why miami is the right fit for luck

 Ok ok now i know some of us are sick about hearing this "suck for luck" campaign stuff along with anything and evreything that has the word "luck" in it, but some of us like to hear the words "luck" and "miami" in the same breathe or sentence! dont we? well am one of those who love it. anywho am sure some of you have heard and feared about the possibility of andrew luck actually pulling a power play in the draft like eli manning and john elway did in there respective classes simply because he and his father wouldnt like the situation he would be going into!. now thats not saying that would happen if our dolphins had the first pick maybe he would love coming here to miami and so would his father.... But then it hit me why did eli not wanna go to san diego in 04? so i browsed around the web and found out exactly wha happened well not "exactly" but preety much what i need and wanted to know. Less then a week before the draft archie manning went out and had dinner with the gm aj smith and coach at the time marty shcottenheimer and discussed several things like the direction of the franchise and the possibilties of his son going #1 to san diego... well apparently the dinner did not go so well bc exactly 3 days before the draft archie and eli had there agent call san diego and state that eli was not gonna play for them no matter what and if he had to he would sit out...then i did a little more digging and there were a bunch of possible reasons why archie didnt want his son to go to SD, one its been rumored that he didnt want his son to play for a small market team because he wouldnt be able to get the exposure he needed, also there were rumblings that archie didnt feel like his son had the talent around him, and lastly he didnt want his son to have to carry a team by himself that had not  had a winning season at the time for 10 years!..


So that brings me to our franchise and andrew luck, in my heart of hearts and am not trying to sound like a homer here or anything  i trully believe that this is the perfect spot for andrew luck and heres why.. 


  • for one the miami dolphins are a very big market team, miami is one of the biggest markets in the nfl and the nba we have primetime games almost evrey year on monday night football more often then not
  • we have been an average team for the past 3 years (except this one) and have really been alive till the last month of the season for the last 2 even though we went 7-9 thos 2 years could of been 9-7 seasons at least with  decent qb play ALL YEAR.
  • we have a solid core of good football players on offense jake long, mike pouncy, anchoring the oline that is a player away from bieng simply dynamic and a great recieving core with a top 15 wr in brandon marshal and a top 5 slot reciever in davonne bess and a rising rb in thomas and a lethal weapon in reggie bush. and we have the foundation to be a great defense for years.
  •  honestly i dnt think he wants to sit 3 years behind peyton in indy, and i think no other franchise would be better quicker with him then the dolphins and i mean extremely better.
  • miami gives him the best chance to succeed very quickly and vice versa,andrew luck belongs here, he makes perfect sense here, and he already knows am sure that he will be adored here.

i hope you enjoyed my post...constructive criticism is welcomed.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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