadium name which once was named after this beer?
  • The NFL current active sack leader?

The correct answer would be: Miami Dolphins:(Miami Heat, Landshark Stadium, Jason Taylor). Get it???



Name Each of the 3 teams AND the 3 clues for each answer. Once you guess the three teams I will also need the name of a famous player who played for each of these teams at some point in his career.

PLAYER HINT: If you are actively watching MNF, I'm guessing you have already seen him at some point.


1.) Team One-

  • If you see this outside you might want to stay indoors?
  • Stadium's nickname which was after a mexican hat?
  • One of their most famous players just died and owns a chain of steakhouses?

2.) Team Two-

  • They go together with Stripes?
  • Have a $40 million dollar HDTV which is this brand?
  • You might know him for his nickname which describes the most popular television timeslot?

3.) Team Three-

  • The only sports team to be named after a pair of pants
  • The Dolphins have played here twice already this year in which month?
  • This fat ass coach just got fined 75k for continue to be an embarrasment to the league and to himself?

MYSTERY PLAYER (former member of Team One, Two and Three) -  _____________ ________________
You think you got it?? I told you it wasn't going to be easy!!! In the comments below leave me the 3 teams, the 9 total clues and the name of a player who has played for all three of them. The first one to get all 10 answers correctly will close the sweepstakes and get a chance to offer my "Guest Rant of the Week", which is your very own paragraph of whatever the hell you want in next issue of WW! No, it's not money, but hey, take it or leave it.


Looking ahead:

The Dolphins have a short week before traveling to Dallas on Thanksgiving day to play an equally red-hot Cowboys team. Look for a hard fought battle that should be extremely entertaining. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I expect a close game that will be won by the team with the fewest mistakes. I am curious to see Miami play a team that should put up a fight; this game should give us a good idea on how solid our team actually is. I will have some more free time around the holidays so expect a Wildcat Weekly after our next win, which will include MVP/Rookie awards, Draft Stock Updates and of course a Guest Rant of the Week by the winner of this week's trivia question. Make sure to vote in the poll for a preview of what to expect in next week's edition.


"Hey, cheer up Tony! Atleast you're not Mark Sanchez!"



Go Fins!



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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