Two in a row? I can't believe it! What's next? Playoffs?

"I'm the best linebacker in football." "We're going to win out and make a playoff push." These are just a few of the comments made by a couple Dolphin players recently. As Dolphin fans, all we could have hoped for was that the players expressed this kind of confidence on and off the field before the 0-7 start, but it is refreshing. Wouldn't you agree? 

Assuming we win out, is making the playoffs a reasonable thought to have? Reasonable? No. Possible? Indeed. 

1) I wouldn't count on getting there via winning the division.

The Patriots remaining schedule looks something like "Iron" Mike Vs Justin Bieber, over and over again. KC (4-5), PHI (3-6), IND (0-10), WAS (3-6), DEN (4-5), MIA (2-7), BUF (5-4). That's right, just one opponent with a winning record and Buffalo seems to be falling apart, after their strong start. These teams combine for a 21-43 record (about a 1/4 of the losses are from Indy). I see the Patriots finishing 12-4. 

So how about a wildcard spot?

Just within our division we have the Bills and Jets that will be fighting for a playoff berth via the wildcard.

2) What about the Bills?

The Bills have some tougher opponents remaining than the Patriots. MIA (2-7), NYJ (5-4), TEN (5-4), SD (4-5), MIA (2-7), DEN (4-5), NE (6-3).

These teams combine for a 28-35 record.

The loss column is a bit skewed due to facing the Dolphins twice in this span. Without us in the equation, it looks like 24-21. With the way the Bills have been playing as of late, I can see them finishing 8-8. IF we were to win out, we could beat out the Bills for that wildcard spot. That would mean the Dolphins sweep the Bills and their other loss comes from NE. Hey! It could happen. 

3) What about the Jets?

DEN (4-5), BUF (5-4), WAS (3-6), KC (4-5), PHI (3-6), NYG (6-3), MIA (2-7).

These teams combine for a 27-36 record.

With the Jets at 5-4 and the Dolphins winning out, you can add at least one mark in their loss column. I can see the Jets losing to BUF and NYG as well. That would have them sitting at 9-7. We would win the tiebreaker with the better AFC record after taking out BUF twice, OAK, KC, NE, and NYJ. 

What about us?

The Dolphins remaining schedule looks like this: BUF (5-4), DAL (5-4), OAK (5-4), PHI (3-6), BUF (5-4), NE (6-3), NYJ (5-4)

These teams combine for a 34-29 record. 

Well, folks it doesn't look good. Not only do we need to win out, we face the toughest remaining schedule of all AFC East teams, and to top it off, the strong AFC North could potentially own the Wildcard race. 

So I leave you with this last question. Are you drinking the kool-aid?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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